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  1. Dishual

    AT Movement preferences

    Good idea asked for a long time for the game 😤
  2. Great idea ! Cigarettes too ! And no captured vehicules !
  3. Dishual

    Please Remove Bots

    With bots this game remembers me of the battles in the future in Terminator II... 🤭
  4. For the apc and 100 % headshot it's so true ! Really annoying...
  5. Dishual

    Laser Blasters in H&G

    Stop nerfing everything and add Costs.... You like a weapon take it on dead soldiers like i do !
  6. Dishual

    Scopes ....

    Get a recon and that's it ! 😏
  7. Dishual

    Game advertising.

    Torrente dice si !
  8. Dishual

    Wednesday Warrior - 30% OFF Vehicle Repair

    Good move for the less grinding ! Next stape holes in map and Adam's conefire! 🤗
  9. They should remove Adam's conefire and more people Will stay or come back...
  10. Dishual

    COMMUNITY EVENTS WORKSHOP PT.2 : Open discussion

    + 1 juggernaut credits needed too.
  11. Dishual

    COMMUNITY EVENTS WORKSHOP PT.2 : Open discussion

    Yes Mastah that's how you ses you're a real vet ! Same here from the bêta time.
  12. Dishual

    What will happen to stuff ''ON HOLD'' ?

    No Armor plates ! Masks if some watts To be ridiculous who not for them😁
  13. Dishual

    COMMUNITY EVENTS WORKSHOP PT.2 : Open discussion

    Mastah for the love of rts and the rewards 😁