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    closing jp hk server is a mistake

    2 years fighting on general map vs SU clans Poland, Germany, France "EUROPE" Players (ping90-110) vs RU Clans and Players (ping 1-5) need more Moscow servers (Atm meaby 5 servers) Moscow is so far the most unstable, full of synchronization errors, and no one will ask about it. Welcome in high ping Game
  2. Hello, I would like to talk about the concentration of a large number of AT in the cities next to the capitals. I am aware that at the time of writing this post, the war is lost. However, because there are so-called blobs near the capital, it results in a very quick loss of land. For example on the basis of Marseille and Bordeaux, in 20 minutes all this area around the capitals was lost My idea about RTS is that another next morale system is needed. morale should fall over time and entering the battle of this AT will add 5-20% (Values are for RETO) of the current morale. When you lose a significant amount of morale (red low, for this moment) let's say that LOW for this new morale will be 10 (Values are for RETO), From then on AT is blocked and prepared to be removed. Such ATs should go to the barracks and then every 24 hours the barracks return the removed ATs to the stockpile. Aggrieved at the loss should not get refund. The next problem is the AT interface AT dialing should work like gmail (post office) [you mark what interests you and you complete it and respawn] The current system is quite bothersome, through a new queue @Reto.bobot @Reto.Bacon @Reto.blackjama @Reto.Blitz @Reto.Boa @Reto.BomberBo @Reto.cactus @reto.Chinch @reto.Chrestangen @Reto.Christiano From long time, precisely, the new AT queuing, nothing has been repaired or tampered with rts. I will be improving this post with new blobs on the capitals with each new war BLOB's : War 1005 - 05.10.2020 ROME BELGRADE BUDAPEST ISTANBUL
  3. Rajan233

    [ST] Polski klan strona GE

    Zrobiony w programie graficznym ale mam więcej w różnych mundurkach ale lubię czarny
  4. Rajan233

    [ST] Polski klan strona GE

    Hejka Zbieramy mocną ekipę do H&G jeśli ktoś jest zainteresowany zapraszam przeważnie gramy po 16. więcej informacji priv - Mój Discord: Rajan233#2516 - Obecnie Używamy ts: - Discord [ST]: https://discord.gg/MJ8Fhhg Zapraszam zawsze pomożemy i wytłumaczymy.
  5. Rajan233

    [ST] Polish clan

    Hejka Zbieramy mocną ekipę do H&G jeśli ktoś jest zainteresowany zapraszam przeważnie gramy po 16. więcej informacji priv - Mój Discord: Rajan233#2516 - Obecnie Używamy ts: - Discord [ST]: https://discord.gg/MJ8Fhhg Zapraszam zawsze pomożemy i wytłumaczymy.
  6. Rajan233

    Reto, Repair glitch ATS on line

    Repair this glitch, it appears all too often.
  7. Rajan233


    tomato sauce, cheese, ham, corn, mushrooms, oregano, onion oh this taste
  8. Rajan233

    Heavy planes vs heavy planes

    earns character, if you use a vehicle on it does nothing
  9. Rajan233

    Heavy planes vs heavy planes

    planes earn cosmic amounts WF and exp for soldier, but lose the suply by random monkey who love to hug their plane against trees and buildings. We need blockade to block AT (you can always ask for unlocking in chat) this system partially works already when it comes to blocking shooting by the blue player (only squad can use) blocking should be the same on APC
  10. Pilots have been priority in stockpile, by such a thing AT medium planes blocks the pilots even if they are available (at the moment +1000 pilots). So you can't deploy reconnaissance plane and heavy plane. priority should be on the aircraft's resources and not on pilots so that no blocking occurs. there are resources and you cannot deploy the unit
  11. Armor 2.0 has a huge bug. Remove the angle of inclination of the armor, so the bullets don't bounce back and the armor is devastating. small problem if you have 2 niggers repair you and still have 50% armor. armor reduces damage by 50%, it only works but if he is missing, two missiles and back to lobby this is old test the problem occurs with apcr has too much power of penetration. armor in this clip have 50%
  12. Rajan233

    China and war

    Hello In time CET 6:00 ( GMT +1) 75% battle GE vs USA start with China ping +300, so Ge lost City from E-line in 6-7 minutes. @Reto, @Reto.Hades, Why suddenly there are so many Chinese players? All battles witch China we lost.
  13. Rajan233

    China and war

    yes i have shirt Internet.
  14. Rajan233

    China and war

    so i play with @Jmj191 and max ping this 120
  15. Rajan233

    China and war

    ping +190 and +204 this?
  16. Rajan233

    GE needs to Alt to win

    Alts alts, China no problem
  17. Rajan233

    China and war

    A real plague. All battle in this same time!!
  18. Rajan233

    Nowy poradnik dla początkujących

    WF zarabiasz jeśli zasoby zabijają zasoby nic więcej. Tabelka przedstawia ile dostajesz standardowo a ile z weteranem czyli +75% natomiast do exp na postacie lub postać liczy się wszystko co TWOJE AT zrobią w bitwę
  19. Rajan233

    Nowy poradnik dla początkujących

    1. Zasoby muszą być w bitwie (nazywane są APC) 2. Jeśli grasz wojne to gracze decydują czy do danej bitwy wyślą np ten rodzaj At (Assalut Team). APC jest najważniejszym at w grze jest go bardzo trudno zdobyć (bardzo długa droga expienia) 3. Jeśli jakikolwiek wrogi gracz zobaczy APC jest ono odrazu blokowane (znika ale do puki się nie zlikwiduje spottera) potem można dalej go używać 4. na mapie możesz je wystawiać tylko w pierwszej godzinie wojny jeśli chodzi o Ge inaczej wszystkie zasoby znikają bo gracze wszystkie je wystawiają
  20. Rajan233

    Nowy poradnik dla początkujących

    link tam wklejasz np z imgr lub discorda
  21. Rajan233

    Nowy poradnik dla początkujących

    siemka spoko poradnik, jedno ale tylko jedyny Polski aktywny kaln po ge jest tutaj (ts3) [ST] + 1st jagers może tam być paru polaków jednak to anglojęzyczny klan. Co do Psów Wojny nie mam pojęcia co się dzieje szynkzawinklem czyli ts dawno padł
  22. Rajan233


    I think I found a bug, Stockpile has a resources reconnaissance aircraft, but I can not respawn reconnaissance plane please help the queue as if it stuck
  23. Der Reto. patch is not bad is even funny, Unfortunately. There is a lack: hats, scarves, gloves and of course socks, everything should be festive. I will think about introducing such funny patches I've been waiting for such a patch for over a year.