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  1. E007T

    reto simpley doesn't care.

    so, basically i made as so many would probably say a novel about things i wanted to see change in hng, to a certain "staff" member, and at this point the statement i use is not even a statement. it's fact, that reto simpley doesn't care about the consumer. this certain staff. did simpley not read even why someone wanted me banned, nor did he read my about 1000 chapter long list of things i wanted to be changed. or fixed. yet it got ignored. so simpley those people who do say that reto doesn't listen or care, that statement is true. aswell people talking about all "2.0" thing simpley being a downgrade i can totally agree, and reto has not even touched on this threat. yet i even linked him it. as i understand it. reto cares more about people insulting eachother, and being a political correct game. than caring for either fixing the game for your average consumer like they wanted it, or banning or kicking people of the game for cheating or using other forms of external programs. i added a cheater a long time back. (let's say late 2015) and he is yet to be banned of the game. yet he uses clearly wall hacks aimbot and damage modifiers, i've even joined a war game where he was doing it and i watched him do it. (im not gonna give out names to not give this person hate, he's not center of attension right now) aswell me asking for multiple things that many people have asked before to add, whole threats about it even have, to the devs in the PMs. yet they just ignore it. so basically, what can i say more? than that reto does not care about you as an average consumer of the game, they just don't. if they did in fact care they would have fixed long gone things that veterans have talked about. and things that is just right out destroying the fun factors and balance factors.
  2. E007T

    How do i report a cheater?

    yeah seen that aswell but gone same for german players. but any numbers of headshots he had? because if he had more than like 50% of he's kills are headshot i might have a assistant aka cheat.
  3. E007T

    How do i report a cheater?

    I always use it with the max damage bullet mod.
  4. E007T

    How do i report a cheater?

    but i don't think he's cheating. in fact i think it's just the gun. it can 3 shot CQC and can be modded to do high firerates. and a lot of people seem suspicous but rarely are they cheating. i found a guy who's called "uncoól" and he seem really suspicous. but truely he's just really damn good. like shroud level good.
  5. E007T

    How do i report a cheater?

