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  1. WulffvonHanover

    Historically Accurate Updates and Balancing

    lol, no problem here, despite the fact I unlocked the hetzer last time I played And, I have a rather limited steam library (woo, parents)
  2. WulffvonHanover

    Historically Accurate Updates and Balancing

    HEY GUYS! Perfect solution Quit playing H&G, go back to CoH, get blitzkrieg, EF, or just base game Play until Bloody Seventh or Hell Let Loose comes out Done
  3. WulffvonHanover

    RTS Map App

    Well, we need an RTS map app for Google Play, too
  4. WulffvonHanover


    In a statement, Robotron stated paratroopers are to be grounded in the future! Prost!
  5. WulffvonHanover

    RTS Map App

    We NEED an RTS map app/browser thing. Managing ATs on the go (Or wherever wifi is present) is a great idea. Of course, it should be free and interactive. This could solve the war problems of SU winning every time, and the baby-sitting issue.
  6. WulffvonHanover

    Historically Accurate Updates and Balancing

    At this point, I will attempt to help fix the H&G issue, while I await the Bloody Seventh and Hell Let Loose. For now, tanking on H&G and CoH EF will do.
  7. WulffvonHanover

    Historically Accurate Updates and Balancing

    Thank you, it's alternate, but might as well use proper weaponry. It's not my fault the devs added weapons that were employed in Europe at least somewhat, ffs.
  8. WulffvonHanover

    Historically Accurate Updates and Balancing

    Stock STG is too slow, cannot be modded to reach true (I think) Why u no start mosin? Why u no kill johnson?
  9. WulffvonHanover

    Historically Accurate Updates and Balancing

    Woah, cool. Still, not en masse enough.. Well, I want the K98k to be the starter. The sights suck, and the Germans with lesser sense would cry.
  10. WulffvonHanover

    Help test NEW Encounter map on prototype!

    Encounter was great, just hated the doors P.S. Please fix your shirt when it comes to buildings, fake windows aren't cool but at least you aligned the fake doors inside and outside.
  11. WulffvonHanover

    Historically Accurate Updates and Balancing

    Germany -Match STG fire rate to realistic rate -Make the STG more expensive to purchase and slightly cheaper to mod -Add Sd.Kfz. 251/1 Camouflage -Add Gaiters/Jackboot customization -Remove Infantry Scopes -Remove Paratrooper Scopes -Grant the Falschirmjager MG34 -Ground the Falschirmjager (Spawn Faster and closer to points) -Grant Falschirmjager the Kettenkrad -Remove Leibermuster from all but Recon -Remove Mustard Patterns -Add Smocks -Fix the K98k sights United States -Add M1 Carbine to Infantry -Remove M2 Carbine -Remove Johnson from Infantry and Airborne -Remove Infantry Scopes -Remove camouflage from infantry and paratroopers, while recon keeps the camo. (Field-Camo doesn't get removed) -Add Netting customization -Add leaf customization to infantry, paratrooper, and recon helmets. -Ground Paratroopers and grant the BAR -Make M1 Cheaper -Slow down the Bazooka reload, make it so fast reload doesn't apply to it. -Fix the M1903 sights Union of the Soviet Socialist Republic -Remove Freelook and make PTRD fire in Prone position -Remove all patterns except for Amoeba from all classes. -Remove Russian Paratroopers (It says historically Accurate) -Add Commisars -Make the Mosin-Nagant cheaper -Fix the Nagant sights -Add the AVT-40 -Remove Infantry Scopes -Make the T-34 cheaper -Add Whitewash w/ Red Star Anything else? -Make K98k starter -Make Mosin-Nagant starter -
  12. WulffvonHanover

    A Job Well Done

    I kinda like the lighting. Playing tanker is easier now.
  13. WulffvonHanover

    Schwere-Panzer Abteilung 501

    ACHTUNG! Schwere-Panzer Abeilung 501 is seeking panzerkommandants! Panzerkampfgruppen will be formed of heavy panzers and tank destroyers! ACHTUNG! Barracks:https://discord.gg/7bpByaK
  14. WulffvonHanover

    Historically Accurate Updates and Balancing

    Yeah, but again, SIGHTS. loving. SUCK. i wanted the K98k to be standard issue, but the sights keep me from saying anything..
  15. WulffvonHanover

    Historically Accurate Updates and Balancing

    Thought of it, talked about it before. Always gets shot down instantly by US players STG was not as common, might as well slow down the purchasing of it.