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  1. Bad graphics on decent laptop.

    Turns out that my theory was true,the game was running on Intel graphics instead of GPU,i've solve it now,medium render-medium settings 50-60 fps stable,now it's playable,but indeed the game isn't optimized and it's still blurry since i can't enable AA and FXAA without the game going crazy,but at least now i have a lot more visibility and i can see the enemy.But i will play this game with caution since i've read about overheating problems.
  2. Bad graphics on decent laptop.

    I'm going nuts with this game,my laptop is new(not even a month since i bought it),it's mediocre but decent for casual gaming,movies and stuff,with everything on low i get 30-40 fps,stable,no drops,but it looks really really blurry. My specs:Laptop-Dell 5567 RAM:8GB DDR4 CPU:Intel i7-7500u 2,70 GHZ(Turboboost 3,5 ghz) GPU:AMD Radeon R7 m440 4GB Resolution:1920x1080 It's not a gaming laptop,it's low end-mediocre when it comes to games,but i can play GTA V on 50-60 stable fps,with the texture quality and reflection on very high,now,my friend have an laptop with 6gb ram,i3 cpu(i forgot the GPU model but it's nvidia with 2gb vram),he can't play GTA V at all but he have no problem running this game decent.What's wrong?is it possible that the game uses the Intel graphics instead of my gpu?If so where do I check?How can i make it less blurry,if i change the rendering resolution from low to native it makes it unplayable(10 fps,running in pictures).I downloaded this game 2 days ago because i played it at my friend and it looked fun but if i can't solve this problem i'll just uninstall.