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    常见的话就是T2手枪+手雷+反弹克雷,或者T2手枪+扳手+反弹克雷,冲锋枪,亦或者手枪+反坦克地雷的设定。 其实手枪+反坦克地雷的设定在伞兵局开场的时候有奇效,尤其是敌方有装甲的情况下。 另外伞兵大部分情况下其实都缺乏反坦克武器
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    Fastest way to level up ribbon exp, War or depot?

    Depot tends to be the best way to grind out certain weapons, due to the fact that it has less distance from the spawn to the war zone. However, as for infantry assault, war may be better due to the fact it has more ribbon boost, plus the chance of picking up weapons like BA rifle and assault rifle, which significantly increased the exp gain for infantry assault ribbon. If you are a somewhat experienced player, you may get a better result from war mission. Otherwise, depot would still be faster due to small map, faster pace.
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    感谢提议。 内置语音在很早以前就有玩家提起过,但由于种种原因并未被官方采纳。 希望近期PUBG等游戏内置语音所带来的一些正面的效果会让Dev组再次考虑吧。
  6. QRabbit

    When will we get the streams back?

    No actual words at the moment. Considering its August, I personally predict maybe into the autumn, Dev team may consider open the stream up for future content release?
  7. QRabbit

    Estimated time for support tickets?

    In my experience can be a couple days up to two or three weeks even? (Both requests were about refunding in-game credits
  8. QRabbit

    Find friend history [PLEASE HELP]

    I don't think you can at this stage.
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    Not-On-Point Paratrooper Drop Zone?

    This should be a BUG. Could be caused by a line that has been closed by the enemies.
  11. QRabbit

    Ok what the jerry

    SMG having got fairly high repair bill just combine with Max ROF mods plus the sight. Not to mention the bullet mod. The bullet mod always cost a lot on automatic weapons. Cos i modded my Tommy the similar way and I can't constantly use it cos the bill. lol
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    静候佳音 hhhh
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    麻烦可否把时间日期以及战役地点说下,最好还有mission ID。 如果没有详细的信息,我怎么反馈呀亲