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  1. hanswurstundnradwurst

    Can you refuse rewarded specialist classes?

    I have maximum amount of soldiers and I know I only get the new soldiers from daily reward when 1 is promoted to a general. But I don't want the specialist classes filling my max soldier limit. I already have two tankers, pilots and para's. So why am I forced (if I play the requierded days) to accept more specialist classes when I want more infantry soldiers. I dont want 3 tankers, pilots, paras. So can I refuse them or can the fall outside the soldier count?
  2. hanswurstundnradwurst

    Reduce headshot multiplier (round 2)

    Can't you lust leave it at 4? I mean only 309 people voted, so why are you making changes this big from the opinions of few players?
  3. hanswurstundnradwurst


    Thank you all for all the support