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  1. It is undeniable fact German faction is overpowered and overpopulated. I suggest to fix both problems in the simplest way possible: two German teams playing against each other in equal conditions
  2. While using machinegun, cannon, anti-aircraft or other powerful weapons, player should have slight (or not slight) screen shaking effect The closest example I found
  3. There are some useless badges in H&G, some eligible for rare situations or and some without clear effect. Physical Fitness category: The only useless badge here is Nimble. Seriously, players are too busy to hear steps. It should increase player`s speed or jump height by +9%, +12% and +15% instead Combat category: Dead Eye and Quickdraw have similar effects without serious affect on combat. Dead Eye should get bonuses from them both while Quickdraw should decrease weapon sway Scavenger badge is useless. Instead of adding ammunition, it should let us pick RANDOM equipment of the dead characters. Vehicles: Driver badge is totally useless if it does what its description says. Badge should decrease spawn time with vehicle instead Medic: Hand of God is absolutely useless in real situation - players still come closer to doctor. It should be replaced with some kind of healing aura Armor: Tank thief badge is the utopian one. It should give armor repair bonuses or improve armor penetration Tank driver. What does it exactly mean? Decreased deployment time would be better Aviation: Airplane thief is extremely rare and useless. It should give some pilot bonuses like improved agility or extra speed
  4. Campers can easily go to another objective while normal player is doomed. He can neither reach ammo crate nor leave objective
  5. Here are my suggestions how to improve H&G: More explosions. Explosions look epic and add more action into game. I beg you to make grenades & launchers cheaper and increase rocket damage against infantry, so players will get "Pocket artillery" Move ammunition crates away from control points. Seriously, people are dying there and noone can resupply ammunition Add more cover on maps. D line of "Factory" is a perfect example of good line - the hottest fights happen between the objectives. H&G is not WW1 simulator, but still many locations only enable "run 500 meters with no cover under heavy fire" gameplay. Maps need more trenches along roads, shell craters and just rough terrain, so players would actually fight instead of mutual camping. SA rifles should get adjustable sights More troops in each battle. If it is impossible to add more people, attach 50 bots. Massive battles of huge crowds are more epic - this already takes place on small maps
  6. My suggestion is to make support equipment more useful. It takes precious EP and equipment slots. Binoculars, wrenches and small medkit should be default items like map. Of course, they need to be unlocked and bought first. Binocularis will be taken on pressing B, medkit on H and wrench on N, similar to how the map works The other my suggestion is medical pouch rework. It should contain 2, 4 or 6 medkits for 1, 2 or 3 EP
  7. @_FEAS_, будем писать гайд под 1.20?
  8. Yea, but they are perfect target everywhere outside bushes
  9. Many players are complaining about Germany being extremely overpowered and constantly wins wars. Some people may say it`s because of their weapons, but the real reason is trivial: They are invisible. The graphics are too dark and contrast is too high It means all germans even with default feldgrau are less visible than the most expensive Soviet or American camouflage. I suggest to make graphics brighter and smoother
  10. HZguy

    24/7 free play gamemode

    It can show not remaining resources, but lost ones and update once in 24 hours
  11. With addition of smoke grenades have almost disappeared from battles. They need to become either cheaper or more powerful to regain popularity, because more explosions mean more fun, more fun means more players
  12. I suggest Reto to rebalance machineguns again. M1919, MG-34, MG-42, Maxim-Tokarev and maybe DT should play their natural role of fire support weapon. Their sway should be even more serious, making impossible assaulting with LMG, but they must become laser guns when on bipods. Johnson, BAR, MG-13, FG-42 and DP-27 should remain some kind of assault rifles