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  1. HorstVII


    After a while not having time / will to play H&G, coming back with some time to spend => sees we got a nice discount on repairs => Oh boy here we go Realizes new update has dropped => "Quality of life" update => check the changelog => absolutely nothing of importance changed, new effects and other stuff that noone needed are added, as well as new super expensive (in credits) yet suprizingly cheap (in gold) plane skins [we all know what you are aiming for Reto, GJ on those skins i bet it took like 5 seconds to do the "fill all red" option in Paint] => GOODBYE.
  2. HorstVII

    Disjointed hitboxes while bipoded

    Agreed. We both know how much impact a bug report has anyways and how fast things get canged... Its more like i wrote it for the record, so that they can pick it up maybe next year if we´re lucky or that players got proof that we told them so long before
  3. When the enemy is with a LMG and has the bipod deployed, no matter if prone, or normal on an object, the enemy hitboxes are disjointed. What you see and where you can actually hit them are two different things, you can shoot stright on what you see but you dont hit anything (especially in the head area, but legs as well etc.). Example, when the enemy is prone with the bipods and peeks from behind an object (dumb play for sure, but doesnt matter in this), you see him first before you actually can damage him. Shooting his arms or even the head will not result in the damage you would expect. And this seems not to be a product of the wonderful H&G server hit registration "features" we sadly are used to normally, this happens through many games and even in those when the hitreg is at least somewhat working like it should.
  4. Great video mate Nice kills and your video quality / editing are amazing, keep them videos coming ^^
  5. HorstVII

    Small Arms Ballance

    Disagree on that. As it is now, hipfire is ok for when you get surprized in a building or peek a corner in CQC, you can do it with all LMGs and it works the way you would think it does. High ROF and good firepower will get the job done although you need to spray much more bullets than with a SMG for example. But you can do it, you can defend yourself. Everything else like when you say 10m should definitely be ADS range, nothing where you would ever hipfire a LMG, at least i would think it should be like that. If im not having to move i wouldnt even hipfire a SMG at that range, going for ADS whenever you can is the way to go with all weapons.
  6. HorstVII

    Small Arms Ballance

    Dont think this would benefit the game... Less than 2x scope and about equal scopes amongst all factions would make SA rifles imbalanced pretty bad, just look at Garand stats compared to G43. SVT same deal. Low power scopes would basically mean everybody is running around with current Garand meta build, full RPM scoped with no bullet. Just check the recoil stats and conefire on the guns and how different they from each other (https://drive.google.com/file/d/10qCmP1TxZ1hH2_kyIE9CVtYwxCEcA6z8/view), dont even need to say what lower recoil compared with better conefire means... Regarding BA rifles it would just kick them from the game... If you only have <2x magnification, all engagements for BA rifles are within SA rifle and AR rifle range, without a headshot you dont survive that. Noone in their right mind would choose to play BAs then. For the plain gun balance with stats, equal scopes would mean even more that we need equal other stats, so ROF, damage etc. What hasnt meen mentioned yet, lowering the scope magnification has impact not only on the rifles but on ARs as well: as it is now, the (sort of - actually not really) balance comes from scopes as well, low power scope on M2 means it is even better to handle in CQC where it is beast and high power scope on STG means the recoil "feels" more than it is so its harder to controll on longer ranges. Pretty sure you can imagine what would happen when you get <2x power scopes on STG and AVS, suddenly everybody can run full RPM no bullet builds and controll the recoil, headshot everybody and spray down the rest. Have fun logging in to the forums the next day and moderating the shItstorm of complaints that is waiting for you then I just dont get why people dont like scopes. First you need them every time you have to engage from outside towards a forrest / bushed up area or from inside those outwards to be able to see your target with all those leaves in your way. And the maps are filled with these. Then the maps are not designed for low power / no scopes at all, there are many places with normal engagement ranges past 150m or so where you really need that scope. People complaining scopes make players camp and dont play the caps seem to forget that when i would sit with a rifle and camp, my enemy has a rifle with a scope too and can therefore find me pretty easy, being a static tagret for him means im a easy kill. Playing with a scope means you gotta move too, play with cover, peak corners etc. to stay alive and win against other rifles. As with mny things its the players and their skill that matter most, if you´re up against many who just sit in bushes and camp there is no reason for a good player to not either countersnipe them all, or get a knive guy and have some fun with them, or just grab a bike, flank and rush caps so they done matter. Its not the scope, its your decision. Lastly, and this is more a personal thing rather than objective feedback, i just dont like iron sights on all rifles in H&G. They just feel wierd, they dont feel right. The stock grind with every SA / BA rifle is a pain until you get the scope and you just need it. No. Strong hipfire combined with good agility is the only thing that gives SMGs a place in the game over ARs (currently) or LMGs before the bipods. If you give LMGs better hipfire it would make SMGs even less competitive. Why have bipods then? They seem to have wanted to shift LMG gameplay meta to even more static gameplay, controlling a open area / important line of sight while on the bipod and to give supressing fire. Why then make a mechanic that punishes exactly this, doesnt make sense to me...
  7. HorstVII

