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  1. Im glad Ge players can see the brightside too.
  2. Bibor

    Epic match which we'll never watch (

    I was not referrint to him.
  3. Bibor

    Epic match which we'll never watch (

    You know you mentioned one guy whose previous character was banned.
  4. Bibor

    New update not cool

    Because Su is the best faction?
  5. Let me guess? Another Ge alt account?
  6. It seems all GE mains brought their alts to vote.
  7. No way it is the coolest in Siberia, Su.
  8. Bibor

    event suggestion

    Good idea. I support every idea aiming balanced gameplay.
  9. Normally you can have good result with most Ge, Us and Su weapons. But in general Ge weapons are easier to use so need less skill to perform well. That means a Su weapon is a good weapon in an average players' hand while Ge weapon becomes OP in average players' hand.
  10. Ret doesnt care about balance, they just think about profit. Modded weapons=more money for Reto.
  11. Bibor

    How to deal with recoil

    Do you use Tight Grip badge with lmgs?
  12. Dont count on that. Last time they showed statstics before weapon balance. It showed that best weapon was Mg42, second Stg. What did they do next? Weapon balance came and buffed mg42 and Stg so Op, everybody was running with captured mg42 and Stg. Buff was so obvious they nerfed them to only normal op and instead they made mg34 the new meta. This is the main reason I support modded captured weapon because Reto won't/cant make real balance.
  13. Bibor

    Let's make it done with MG42

    Light machine gun definition: light machine gun (LMG,to as squad automatic weapons. Heavy machine gun definition: In short Light means can be carried by infantry in hand, Heavy means not carried in hand but mounted on vehicle or some kind of platform.
  14. Bibor

    Nerf Sturmgewehr

    You complain about how OP M2 and AVS are. You set your faction: US Leaderboards shows you play: GE. What coincidence you want them nerfed.....
  15. Bibor

    MG13 vs MP40

    Range definitely matters if you play assault maps. Mg13 higher recoil is so little that you don'tt even need tight grip with it. You should decide which weapon you buy are you an lmg or smg guy?