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  1. Ask questions for Q&A & Why #5

    Is there any plans to review the tank's scope reticles as the Armor 2.0 update comes out? The main reason I'm asking this is because some tanks are having wrong scope for quite a while since they came out. These tanks includes: -KV85, IS-2 and Panther, which copies their scope directly from Tiger's (That huge 8.8cm tho) -SU-76M and SU-85, their scope seems to be a direct copy from GE TD's Also, For both T-34s, the scope severely limits the tank's gun depression, especially up close. Would you guys do something about that as well? Thanks.
  2. P40的加强比较合理,毕竟机动较差,有这么样的火力我个人觉得没什么。(其实雅克9的机炮打准了,两秒都不用就能拆一架) 枪声迷之消失这个问题早就有了,Reto一直拖着没修复...也不知道是偷懒还是不会修orz
  3. I've been messing around with soviet tanks recently, and I believe they can use some fixes. 1. The scope reticle. Please give IS2 and the TDs their historical sights! The current reticles leads me to believe that they are a direct copy from the german ones. Yes, this isn't a big deal, but imo giving tanks their original reticle is important. On a side note, the Panther's sight reticle is also copied from Tigers'. 2. The MG crosshairs for both the T-34s are off. Their crosshairs aren't even close to where the actual shots lands. I don't know if reto purposely made it to be like this but I do feel it's negative impacts to be somewhat annoying. 3. I would personally favour the idea of introducing tier 3 medium tank destroyers and eventually Heavy Tank Destroyers. Yes, I am aware of reto's Armor 2.0 project and thus adding new armored vehicles is clearly not a priority, but I would still like to suggest some viable candidates. They can possibly be imbalanced, but hey I'm just sharing my opinion with our community. <3 Medium Tank Destroyers, Tier 3 Soviet: SU-100 US: M36 Tank Destroyer (90mm GMC) Germany: Panzer IV/70 Notes: These tier 3 tank destroyers features devastating firepower compariable even to that of heavy tanks, but still maintaining speed and armor similar to the standard of medium tanks. They lacks anti-personnel capabilities, with no co-axial MG and none (SU-100) or one MG seat that has either limited turning (Panzer IV/70) or no protection (M36), just like the existing TDs. While these beasts certainly packs some serious punches, they generally have reduced or same mobility as tier 2 TDs. They will also have a vastly increased maintaince cost for obvious reasons. These TDs will certainly affect both staged and war games and can even be made into the separate Heavy Tank Destroyers category if they won't fit the medium armor games well. In this case, they will be the first tier of Heavy Tank Destroyers. A 2nd tier and even possibly a 3rd tier of Heavy Tank Destroyers can also be made, but there are very limited candidates and can result in serious balance problems. Soviet: ISU-122S US: No Candidate (T28/95 can be, but it didn't see any combat thus making it a very bad option) Germany: Jagdpanther(Good option imo), Jagdtiger(Bad option due to imba), Elefant/Ferdinand(Somewhat imba), Nashorn, 10.5cm K 'Dicker Max'(Bad option since they're basically glass cannons, would go against the 'Heavy' category) That concludes this post for now. Thanks for checking, and I really hope the suggestions (1 and 2) would be reviewed by Reto! =)
  4. British Commonwealth

    That is confirmed, but technically it'd still fit in the WW2 timeline, which I suggest makes it a viable option as a tier 2 HT.
  5. British Commonwealth

    Nobody mentioned the Centurion. It was out till the very end of WW2 like the pershing.
  6. Gun names!

    AVS36 -> SVT40 M1/M2 Carbine -> M1 Carbine (<- this is actually hard to tell if you switch to single mode))) ) Johnson M1941 LMG -> This needs a nerf (<- it seriously does) Maschinengewehr 42 -> Laser, or at least used to be (rip old MG42) H3 -> D33z Nutz
  7. New planes: Review

    Ahh. Thanks <3 I knew it was wrong! >:)
  8. New planes: Review

    you mean BF109 when you mentioned Me109s right :v other than that i find this review pretty fine. but just one question: I've heard from somewhere on the forum that the D1's cannon does twice the damage (per shot, obviously) of E4's. I bet it's wrong but can use some help to justify it. Is that true?
  9. This is a brief translation of the update 1.08 so the Chinese community can get a better idea of what's going on. <3 三国新增全新战斗机 苏美德三国现在各新增了一款战斗机(1级),使得目前的飞行员载具总数增加至12台(各国均为1台侦察机,2台战斗机,1台重型战斗机) 苏联 米高扬-格列维奇 米格-3 Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-3 德国 梅塞施密特 Bf 109 D-1型 Messerschmitt Bf 109D-1 美国 赛瓦斯基 P-35A Seversky P-35A 注意:链接均为英文页面。 这些新增的一级战斗机将会是你继侦察机之后解锁的第一台战斗机(狗斗绶带5级)。它们更加容易操作(←不存在的),并且能够降低新飞行员的上手难度以便更好的操纵后期的高级战斗机。 排行榜回归 就是一个排行榜,没什么特别的。这里有链接 排行榜仅收录一个月内的玩家表现,并且大约一小时更新一次。(换句话说不活跃的玩家是上不了榜的) 附加声音变动 半自动步枪的枪声得到了改进,以便更好的区分各国步枪——特别感谢社区成员 BridgerCrags 为加兰德步枪提供的大量建议! 其他变动 飞机烟雾粒子效果优化,提高FPS 改变了飞机在着陆时的操纵手感 新的载具撞击声音 所有飞机的音量均有调整 P-40战鹰对载具的伤害略微提高 剩下的可以在这里找到,但是是英文→look at the changelog. 这里是原文→ 以上。