    Small Arms Ballance

    As stated in my first post i dont think SA and BA rifles need any big changes, they are ok as they are. But since you asked: - SA rifles: keep them as they are, do NOT touch any things regarding scope magnification, damage, mag size, rate of fire or anything. They are well balanced, you just gotta use them right. Trying to outsnipe a G43 with your Garand is as futile as trying to challenge a Garand with the G43 in close range... - BA rifles: here i would go for total balanced stats, meaning you give all three rifles the exact same stats. Exact same damage for each of the ammo types / mods / base damage, exact same muzzle velocity (very important!), exact same reload time, exact same recoil pattern values. Give the US the option to get 3.5x magnification scopes as well, same ones as SU gets. Keep the 4.2x on GE side, but as is let it have a slightly lower rate of fire and slighty worse hipfire for that. Those are the takes for infantry rifles, regarding recon rifles there should be absolutely no single stat that is different amongst the factions. Even scope power, rate of fire and hipfire should be all the same, let all recon soldiers start with the SU 3.5x fine cross scope, give all the same options for same high power scopes late on the ribbon unlock (just as is already). With such a critical topic as oneshot rifles and how to do them right there is absolutely NO sense in making them different even though they are seemingly equal... Same as for knives btw. - Something that might calm down all those scope haters who seem to forget that you need them on the terrain H&G currently has: think about iron sight magnification. Not saying they should do it right away as top priority (cause that lays at other fields), but giving the iron sights a small magnification together with the reload speed advantage might please those asking for lower power scopes while keeping the much needed higher power scopes in game. -LMGs: i know Reto will never do what i wish they would, still it seems like the best solution for me: delete bipods and get back to how they were. Finally balance field maintenance load timer as suggested here: https://heroesandgenerals.com/forums/topic/99020-field-maintenance-load-lmgs/ And give a slight nerf to US stock bullets on the Johnson and a big nerf to recoil patter and stock bullet damage on the 1919. Eventually, after all those changes you can slightly nerf all LMGs at range like give them 5% worse conefire or something like that. If you consider they will probably never do the big steps to fix them and keep trying to polish a pile of shirt until it looks shiny, which is definitely NOT they way i would take, i think these are some steps that could assist in making LMGs better: if you insist on keeping the bipods, change them to give you absolutely NO precision (conefire) increase and only reduce the recoil by quite a bit. same with hipfire, do NOT increase hipfire at all, just reduce the recoil to a minimum even a child can compensate. Let the bipods reduce the sway to (almost) zero, with (almost) no recoil but still the normal precision values. That way bipods dont make them giant gatling lasers but allow you work on your shots more easy or just to supress an area with concentrated fire. As written in my first post nerfing bipods is a big and important step to help players in increasing their skills, to NOT motivate them to go prone as fast as they can. Second step, reduce the random jumping recoil while firing for BAR, Johnson (a little), MG-34 (a little), MG-42, FG-42 and DP-28. You gotta consider weapons without being forced to run tight grip gold with them, and without it these guns certainly are not how they should be. And finally, same things as above, the stock 3hk to HSG on Johnny and 1919 is ridiculous, turn that down to how all other LMGs are, either its 4hk or you gotta run a ammo mod for safe 3hk. And work on the FMLs. Hope this is detailed enough for you, thanks for asking You know, given the feeling that your feedback might actually be appreciated and help towards improving the game (what astonishingly quite many of us here on the forums want...) is really nice and something we have not seen in a long time here. Cheers!
  8. HorstVII

