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  1. Bibor

    New technologies and gaming communities

    Closing forum is admitting by Reto game is dead so I'm a little surprised. Feeling little sad but nothing last for ever. Goodbye, wish you all the best.
  2. I like your optimism that Belgian faction will be added to the game at this state. Never give up.
  3. RETO should change spawns system/places, it is not hard to implement and can completely change (even improve) the gameplay on maps.
  4. Bibor

    Prototype server is open now
  5. Bibor

    New stupid players

    interesting, lines break on android.
  6. Bibor

    many esp and radar hacks

    Finally someone has common sense. I had a rather reliable source about the number of cheaters about 1,5 years ago, about 2 - 3 % of active players. Most of them play smart because dont want to be banned so you cant tell he is cheater and not a skilled vet. Macro players are not included.
  7. Bibor


    When lot of HnG veterans (practically all previous HnG streamers) spend most of their time playing Enlisted it is kind of replacing it. But even if you play Hng too sometimes, you dont spend all of your time like before. Playerbase on Steam is record low. Fun fact: twitch viewers of Enlisted at the moment: 12800, twitch viewers of HnG at the moment: 44.
  8. Bibor


    Are you playing through Steam? If yes try the standalone version from here the official website.
  9. The "let's chill" market. Most FPS games are too competitive, average guy who just want to chill at the weekend has no chance against tryhards/wannabe gamers/streamers spending their life playing that game. Unfortunately HnG cant fill this marker as random vs clan/vet matches are just kicking in the balls.
  10. Only hardcore HnG players will disagree with you. Yesterday I played some HnG after playing only THAT another game for a week and frustration kicked in after the first match and I quit after the 3rd match. Bad hitdetection, rng headshot? No I got used to it, what I cant are the random vs clan matches/vets matches. Absolutely no fun.
  11. Bibor


    Have fun.
  12. Bibor


    Have you tried syncronzing steam files?
  13. Bibor


    It seems some directx problem.
  14. Bibor


    @Chick9N Use the standalone client. Download from this website. Platform versions are bugged.