    https://heroesandgenerals.com/support/ it's on top of the page.
  6. As far as i know reto doesn't clearly care about game ideas, in chat. since i've suggested a lot of stuff their and nothing i've seen even remotely close to being added or even though about. clearly reto doesn't listen to us but just their managers and everyone working over at reto. i can understand when some ideas can't get in. while some are plain just clear that it already should be in the game. and shouldn't even be hard to implement. Im fact even the youtuber "kotton gamer" suggested a prime example of what i mean should just be just obvious, a thing which i to this day even want. Which is fog lights for planes. But this never even made it into the game. why you ask? because of retos total lack of absorbing what actual veterans wants, and not some soyboy kids from china wants, hell might aswell add a K-pop group song into the game when you start it up soon, since half of chinas population seem to moved into this "game." Another fact is. Reto.Hades aka the whiteknight of all the pest that wonders around accusing factions about stuff that is far from real, and accusing things even though they have not a single clue how the damn thing actually works, he for some reason bans the players that actually backs up to those defending those who are just either just geniune good with a weapon. or just actually have a damn clue of how recoil works in games, which at this point is close to none existant. You want me to keep going? sure. Here you got another factor. Reto never listens to anyone since we never asked for a rework of the recoil system. nobody did. nobody likes it. accept the newer players. since they've never had a chance with the old recoil system which was superior. The old recoil system was build around basically you have 3 diffrent tiers of weapons. the first ones where slight bit bad. but as i pre said before: kotton gamer or kotton for short showed newer players how you can potentially build your for example PPD, to be really good, nowadays you barely need to put any mods on the damn PPD and it will handle great, it will peform great, everything is great. and this doesn't go for only the PPD, this is universal. all low tier SMGs have turned to a point where they can at times outpeform some higher weapons with ease, and i feel kinda the same on armor 2.0, before armor 2.0, sure the game was kinda BS since anyone with AT could kill a tanker. but that was the fun of it. since you generally just had to always run, you had to be certainlly skilled with tanks, you couldn't just sit in a bush for the whole game lobbing shell after shell after shell, with HE at a point to get endless kills with no work at all, and never die thanks to nobody equipping AT (in that case if you do good for you but your money is most likely gone after that match) tankers will roam endlessly, not to even get started with how bad AT is nowadays. 1 AT could cost more than the chaffee to even spawn in, so if i understand right: 1 bazooka round which was basically massproduced the living hell outta could cost more than a entire tank? that doesn't really sound right now does it? and don't even get me started on how poorly tanks are designed nowadays. Here you go reto, take a chew outta the bitter apple now.
  7. Have you even even taken any what so ever time to play any other faction? because clearly you don't seem to know what weapons truely have sway..
  8. Let me just qoute you on this, MP40 is a tier 2 SMG, while PPS43 is a tier 3. (i even said so in the original post.) the MG42 has high firerate, and i've used it without and with tight grip. and i say always use tight grip. there is nothing wrong with using a badge that inproves stability of a gun. and if your just so lame to only use heavyset gold. reconsider. because their is nothing skilled of adding 50% more HP to a guy. you'll always win in a gunfight because your basically using an unfair edvantage. the FG i see often really often. STG rarely see it being outclassed, if i do it's because it's because people use it the wrong way. STG is mostly built for mid range and midrange only. not CQC but only mid range. well, i don't say it's neccesarly op. i say it's just that it's not fair that a starter weapon can peform as well as a endgame weapon which people have put time into getting.
  9. I mean yeah. i know where you are coming from with that. but still, reto would never change anything, and as long as people still somehow, idk how complain about MG42 being underpowered somehow? idk how, since i've used it. it's low cost for high RPM and sight. about 2k- (and down) for it. Johnson is a decent weapon which germany really always complain about. but in fact it costs more to use than the FG, it doesn't support a sight, and it has a hell of a lot insight and recoil to it. (don't get me wrong you can learn it.) and yeah i can relate that the STG with the new update is nothing but insanity, considering you can wield it with max RPM and still have insane control and decent pay for it. but i think your attension should go to MP40 instead. considering it can pull headshots on range, and does a lot of more damage as it seems like in range and in total, compaired to SMGs in that grade. aswell being very easy to mod. and can use damage bullets / max RPM with rarely any diffrence to the guns peformence.
  10. i all honesty i think we should restrict a certain number of tanks instead of how many tankers can play it. so for somewhat realism total, probably 2 - 3 heavy tanks should only be able to be deployed at ones considering in ww2 heavy tanks have hard to mass produce and was very much slower to build than most tanks. probably 5 - 6 mediums, depending on what it is, let's say it's a sherman M4, it doesn't stand a chance against a panther, so if you'd deploy that it could probably count less of tank spot or something. same goes for J1, and the 76. and about 7 - 8 light tanks because they are low value tanks compaired to the heavier tanks, aswell costs less. what i aswell think is that rework the whole thing about repair costs. because for some reason the chaffee costs about 1k to only spawn in ones. but it have less armor than a M10, or even the stuart. it's shells can take up to 15 to even take out the lightest of tanks. and you only have about 48 shells. so i think a lot have to go, from reto to make this game great again. because the costs for even weapons, AT, tanks, are sky high nowadays. and it's not even fun. and more than often a stock PPD-40 a MP 34 or a GG aka grease gun can out peform high end weapons. which i don't feel it's even remotely fair to those who've grinded hour on hours on end for a weapon that basically is considered useless because it's basically nothing better than the starter guns that are a lot cheaper to use and are in some cases even better then some weapons which is high end.
  11. E007T

    may i just ask.

    The thing is, that would make the post far bigger and make it even worse on this very compressed homepage. so i pefer not too.
  12. E007T

    may i just ask.

    I have already typed back in the last paragraph about it. ^
  13. E007T

    Mounted MG BUG - video

    Be happy if you'll see an update this year to fix it.
  14. E007T

    may i just ask.

    well,search much text would hard to compile down to a sizeble matter, and it would look even bigger than it's compact look already does. reading it is not hard, if you just use your eyes.
  15. E007T

    Outlines outrage

    I just want a way to turn this off, i don't want to have it covering my screen filled of weapons laying around, nor creates, or fistboxes.