    Small Arms Ballance

    Currently balanced are: - SA rifles (each one has its own field where it excels but all are equally strong - btw i share your way of balancing by power level and not all the same stats, each weapon should be unique but same category weapons should be balanced so that they can do the same amount of work on the battlefield). And only as long as the scopes stay as they are - dont change that!!!!! - T2 SMGs. All pretty equally strong, all got a little more place on the battlefield since LMGs are trash, still a niche weapon for sure, nothing for general combat. - Pocket pistols. All equally painful, expensive and you need to get rid off them by grinding for better pistols equally fast. - BA rifles (sort of). Stats are ok balanced, but gun handling feels different. Scopes and ironsights are kinda reverse spread, so you either get best iron sights and worst scope or the other way around. And sadly that´s it for the list of somewhat balanced stuff, meaning that all else is unbalanced. To name them all, unbalanced are: all pistols except the pocket pistols, T1 SMGs (and T2 for SU), ARs and all LMGs including the FG-42 on GE side. That´s just sad. Not my field... Never felt the game is lacking a certain category of weapons or that it has not this one shiny piece of technology. In general tho i say what is always prevalent: do NOT work on ading new stuff / toys and instead put all avaiable ressources in fixing vital game issues first !!! Weapon balancing super thread, here we go bois - mid tier pistols (Colt 1911, TT-33 and C-96, maybe even P-08): price reduction for repairs (in general the repairs of all pistols are insane, especially when you consider them as secondary weapons). Increase in stock damage by a little to give them at least sort of a place and not just something you pass by on your way to T3 pistols... - SU Nagant 1895 revolver: shorten the reload and remove that first bullet reload to animation reset bug thing. It is so bad with this weapon many players actually take the inferior TT-33 instead. - Grease gun is fine, it should be the benchmark of powerlevel for T1 SMGs. - MP-34: slight increase in damage. It being said to be the most accurate SMG is baseball, you notice about nothing of that in combat, other than that the small mag makes it inferior to the Greaser. - PPD and PPSH: increase their range big time and give both at least one more damage. Conefire is sort of ok given the huge mag and their general affinity to CQC, but they need less damage dropoff and more base damage. - ARs... oh boy. All messed up balance wise that i hesitate to suggest specific changes as i am dead certain it would just get worse. Situation is AVS is without any doubt the strongest, currently for me #1 best weapon in H&G. Can do all from close range to super long range sniping, has one of the biggest variety of builds for all needs and outperforms a fullmod STG when being stock in all categories except mag size. STG is jack of all trades and really nice for general combat, but the lack of TTK is real and you sort of need to play it fully modded or close to that to stay competitive. US is even more messed up since the last LMG update, their former AR the Johnson (yes i definitely see that as the US AR by the way it played) got the same treatment like all LMGs did and is now mostly gone from the battlefiled for that category. M2 is a glorified SMG with a scope but outperforms the entire competition in that field, maing it super strong in CQC but if you wanna use it past 40...50 meters good luck on that. This is however still classic AR engagement range, so there are issues with that. Currently the weapon that comes closest to AR role is the Garand and it is very capable of doing so (really good actually) but it is a SA rifle and i think it is hard to compare any SA rifle to the rest of the weapons, they are kinda their very own category with different points to them. And since all are just about the most wanted weapons in each faction, chaning even the tiniest bit would set off a massive shirtstorm, not sure if it´s worth it. - LMGs... well i just hate what they did to them with the bipod updates. Never felt they needed bipods in the first place although i am aware many asked for that and they kinda followed the herd. Changing the playstyle of a big category of weapons big time to something that is not compatible with the map layout and other key game aspects is a questionable move anyhow. All the LMGs needed was a stat reduction of stock damage on the Johnny and the old OP1919 and a balance of all field maintenance timers (made a topic about that some time ago, feel free to look it up). What they did is render them almost useless and too situational to consider them for good general weapon, make the old builds questionable or just crap. LMGs who inherently are good over range are now utter garbonzo past 30ish meters, good luck hitting a head even when crouched with minimal recoil builds. On even further ranges you´re gonna have a hard time hitting the broadsite of a barn. With the bipods deployed they suddenly become super accurate and almost recoilless which leads us to two major problems: first being that this sort of balance, very weak while not on the bipods and too strong while the bipods are deployed makes the LMGs useless since bipods are just not a thing when you move around the battlefield and engage enemies. You cant just stop, seek the next best place to deploy your bipods on and be like "hold on enemy, give me a minute so i can set up my gun and then lazer you down". Maps are not designed fo that, when you engage the enemy you dont have the time for that, you need to shoot while standing or with short crouching. And the second big issue, for me by far the worst and most impactful is that this chance encougares the players for bad gameplay. Being so much better on bipods makes many players, especially new players go prone as often as they can or sit in the same spot for half the game, not moving and camping this one line of sight. Both being of bad gameplay, nothing a veteran player would want to do. A gameplay mechanic that encourages players (especially new players) to go for bad gameplay instead of trying to make them increase their skill and get better at the game, what is this?! Come on! Oh and of course the best part comes last, the 1919 is STILL kinda in a different league, being still 3HK to HSG with stock bullets, still most easy to use even fully modded (bullets are not considered a mod as they are completely useless and out of the discussion), still being viable to shoot while standing. Yeah its range got kinda nerfed, but now the sights are flipped down instead. It is basically like the rest of the LMGs were before they got nerfed to the ground, still by far the best LMG. But knowing Reto´s attitude to deleting updates they messed up to go back to better times this gonna be fun for a long time... RIP my beloved LMG loadouts There you go, should have covered most of the stuff ingame, hope it helps you out. @dat.duck For personal interest, is this tread result of your own initiative or some sort of Reto´s way to gather information for some sort of actual plan they have on doing something with the guns?
  9. What an awesome event it was, thanks for hosting it As1n !
  10. HorstVII


