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  1. ElderMerchant

    Dear RETO we need this one.

    I respect.At least I support that idea, but something has to change.
  2. ElderMerchant

    Dear RETO we need this one.

    In this article, our advice is to remove unused items and earn some credits and get a simple account.
  3. ElderMerchant

    Dear RETO we need this one.

    Wouldn't it be good to change and use a few different weapons for the soldiers you created for different purposes?For example, you have an anti-tank soldier and you trained him to use a bazooka, but let's say you have an anti-tank rifle in that soldier.But whichever weapon we choose, we start playing with it.it would be better to reach and use the two weapons during the game for the situation you deem necessary without breaking the aim.otherwise, creating troops for all types of weapons is a long and laborious and unnecessary task.Or let's say you have a machine gun soldier and that soldier has these three weapons, mg13, mg34, mg42.In this case, you can change the weapon you want in action.Otherwise, it takes a long time to send them to the warehouse and give them to a new soldier.The goal is to simplify the account and play with what you want more.
  4. ElderMerchant

    Dear RETO we need this one.

    Or you must have the right to choose one of your weapons during the game with a single soldier.Instead of putting the extra gun in the warehouse and giving it to another new soldier.It would be nice to have a system where a soldier can change and use all her possessions during the action.Otherwise, the items that I see unnecessary or put in the warehouse will again take up unnecessary space and you will think that you cannot use them.Instead of keeping these unused weapons or soldiers waiting, you can get rid of them and earn some money to invest in your original soldiers.I agree with the solution you are talking about, although it is not enough.but the number of soldiers we do not use will increase in the system you say. My first suggestion is to sell back. My second suggestion is that a soldier should be able to use all his items in battle. Thirdly, my suggestion is related to what you say, the warehouse system. The first system I said will be profitable and trouble-free.Please think about it and support us.Thx.
  5. ElderMerchant

    Dear RETO we need this one.

    30 soldiers?For God's sake, don't be funny.In a bad condition.As I said, RETO will help with the security question via e-mail.Don't be so coward.Take advantage of the system and have fun and please support this system.
  6. ElderMerchant

    Dear RETO we need this one.

    I respect.But what is the fault of the other players in this case?Keep your account well, don't let others steal it.It's an excuse.Most players complain of unused weapons.The system of recycling unused items is useful for everyone.Give the item you don't use and get some credit back.Also If RETO had this system in place, it would still help you in bad situations.This process is solved with simple security mails.
  7. ElderMerchant

    Is the panther tank worse than before?

    You are absolutely right.I think of Panzer 3 and C, they're very economical. How do you think these tanks are?Before the update, I bought 38t, hetzer, panther and tiger2.I'm back in the game after a long break.The game had officially changed to the extreme.Looks like there's no angle of impact.everything has turned into fast spawning and cost.Now I don't know if I should open a new tank crew and buy these cheap tanks.Even though I'm finally a tiger2, a player with Tiger1 scores higher than I do.I'm thinking of building a tank crew with Panzer C, Panzer 3, Panzer 4, Tiger 1.should I do this by buying a new team or should I do it for my current team?
  8. ElderMerchant

    Dear RETO we need this one.

    Of course what you say is important, but it is very necessary in this process. And it should not be postponed.
  9. I used to get full pleasure from panther.Now I think that the characteristics like fire speed, armor power, number of ammunition are worse than before.When I meet with their counterparts, I lose the fight even though I make the first shot even though each shot penetrates the armor.Am I wrong? Is the tank really worse than before?
  10. ElderMerchant

    Dear RETO we need this one.

    Help keep it on the agenda as it is a process that benefits everyone.
  11. ElderMerchant


    I wish I had these sounds in the game.Knk oyunda ekle eskiden seninle baya tank sürmüştüm
  12. ElderMerchant

    Dear RETO we need this one.

    Equipment store has not yet been opened.And it will be too long until it opens.And then there will be more than one of the same weapon.And again, I will have unnecessary things that I do not use.The best solution is to sell it back.
  13. ElderMerchant

    Dear RETO we need this one.

    Yes, I wish this solution will be realized as soon as possible.I think everyone will be pleased.
  14. ElderMerchant

    Dear RETO we need this one.

    For weapons and other items that we do not use.We believe that a system should be added to sell back.A certain amount of credit can be earned when returning products.With this process, we can get rid of these unused items to obtain a more simple account.Then maybe we can get some credit back and buy a new weapon we love.