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  1. Cuz98

    How is it possible

    I'm not going to reply to 90% of this topic as im sure other people will without issue. However, i have played the game years, and i have only ever encountered a hacker once, and that was early stages of the game. So im sorry to say but your claims of "hackers" is out of anger my friend. Play with friends or join a clan this will increase the enjoyment for yourself and people around you.
  2. Cuz98

    Helmet Ricochet

    I can see alot of you are replying with actual facts and explanations which is excellent. However this was just an idea i wanted to share see what people think This is why i had it so it was a very very slim chance of it actually ricocheting Not Exactly, this would only give them a slim chance of it ricocheting. 95-99% of the time it would kill as usual.
  3. I came across an idea from a while back of Helmet ricochet. Obviously Helmet Ricochet was a possibility and still is in modern day and age, so why not be able to experience it in-game? If implemented the idea would be to have the chances of it ricocheting would be very very low, i'm talking about a 0.1-2% Chance, The reason this is so low is simply to avoid complaining. If they chance is too high then all people will do is whine. However with the chance being so low it would give a perfect opportunity for people to survive a bullet to the helmet. IF the bullet Ricochets then it should still cause some damage maybe 3-5 health bars to make the impact of the bullet as realistic as possible and prevent it from being classed as "OP". This is just a simple idea, let me know what you think and what you would change! Thanks -Cuz98
  4. Cuz98

    the best tank??????

    This all Depends on what you class as "good" but imo the Panther is an outstanding machine. Over 2k kills with it so far Beautiful tank. Believe it or not, there are still people who dont know how to get around that slope....
  5. Cuz98

    Joining a clan

    Joining a Clan can be an amazing experience. If your still having this issue, you can always join a clan which allows you to play multiple factions until you can decide. There is a few clans that are alot more layed back which will allow this.
  6. Cuz98

    Gun names!

    I play only Germans, and my MG42 is names "Welcome to Europe v2" as my buddies is "Welcome to Europe" Fun times playing Duo and reking people with the MG