    Armor Plates on hold? BEST DECISION IN A LONG TIME!!! Good stuff Reto, now bury them deep all thogether with face masks and soldier UI and never touch them again please. Also the war server upgrades in test is a good thing, we might actually happen to see that stuff on live before the end of next year then, nice And it´s always a good thing to see you try to work on community feedback. If it is the best idea to give such a important task as fixing terrain issues to RB who is busy with other stuff all day might be questionable, but at least someone is working on it right. Right?
  11. HorstVII

    Fix the sounds! Just do it!

    Since you are wondering, consider this: i have never spend any money on the game, im playing full free-to-play and i´m suggesting a core mechanic to be gold-only. Only because that would make it a gold source for Reto. This is the reason. If you are not aware, gold sources are the single only thing in the entire game that gets fixed fast once issues with that occur, and it is just too long for somethign that important to not be fixed.
  12. HorstVII

    Fix the sounds! Just do it!

    I just dont get it why you just refuse to do something about it for so long! The sounds are broken and need to be worked on, how can you ever neglect something so important in the game ?! And the players tell you about it for months now, over and over and over again but nothing happens. - There are no footsteps. None. Not at all. - Vehicles are completely silent in about 70...80%. Completely silent, no mater if its a bike, car, apc, tank or even a friggin plane. Happens so often that you actually wonder what that is when you hear a car, even if its just a friendly car. - Gun shots and even some explosives sometimes are completely silent too. - Sound direction, distance, ... the list goes on and on. Solution??? Make every sound ingame GOLD-Only! Sell them, every single sound file is gold only. If you dont buy them the entire game is silent for you. Cause then you will actually do fix the sounds when we report it since gold-related issues are the only thing that gets your attention quick. Great way of dealing with player issue by the way Gold-only sounds are win-win situation: you get your extra gold to maybe eventually hire someone who can adress sound-related issues in a timely manner and the players will get the sounds fixed. Both profit. Do it, just do it. TLDR: Fix the sounds, and make it happen soon!
  13. HorstVII

    War Victory Ribbon - How it works

    Just a heads up for all those who havent noticed yet: the x10 times XP reward we had for the three war events seems to be permanent now for all wars. Nothing else has changed, you just get 10 times the XP now. So the current numbers are: => Spawning a soldier in war gives 4060 XP without and 5080 XP with veteran membership flat => Using ATs in active battles gives 980 XP without and 1225 XP with veteran membership flat => both are added together
  14. HorstVII


    I was just about to complain big time that you now DO a summer sale just a few days after i spend 2.5M credits i safed up for a sale i had hope it would happen but then was confirmed by RB it would not happen. Guess you safed yourself on this one Reto by making it another gold only sale in the first place. I understand your buissness perspective that gold sales are better for you, now understand my player perspective when i say: I dont appreciate gold only sales at all, if you wanna do us a favor let us get a credit discount! Otherwise credits (you know, your main currency...) lose their meaning when you wanna have it a money only thing... Great job, again. 10/10 not appreciated.
  15. HorstVII

    Buff the Noobs

    I can see the general concept of your point, but i think it boils down to something way easier than what is sugested here: it is about information, not about the tools noobs got. They already have easy access too all you need for a solid loadout that can shred vets. SA rifles are strong amongst all factions, many say there make the best weapons ingame. Noobs start with one and to unlock / mod it properly it does not take long or too many creidts. Easy to get within a few hours. Getting a car is easy as well, takes you just a few minutes and you never have to walk again. Play the objective for some games and you got yourself a med kit. And to make sure that vet gets real salty when he gets killed by a lvl 1 pleb get some nades as well. Modded SA rifle, medkit, nades, car. Strong loadout, easy to get. The problem is that H&G does not offer any training or tips on how to get those things efficiently, or what not to do. Sure, there are many really good tutorials by the community out there, but taking your time to search for those and watch them seems just to be too much to ask for to the general noob. And without the knowledge of those the problem starts as they dont understand what to focus for, what to prioritise with your buys, what not to spend money on etc. With all those ribbons, all those unlocks you get when you start a new soldier, all those unnessesary stuff noobs will buy even tho they dont need it they get distracted from what´s important. So a simple and easy tutorial of the basics and what to focus on as a newb should do the trick.