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  1. Sorry to say that but I lost my hope , they will not implement this kind of limitation . AT infantry is always forced to lose much more credits while enemy spams(defenders) sh*t tons of tanks/planes .For instance you have to use at least 3 rockets vs light tanks , cost increases with the higher level of armor (depends on the badge and where you aim at blah blah) . While enemy tankers lose almost nothing . Yes they added matchmaker limitation but this helps nothing in practice. When the attackers do this ,they lose battles with no doubt because nobody is playing for objectives .( Defenders are always more powerful thanks to terrain and rivercrossings) .Hence I guess they will implement AI/bots in War Battles instead of limitation because nobody will be left to play if this madness won't be stopped .(also this way much easier to do in their perspective ) . Come on it's 2020 already , I bet that most of players are tired of this ( who are against the specialist spam) .
  2. They sould check it before release it, please don't execute things in a hurry , something is going on and this thing already concerned vast of the hng community .I don't know we will see their actions soon. I think that was a vital and serious situation.
  3. I assume that probably some of the internal files/certificates of installer crashes with windows defender modules. Windows can drive us crazy so i will wait for the fixed link and installer.
  4. https://gyazo.com/de64d9179f3f07679b40b910b0697bff please take a look same here, it has been claimed as virus by windows defender in OS: win 10
  5. @Reto members please take a look at this issue , some of the players and me are not allowed to download the new reinstaller setup.exe because of windows defender is claiming it as virus ! https://gyazo.com/de64d9179f3f07679b40b910b0697bff
  6. sniperturko

    Dog barks

    Not only barking ,mate. Many different animal sounds are added into the game, idk why and I heard meowing,howling and chirping of birds.
  7. sniperturko

    Changelog 1.13.1 NEW ANTI TANK WEAPONS

    New things are debatable , good intentions .Now we have got new animal sounds in tank confrontation , u can notice that .These are meowing, barking,howling ,and some undefined strange sound effects. Are we going to see circus/zoo soon ?
  8. sniperturko

    Update 1.12 - General feedback

    I don't know what to type here for informing same issues again and again. I am totally upset and disappointed after seeing current status of HnG. Gunshots , explosion sound delay, all sound system is messed up .We cant hear the gunshots because they are not existing (90% occurring rate) but somehow 150 m and away tank shots/shell explosions are audible loudly .Thus we cant hear some of them in close range because they are like at 300 meters. In addition "Now you can hear other players deploying around you from about 50m away" i didnt understand of importance of adding this stuff. Sounds are still an issue and you added a thing that is not working properly. Frame rate drops, lags ,stuttering are happening repetitively regardless to our rig. Those are GAMEBREAKING ISSUES and game is becoming unplayable. I am losing my interest to play and i am sure that other players are feeling same. If you wanna reduce the tanker/pilot spam the encourage the infantry gameplay , reduce the unacceptable infantry's gear repair costs. Increase the rewards about playing infantry. (Please dont nerf the tankers/planes xps.) Do something before it gets out of hand. Focus on fixing these , to be honest i don't want to see new maps (before making a stable and balanced content), new recoil system which is making the gunplay easier and unrealistic and its a terrible idea. Fix the current one , don't add things on a collapsed base.
  9. @Reto.muerteh https://ibb.co/eXjrop This screenshot from prototype but it is the same location on live servers. In the picture where i stand , cant pass through. This is forward airfield map and that issue also occurs in town map.By the way I informed these issues on feedback topic .
  10. sniperturko

    Update 1.12 - General feedback

    Issues after hotfixes: *Some of enemy's grenades bouncing are missing, delayed injured groaning just after death.Effects and sounds of explosives are missing.(randomly). Please change that groaning about dying. *Some of enemy/friendly shots are still missing. Only i can hear blood spilling,bullets hit to flesh. No bullets, no gun firing. *Frame rate drops at planes included battles(it happens consistently) and sometimes in non-plane battles. Massive Frame Drops !, stuttering so bad. Please consider,these problems are game breaking, making the game unplayable. I don't think to add match ids because those issues occur consistently. (However I saved them in notepad.)
  11. sniperturko

