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  1. RN_RZZZ

    Player statistics page bug

    Smh I have half the digits they originally are and half the time (Not like complete half but it's lower) Like in bf109 = 150+ hrs And sometimes 100/90 hours So damn weird
  2. RN_RZZZ

    Aircraft/ground minor collisions lead to death

    The thing with the p38 is The p38 has no wheels in the back Just big old rudder so irl it would destroy the rear end. But here it should damage the plane not destroy it.
  3. RN_RZZZ

    Tank Stuck on Tree

    I think it's just gravity xd
  4. RN_RZZZ

    Hit registration|

    Happens in my tiger II, m1919, prolly stg, (weps mostly due to ping) but In tanks idk why. Maybe it is secret reto plan xd.
  5. RN_RZZZ

    [Bug] Vanishing Aircraft Bombs

    As far as I know. The bomb vanishing is a glitch in the matrix xd The bomb hasn't dropped but it shows it has and it doesn't reload. This is the only case I can relate to. Haven't seen this bug in a while.
  6. Uh yeah it's not a invisible wall. It's the railings or something that's too close to each other to let you pass, you have to jump now.
  7. RN_RZZZ

    The Cannon/Machine gun Bug.

    @Miguel76PT well you don't have to step on sidewalk anymore. Go to any sloped(like a hill e.g. Skirmish Map : Hill dk the full name)And stick your tiger on that sloped place or a uneven place. (Ik that in tiger I or II) then fire Stalin's hand will disturb your shells trajectory xd. Oh and it works in any battle or any wing cannon / mg planes @reto.malk follow the instructions above the flying cow instructions doesn't work anymore.
  8. RN_RZZZ

    The Cannon/Machine gun Bug.

    @HorstVII no the old trick doesn't work. The flying cow trick doesn't work. I know how to do that and I hate it. You must drop a bomb first. And no not wait when the ammo is 1 the trick is (I found that out by mistake) your ammo whichever cannon/mg you're firing must be really low (not like 10/5/1) low enough for a burst fire. For e.g. 20 rounds. And when the reload reaches 98% or 99% or 96% any on which ya feel comfortable. Shoot. You'll find out your cannon doesn't reload but your ammo is full. Voila "sniper cannon" available on mg, AP or ball, cannon 20mm Apcr/HE/Ap etc. This bug is most suitable for ground attacking in E4, p40, p35 (HE or APCR depends on style and taste). @reto.malk you can try this. It will take a long time in p40/35 but it is easy on e4 remember after reloading shoot a little for the cannons to adjust and then voila as cow says it "sniper cannon" or cannon bug
  9. RN_RZZZ

    Panzerkampfwagen A

    Upgrade your weapon it's balanced.
  10. RN_RZZZ

    The Cannon/Machine gun Bug.

    The Cannon bug can be found in both aircraft and tank units. I will divide this into two parts for aircraft and tank. 1) Aircraft In Aircraft sometimes you find out you can only use one cannon. For example in the bf109 e4. Or the Me410 b2, P40, and any plane with two or more than two cannons or machine guns. Sometimes when you shoot you notice you can only use one cannon or mg. Or only one of the two or more fires. This is a annoying bug. If you want more please reply below I'll elaborate this. 2) Tank Cannon bug This bug. I hate this bug more than I hate nub teammates. Have you ever noticed when you fire the cannon it(shell) either curves down like of a mortar, or it goes straight(German tanks and some Soviet tanks, pershing too). Normal conditions: the cannon works perfectly. This bug appears only when you are on top of a obstacle or a destructible object(before 1.12) now this problem is worse in KingTiger, Tiger(I don't have Soviet tanks) after the update, wether if you're on a obstacle or nowhere near it the bug appears and ruins your gameplay. This bug makes your shell.. how do I put it. Suppose a apcr shell of a king tiger is going straight ahead, but suddenly it goes up (like a ricochet but it hit nothing) then with a miracle goes straight ahead. This has ruined my king tiger experience... reply if you want to know more on any topic above.
  11. Yes I wanted staged ones Heavy vs medium in war is rare to find for me here
  12. Why isn't heavy fighters allowed against mediums I mean heavy tanks are allowed against medium tanks so why not? Heavy fighters against medium fighters I am asking this because I don't get war matches where I find bf109 against p38 or something like that Plus it would be like beta P38s fought bf109s and yak9s right so why not (Not a beta player) (But I want to fly against p38 in a bf109 or yak9)' I'm not asking for new planes or tanks or weapons. Just let heavy fighters play against medium fighters.
  13. RN_RZZZ

    NEW MAPS ? Click this

    To ask Are you all satisfied with the old maps? Then this is not your place. In here I'd like to ask for new maps. I'd like to ask if we can create new maps. Especially of "The battle of Normandy" Or simply "Iwo Jima". Here I will explain both battles. The battle of Normandy This battle took place on the northern coast of Germany when US Decided to invade Germany. In this battle Paratroopers, Infantry, Tank crewman, Recon, planes all were used. If this map needs to be created it would require the map like "Mountain Town-Assult/Defend" Sized map but a little bigger on the north would be seas and the map would have towns, the infamous wall that Adolf Hitler built. The wall must have beaches but most lined with concrete walls and the rest with fences as the wall was never completed. The walls must have towers and the ground must have trenches. But the beach must have the metal obstacles as the cross shaped thing (I forgot what's it's called). And more vehicles should be added. Like warships must for show. But there should be added transportation boats that were used (landing crafts?).the infantry would have to make it through the beach capturing each point and finally make it into the town. Capturing and holding it will win the round. Iwo jima(30 days of hell) The battle took place on Japan on the island Iwo Jima. That was one of the bloodiest battles in history as many of the Japanese soldiers remains have not been found yet Iwo Jima is a island with just one hill on the side. The thing that makes it worth making for a map is because of its tunnels as US forces heavily bombarded the island but the Japanese survived. There is a labyrinth of tunnels there it is to be fought in night time and it is also dubbed as "30 days of hell". Please look into these and we need to make maps Best regards ...