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  1. Suari

    weapons balance

    Why if mg43 is better?
  2. Suari

    Is staged meant to be stupid?

    Since staged is filled with bot I can use my BA weapons since 1-2 people have HSG there.
  3. Suari

    weapons balance

    In other words: capture a MG42.
  4. Suari


    Nice ideas that have been addressed by community by thousand times for years. Reto don't want to change them so don't excpect anything.
  5. Suari

    Parachute doesn't open

    I noticed when I am in plane as para soldier and plane is destroyed and falling and i am getting damaged but jump out, my parachute does NOT open. Last match I died 3 times because of this.
  6. I decided to read the last 100 posts of yours and 90% of them are humiliating and poisonous like this. The biggest joke that you always complain how bad H&G community is. You are the typical example of a basically coward person who is hiding behind an avatar and humiliating people.
  7. Suari

    Reporting possible cheater

    Thx for the answers.
  8. I saw that I need the mission ID of the game when I want to submit a ticket. But I don't have it as I closed the game. So this means I can not report? I have screenshots of the battle report anyway.
  9. Suari

    New hacking habit?

    Good for you, I often meet cheaters in SU matches who rapes you. It would be skill but when the same guys prefires you all the time doesn't matter you are prone in the grass, behind the box, etc. So I decided if this game has so shirt anticheat, I quit or join those SU comrades and buy some "skills".
  10. Suari

    Best players ever!!!

    HMMMMM, Yummy McChicken.