    Update 1.12 - General feedback

    After testing the glorious m2a2 tank , i can say it is considerably overpowered.Because its damage output is ridiculously high, too fast and endurable.You can actually drive under enemy tanks and destroy them with firing to their bottom plate and this ramming occurs a graphic glitch about enemy tank's silhouette. I am sorry about destroying those ger/su mediums and lights for credits. I joined this battle as light tanker.After light resources get depleted. You can see the entire map but that means you are kicked out of battle. But the match had tank destroyers however i was not able to use them. I assume that is not a feature. Allow us continue for playing with other resources. Screenshot for this thing: https://ibb.co/iXxpy
  12. sniperturko

    Update 1.12 - General feedback

    Hello guys, After having some issues and reading lots of topics/posts in forum. I decided to make a post for update feedback.I like the idea of new update but it needs a lot of work currently. Here are some things for Update 1.12 Some of them are remains of previous version.Some of them came after update. Firstly please listen the community , There are good things in it but i will stick with the issues which are gamebreaking. *Massive frame rate drops , please make a good optimization. Gpu usages are randomly changes , decreases and Ka boom 100 to 35 fps , nothing changed in maps in graphically but somehow game performance is poor atm. *** *Invisible explosion are still happening randomly , especially with Anti-Personal Mines. *Missing sound issue of enemy bullets, its so hard to locate enemy direction, literally no sound. *** *Randomly happening issue with Hit registry at good ping/no packet loss (60 ping is my best).It is like netcoding i guess because i can see the blood spill from the enemy and says no damage, shooting enemy vehicles and explosion appears after hit but there is no sign of damage (on vehicles) .*** *There are some invisible objects in maps these are not allowing you to pass , stopping your vehicle , making a flip in air. Bridge glitch nearby AA emplacements. *Modular system is an awesome feature but ,Please adjust the damage multiplies about damaging enemy tanks . Many postings are in forum for this. For instance hitting on vital areas of tank with panzerschrek/zooka but tank stands still. Interesting tank fights ( up to 15 shells in light level) or heavy tank shooting on light armored tank (Hellcat is a literally spongebob ). *Adjust the deploy timers for infantry , to be honest i didn't like the spawning instantly , set a constant timer which is acceptable. (10-20 secs for per death.) Thus for preventing spawning millions from apcs. That will encourage players to play infantry coz after bad playing/playing against tank/plane spam or getting spawncamped make us to think about our lifes (i am meaning the 2 mins of thinking ) or who knows maybe we can break a new world record in Super Mario . Adding spawn time after per death is not good for everyone . All vehicles are ready but i need to repair my assault gun because it takes longer than my military vehicle. *Maybe you can limit the special classes to prevent tank/plane/recon spamming in War Battles.Weird spams lead to losing battles. Some players have already mentioned that. I can add many things in here but for now those are important things for me. (Maybe someones think different than me.) I think that we are here to make Heroes and Generals better. We re working together for improving it without a suspicion. Last question is about , promised rewards in Prototype testing . We would like to see some informations about it.
  13. sniperturko

    [CLOSED] Help test a bug fix on prototype!

    "Here we go" There are same bugs, still remaining in the current prototype, like we mentioned before. Bridge glitch nearby AA gun ,when you shoot enemy mines and its exploding without sound and graphic effects (totally invisible) , sound issue about missing shots, fps drops , invisible vehicle stopper objects,making them roll in air etc. And we are wondering/worrying about previous 3 phases of promised prototype server testing.There is no post for informing us. Match id : /M 2344539074312965638 /P 165605110064234404 /W /lang en /NOSERVER /H 0 /PS 1454089323738768 /V 151840 /R "ircserver=" /R "chatp=1454089323738768::DyhbYIeSZLPli0lCpBJug1AizQ8" /R "sync.delayShow=1" /R "actionhost=" /R "useDX12=1" /R "render.enable_pbr=0"
  14. sniperturko

    Help crush a bug and win!

