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  1. Support for sniper and heavy machine guns

    Correct, they used their arms, walls, or slits in bunkers or pillboxes.
  2. Snow Update List

    .. Do you want marijuana leaf skins..?
  3. Amoeba vs Splitter?

    Ah, nice. I'm in VA, was interested with this since starting hardcore GMOD RP in 2014, but my parents blocked it cuz it was "affecting me" (Which meant researching and learning about the wehrmacht, soviet union, and the austrian army in WWII, not even the Nazi party lol), which pisses me off. But, after the protests, I have to hide this shirt from the.. normies, let's say. It's sad.
  4. About medioum and heavy tanks

    Armor 2.0. Is this what you think the forums are for, private? It's for bitching in a formal manner.
  5. Amoeba vs Splitter?

    Where do you live? I only have a luftwaffe book and I'm get called a Nazi for no reason aside that. And WEHR can I get that book (Budumch)
  6. M18 Hellcat

  7. M18 Hellcat

    7.92mm is known to penetrate armor at close range, and the Hellcat has 12.9mm armor. So couldn't it, with luck, damage an M18 at close range?
  8. American Lights: Stuart M2A2 M3 American Mediums: M4 Sherman Easy 8 American Heavies: Jumbo Pershing Churchill Good idea? I don't really think of the Americans as ones for heavy tanks, but the Brits had a few. Comments for feedback.
  9. Uniforms [Rank based Uniform Unlocks]

    We need the medical one, and also the feldcaps (which aren't very noticed on this guide), which could be thrown on a blue camo user for a luftwaffe effect, or even splitter. I have a topic on the feldcaps I posted when I was young and innocent lol
  10. Snow Update List

    Smart, but I don't think it should be even close to splitter patterns. Too complicated, I was thinking more of different shades sewn together or something.
  11. Snow Update List

    As if. The Tiger could still be a viable tank (albeit a dispatch able one) in modern warfare if it had a better engine and more armor.
  12. Amoeba vs Splitter?

    Nice find, I only have M56 web gear, a MOLLE II pack, and M65 pants. I'd go with splitter, just because it's dark enough to seem realistic..
  13. Snow Update List

    Good idea. But if I was using, say, green pea, would I get a more varying shade, as if the soldier handmade himself a smock of some sorts, while solids like field green and Field grey 38 would have darker and lighter shade?
  14. Looking for an Clan

    We're as laid back as can be and pretty new, but when I play with my most experienced they live up to my expectations (aside schedules, but hey, no one's perfect.) Message me for the discord link.