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  1. QRabbit

    BattleEYE keeps asking me to Restart

    There must be something wrong with the system files which make them incompatible with the game. It happened to me before as well. Try reinstall your windows and it will fix the issue. (it did for me though
  2. QRabbit

    Gun Names

    Obviously, avoid the names that are related to racism, cursing etc then you should be fine. Also, 7k6 for naming a gun really isnt expensive to be honest. Naming your gun is not essential as bullets anyway.
  3. and again, the game allows you to buy everything using in-game credit. Pay 2 win normally stands for paying and get things that play 4 free players can not get.
  4. QRabbit

    soviet mig vs infantry

    When it comes to ground support against infantry, some of the key things to notice are: maneuverability, fire power, accuracy. E.g on US side, P38, P35 are all good against infantry cos P38 has good nose mount canon + decent accuracy, P35 with nose mount MG + good maneuverability On the other hand, P40 is fun to use with wide coverage of 4 .50 MGs but lack of maneuverability is something i enjoy slightly less. Same goes to the Soviet planes. MIG lacks maneuverability, and fire power is not too great either, which means less hangtime to support, and u need to spend much longer time adjusting your nose direction.
  5. QRabbit

    Anti-tank possibility as Infantry?

    Yes. Thats why mine is the most cost-efficient, but also the most tricky one to use.
  6. QRabbit

    Anti-tank possibility as Infantry?

    as long as he run over it instead of manually being blown up by any gunfire, it would be 1 hit kill
  7. QRabbit

    Anti-tank possibility as Infantry?

    right now blowing up the mines manually reduces its original damage by quite a lot. If you want to use it to follow up tanks, best way is always to place one at the back and one at the front, then wait for them to drive forward/backward. H3 right now is the most cost-efficient way, takes about 8-10 depends on what tank you are dealing with. While Bazooka/PzShreck has the range advantage but having got the longest time to kill due to its low damage and long reload time.
  8. QRabbit


  9. QRabbit

    why my friend shows offline?

    It can also casued by if they deleted you from your friend list.
  10. QRabbit


    制作地图真心没有那么容易的亲。 开发组本身人就没有那么多,还要考虑下优化平衡等等等等不同问题的优先级。 只能慢慢等了哦~
  11. QRabbit


    请耐心点哦。 申诉的话时间是不一定的,快的话一周之内,慢的话可能时间会更长些哦~
  12. QRabbit


    目前因为RTS暂未完善,平衡包括各方面更新还在进行,所以手机APP目前已经进入暂缓了。 如果RTS各方面发展完善下来相信手机APP会重新进入视野的~
  13. QRabbit

    cant load a battle at lvl 1 german infantry

    could you make a screenshot of the error message? also the hng.sync's message then submit a ticket to this site please https://handg.kayako.com/Tickets/Submit
  14. QRabbit


    目前暂时没有增加其他国家的计划。 目前仍有其他游戏问题需要进行完善。 目前开中文官汉是第一步,至于做到国内市场,还要一步一步来~
  15. QRabbit


    http://support.heroesandgenerals.com/Knowledgebase/List 进入此链接可以尝试申请将礼包退还(如果礼包内的东西还没用过的话) 选择Billing之后 然后各栏输入对应信息,最下方说明你想要: refund bundle 完后如果可以的话可能需要一段时间处理你的交易。