    Hello everyone, I played many battles in prototype. Firstly, Please adjust the deploy timers, playing infantry is so hard against spawn camping, repair costs and high deploying times. Think about new players who have 1 inf soldier , he/she farmed his soldier to get highest equipment in a long period. Waiting endlessly , that is not encouraging new players to play. Here are the my observations and suggestions: After first match in prototype there are some bugs/glitches are remaining from live servers. Glitch on bridge AA , forward airfield map at o2, you cant pass trough because invisible thing is not allowing you to pass.This glitch has occured after 1.12 update. Screenshot for this issue: https://ibb.co/eXjrop Sound: Some enemy shots are missing or too quite to hear/locate enemy location. Oddly named xp messages: Statshud messages for capturing or popping up due to squad order xp, para xp etc. I assume that is not a finished work. Performance,Fps drops: After 1.12 update i encountered with huge gap of fps between previous version in live servers.Fps drops are really irritating.Somehow prototype server is okay for that performance problem. Too many players noticed,posted that issue in forums as i observed. "Game performance needs tweak and optimization" . (for range of low end to high end pcs ) Whenever i look to main objectives or come closer to them frame rate massively drops. Because Gpu usage decreases somehow. Aiming with mounted mgs on vehicles: It is still zooming and exiting immediately. Cant hold the aim properly. Flying: Hit registry issue, I was flying with Me 109 E-4 plane some of my shots(AP shells and mg rounds) werent registered on enemy aircrafts.( at 60 ping) Please make the Bomb (HE) explosions louder like in old sound system for planes.Now they re like puff , quite and sometimes explosions don't appear. After plane crashes pilots mostly were not able to open their chute. They were just falling from sky. This happens randomly. I hope you to fix those issues soon. Bridge Glitch Match id: VerifyBattlEyeFiles (hng.exe running 0) BEService_hng.exe exists 1 BeSigOk 1 ; BEDaisy.sys exists 0 BeSigOk 0 MsSigOk 0 ; hng_BE.exe exists 1 BeSigOk 1 ; BattlEyeService not_running /M 7826806480024932414 /P 130702754002411371 /W /lang en /NOSERVER /H 0 /PS 837458937046279334 /V 151617 /R "ircserver=" /R "chatp=837458937046279334::AfjjDmfLOpAkSpDaqaSI2p2tUtk" /R "sync.delayShow=1" /R "actionhost=" /R "useDX12=1" /R "render.enable_pbr=0" Flying experiment match id: VerifyBattlEyeFiles (hng.exe running 0) BEService_hng.exe exists 1 BeSigOk 1 ; BEDaisy.sys exists 0 BeSigOk 0 MsSigOk 0 ; hng_BE.exe exists 1 BeSigOk 1 ; BattlEyeService not_running /M 7747094692266405899 /P 5304833044509803989 /W /lang en /NOSERVER /H 0 /PS 856438252773518194 /V 151617 /R "ircserver=" /R "chatp=856438252773518194::ItTX3lIUk0HgbU2c6ZI+0zZK3is" /R "sync.delayShow=1" /R "actionhost=" /R "useDX12=1" /R "render.enable_pbr=0"
  15. sniperturko

    Infantry Spawning on Planes

    Hello everyone , Today i encountered this issue after released on live servers. This issue occured since prototype version of the new update.Whenever your teammates spawn the 2 seated aircrafts i can click on his/her aircraft and the issue allows me to spawn without worries(as a tail gunner).However you have to hurry for spawning ,it has 4-5 seconds time arrival during allowing spawn on it.After spawning in aircraft you are able to jump from it. I dont think that is an intentional feature for spawning as an infantry on planes. Note: Infantries couldnt get parachutes like airborne soldiers when they spawned on aircrafts. In addition: Beside infantries , other classes can deploy on planes as a rear gunner , these classes are: Recon,Paratrooper are able to do that. Tankers are unable to spawn on plane. And here is the gifs link for the issue: https://gyazo.com/65c31bbab521788ff8d4af9c8f247aee (infantry) https://gyazo.com/9aa203bf47d9902b410fb37b8a019d91 (recon) https://gyazo.com/9362f00066b936486e557696a5196dca (paratrooper)