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  1. New winning town mechanic

    Plz be patient. Im sure there will be a good solution coming out.
  2. 迷彩什么时候打折?

    老实说... 我也不知道... 等打折的时候就知道了 233333
  3. Scopes for sniper rank 12 or 15 ?

    thanks for the correction. I always forget about the CPs and detailed scope difference.
  4. Scopes for sniper rank 12 or 15 ?

    Scope you get, which is either 4.2x German#1 scope for GE faction or 3.5x German#1 scope for RU faction or 2.2x German#1 scope for US faction. The only difference between rank 12 and rank 15 or rank 0 are rank difference (different base salary) , apart from the everything else is the same. No badge or anything prior unlocked. Same goes for para and tankers, only differences are ranks.
  5. Help! BAR

    You basically said the good options out there I personally prefer the m72 bullet, light spring, stainless steel barrel and sight Or BlackHornet ammo, light spring, trigger, sight and chrome barrel.
  6. 求解答

    首先... 好歹给个完整的截图吧.... 你光说error我们怎么知道是哪种error呢

    Check the firewall settings. There was someone reported a similar issue and fixed it by re-check the firewall settings for H&G.
  8. 恶意封号,该怎么处理

    https://support.heroesandgenerals.com/Knowledgebase/List 在这里上交一份ticket,可以详细询问下封禁的大致原因是什么。
  9. i cant join battle

    first I would advice reinstall the client. maybe the hng sync was not being installed correctly.
  10. Server down for maintenance?

    Have you checked the firewall settings? Make sure game having got permission to access the internet.
  11. Help!

    submit your ticket and issue to this site plz: https://support.heroesandgenerals.com/Knowledgebase/List Q&A is mainly for player answer player questions.
  12. Ticket response time

    depends on the issue and the number of request they have received, it could take a couple days or weeks. Im sure Soon™ they will give you a reply on the topic. Long as you have received an auto respond after the ticket, I believe they will not ignore your ticket.
  13. fighter plane

    it is always good to have two pilots once you reach later stage of the game (when you have spare money) AP and HE performs differently in the different situation, as you already know. So yea, buy another pilot with different Ammo loadout to switch during the battle is recommended IF YOU HAVE SPARE CREDIT!
  14. Topic belongs to the general discussion area. But my answer is short: in the end, infantry is the backbone of a battle. With the huge amount of other resources, there will be far less people defending/attacking the objective. Hense easier to lose the game.
  15. eh... no. with the number of snipers and snipers wanna be in this game, more houses basically encourages the endless camping, discourage the players to cap points. Plus, it will increase the map data amount as well, which may slow down the already slowed performance.