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  1. woaning

    My map concepts

    I got an idea on a discord server to make a Stalingrad style map, so imagine this as a heavily bombed city, with a lot of ruins. https://puu.sh/GNz1i/d631e6adc8.jpg
  2. You wrote "reducing the damage <100" and that isnt balancing but simply making it useless. Just give the PMK a bit brighter texture, or make the model size to 120-150%. Or both. If pmk cant kill people in the future then please give us back the credits we spent to buy it, so we can buy a useful AP mine instead of it.
  3. woaning

    State of the game

    Yes, I never cried about any weapon, maybe only in voice channels like f this and f that (but who not). I loved the old 1919, and when GE got the mg13 I even told some people to let them enjoy it, we had a lasergun before. I know both of you are mostly rotating between factions and both of you are good shooters, who can realize the difference between a good /op gun and a broken one, so ofc I talked in generally to the random players, who made the nice and logical suggestions in discord and spam the army chats all day with nerf x weapons messages, just because in that day they died by that weapon. Yes, please don't ruin SU weapons.
  4. woaning

    State of the game

    Yes, the m1m2 with this rpm and this recoil easily goes for a headshot. I just dont udnerstand where were the crying players when the mg13 was broken af, and why they didnt stand against it? Oh, yes, they were behind its iron sight, making massacres. And no, im not maining the m1m2, but cmon, let the others enjoy it a bit before the next weapon balance - as you enjoyed the mg13 or the old stg. Maybe next time a soviet weapon will be the random headshot machine,
  5. woaning

    My map concepts

    Yes, I know it, I just used to make big world and region maps of fantasy wordls and its hard to make it small. But now, this is made in another way, desert typed skirmish again, but a bit smaller. Please imagine there more details like smaller vegetation and rocks. And I was thinking about making the river bed to dry, but dont know... https://puu.sh/FZ8cp/21821e9ca7.png
  6. woaning

    My map concepts

    First of all I renamed the title and I will post here my new concepts in the future, and not spam them in separated threads. The concept below is a desert (as anyone can see from the colors). Sadly I ruined a bit the scale, because it's a big area for a skirmish, but I'm still happy with the oasis feeling. https://puu.sh/FYMgl/345c794c4e.jpg
  7. woaning

    My map concepts

    The idea made in the usual environment (models & textures), but with 3 O points with 6 lines. Maybe It would be sometimes a long game, but it's fit a lot of different sceniaro. https://puu.sh/FYcdA/e48651b942.jpg
  8. I made an excel file where you can choose the number from the list and the colored cells show you the capitals. Sadly it not works in online viewers, but here is the link if someone want to visualize the options. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1yJHoytXvgYEF-CHDApsQ6lziZN9i03pK/view?usp=sharing
  9. woaning

    South Harbor

    I like making fantasy maps and sometimes I make a map over 20-40h to make it closer to perfect. Do you think there will be any difference if I make more details or write a lore about it? No. So I make concept only in 2-3 hours and we can talk about how could we handle a harbor in the game. If the Reto tell us they will build the best map concept after a competition I would spend 50-60 hours (or more) to make it the very best. Or give me the mapmaker and I would make maps for free. Yes, I know, I didn't calculated traveling times between points, didn't checked where you can camp anything or where you can hide. This is why it's called concept / idea. Not to imagine this from pixel to pixel, but imagine a playable map looks similar.
  10. woaning

    South Harbor

    So much sea in the RTS but not in the FPS. In my dreams this is a mediterranean style assault map with summer plants and stone buildings to get the vibe. Now I started with a smaller canvas then in my previous work but I had to expand it more times, so finally I got a big image again (but now only with 4 lines and 4 points / line). Click here for the original resolution.
  11. woaning

    Prototype test: AI

    Is this a normal reaction from the new AI? Or they are moved by another inner force? Two weeks ago there was no bots in first encounter, now they are here, but they don't know what to do...
  12. Long story short: let's tuning a little for extra speed, stability, horsepower to easily flip back apc, etc. I didn't created the details because it was a simple and unexpected idea but check my mad ps skills to imagine it. If the physics let it be real it could be a good credit-eater.
  13. woaning

    Update 1.14 - NEW TANK vs TANK GAME MODE!

    I was at work when update hit the game, then the hotfix and I hoped ppl complaining too much, it can't be that bad. But yes, It is that bad. I know you have lot of work in the new (and old) features; I made maps for an older mmorpg and saw the others programming so I know the feeling when you working for weeks and ppl are "ew, this sht" so sorry about this, but I think you ruined the staged. Bots are fun but not worth it at all, inf assault is very welcomed idea. Edit: I don't want to see the progression after every game. I reached lv12 one year ago, I don't care about it. Or make more levels...
  14. woaning

    Update 1.14 - NEW TANK vs TANK GAME MODE!

    Same with me but I will quit from airfield and khutor games. We need some filter cause each map is good (or bad) for other kind of activities and play style. Sadly I'm not home yet to check the updated game, but I hope there's filter just a little bit hiding