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  1. cso以及sys战队全体成员沉痛哀悼

    安息。听到这件事的确很令人悲痛。 一路走好.
  2. 這次的更新是不是有問題??

    目前没听说同样问题。 是否有向客服反映,上传ticket?
  3. Armor 2.0 Question

    I think it is mainly focused on tanks. There isn't a lot of information about it at moment. Most details you can find is from one of the devstream, which can be found on twitch channel: https://www.twitch.tv/heroesandgenerals Release time? Soon™ (no specific time given yet but presumably)
  4. Cheaters

    I personally only see cheaters very rarely. As far as I know, the official punish cheaters very harshly. Maybe in this case, the guy isn't cheating? Maybe he is just very experienced?
  5. repair

    I think you may need to understand the term 'pay to win' first before calling a game pay2win. The maintenance cost at this stage works absolutely fine for me. For planes, just need to learn to crush less and don't do so many risky moves, play steadyly.
  6. Losers team killing

    Ordinarily, if a guy team killed 8 guys and has been 'Reported' or punished by the friendly player, he should have been kicked out the match at least. Unless he teamkilled teammates using AT or AP mines. It may be an accident, but if he did it intentionally, u can always submit a ticket to support under the 'TK' section. https://support.heroesandgenerals.com/Knowledgebase/List
  7. weapon relock?

    Is it the same soldier's MP40? Different soldiers need to unlock MP40 mods individually. If you are sure that you have unlocked the Mod for the same soldier but been locked again, send a ticket to support. https://support.heroesandgenerals.com/Knowledgebase/List
  8. Soldier Exp negative

    Yes. As Ludwig suggested. This issue does exist. Simply restart the game should solve. Same goes for sometimes Assault Team promoted as well.
  9. 關於T-28

    炮弹应该不会消失,击中时会爆炸,但没有击穿。 HE弹目前的版本里还没有击穿机制
  10. 我东方战神又要高ping战士升级了...

    现在重新增加了香港的服务器。 ping的问题应该会有所好转吧
  11. 所有武器的爆头伤害都调回4x了。之前一段时间一直是5x
  12. BA modded costs

    I have not heard anything about the increased prices on any of the modification. Is there has been any change Im sure it should be written on 'changelog'
  13. PTRD 1941

    Bazooka can always destroy from people to plane. Anyway, Russians also dont have a Tier 2 MG either. Unsymmetrical balance thats what we say.
  14. game bug

    Please be more specific on your bug and issue please... Really can't understand ur question..
  15. streaming and lagging

    i will see if i can get some feedback from other streamers, see if they encounter similar problems after the update.