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  1. I'm not going to convince you. The reality is that if you play more you'll see. Maybe the problem is that you ONLY play with Germany, that is, you use the easy mode of the game. Typical of mediocre players. But let's go with the comment that if you use the Hellcat to flank I've loved it, the airplane pilots... I think that if you had played a couple of times with another faction you would see it as I do. And how impossible it is to use both the Hellcat to flank and planes and much clearer. But of course, what's a German player going to say. If it were up to them that Russia and the US fight with softball guns and they fight with laser guns. Much better. So instead of winning 80% they win 100%.
  2. I call it a game for saying something. Perhaps it is only a game for the conformists who only play with Germany because they always win and have the best of everything. But for others who are looking for an alternative and have opted for Heroes & Generals we see that this is a complete challenge game after game. You have to play them to the limit with Russia or the USA. Among other things because THERE ARE MORE PLAYERS PER GAME. It is very easy to block them so that there is only the maximum number +1 of the opposing team I think that you DO NOT want to balance the game because this takes a long time, but that difference instead of decreasing is enlarged. Do you finally want to do something? -NERF the fuckin* Tiger or whatever the heavy tanks of Germany are called because that is the concept of OP taken to the maximum expression. Play as if ALL tanks in the game were light for him. The worst thing is that the Germans spawn 2-3 tanks and that has to be super-fun !! but the rest of us also want to play. -The NERF that you have made to the tank-fighters is brutal. The Hellcat was already very weak now it holds less than a loving baby tank or a truck. -Do something so that the Russians or the USA can fly. YES, because flying is difficult if there are on average 3 MORE planes than your side. -The focker is OP, once again a German vehicle has an advantage over the rest. It spins faster than anyone, it has better firepower than any I've tried / have. (all from usa). -Stop loving the USA with weapons with few bullets / magazine and put in more bullets or less reload time. (m1918, Johnson, Garand) Well, you add the new OP LMG from Russia with 60 or 100 rounds per magazine. -Something that is hardly said. Camouflage is VITAL. Once again camouflage for inaftería / recon is better for germany. You don't have to spend ANYTHING. They have the best natively, better than any in the US. It is darker and makes it difficult to see them. However once again the US has a reflective vest natively and you have to spend a lot, a lot to get something that reaches the height of the shoes to the camouflages of Germany. There is much more but I am satisfied if you do something of what I have told you. Did the NAZIS go to you? I do not understand the enormous affinity you have for that faction. Give it lasers guns , F22 Raptor, and better yet, match them 20v5 from another faction.
  3. Win the game, with EEUU? Play with EEUU is very unhealthy. You must kill at enemies while a tank is shooting you while you are running because the planes are shooting. The normal matchmaking is 15 of eeuu, 5-6 of these 15 noobs, 1-2 inatives vs 18-19 of germans, all loving player active..
  4. This happens to me when I play Germany. Against Russia it rarely happens. The point is: I go out with the sniper to a high point or good visibility. Unfortunately, Reto Moto has already made sure that there is hardly any visibility or that you are very visible to your opponents. Well, with the sniper I kill some players but after 2 or 3 minutes the player I have killed, comes to where I am and kills me. He usually kills me as a joke and sometimes he makes fun of me. What's the point of doing that? I've seen them run halfway across a map, even if it's running, through enemy deployment areas just to get to where I am or a friendly sniper... I mean, they go from playing and their purpose is to kill the player who killed them.
  5. Xyons

    Is Pershing worth the price?

    I hope so. I don't want to believe that on top of that Germany uses hacks having the game to their liking. Whether it's with planes or OP tanks, better weapons, more players per game. It's still absurd that a heavy tank has to run from this kind of anti-tank players.
  6. Xyons

    why do they want to screw us?

    The German players are in a comfortable situation. These are people who want nothing more than to have fun. They know that if they play with airplanes they will most likely outnumber their opponent, if they play with tanks they will also have superiority or most likely have infantry and/or rambos AT supporting their tanks. It's no fun for the others. It's even frustrating. Worse vehicles, tanks, planes... Luckily, the US has the best weapons, but most of them have huge deficiencies that can only be solved with a veteran's subscription. We must join forces and get players from Russia to America. If not, in a few months the matchmaking will be Germany vs. Germany and you will see how comfortable Germany is used to losing.
  7. Xyons

    Never Joining US faction again.. Probably

    We need players in America. If we all do that, the U.S. can even disappear. Justice in the game is long gone. Now Germany always has more players in play, more vehicles or more resources. We cannot abandon this faction. We need players.
  8. Xyons

    Is Pershing worth the price?

    Some destroy that tank in less than 20 seconds. I don't know how they do it.Maybe hacks
  9. I have some scary collected data. In 3 days I have been 21 games, all have been against Germany.In those 21 games I have lost 20. Some have been fleeting and last less than 4 minutes.What is the use of leaving your skin and making good scores? In those 21 games in 18 the Germans were more, in 4 games they were 6 more for more than 15 minutes. In one they became 8 more.In the rest they have been between 2-4 more. What the hell is going on?
  10. Xyons

    why do they want to screw us?

    Yes, I've tried the mg42... Well, from Germany I have all the weapons. I left the game for a few months and now when I come back from the US I find them with less rpm. From Germany I see the mg34 which is a marvel, I liked before now with even more rpm, the stg to say about it and the mg42 I liked when I was +1000rpm, now it is more docile but still has a beastly rpm and I see it more accurate. I think the problem of the guns would be over if all sides had them all.
  11. Xyons

    Game closing everytime I launch

    Sorry for the wait. Go to Nvidia Geforce Experience and select "creative" in the top right corner under drivers. There must be a problem with the compatibility of the new drivers and the game, maybe now it's solved. Now the ones I use are the 442.92
  12. One is already sick of playing against the Germans. Let them play alone, it cannot be that they are always more in infantry, that out of 10 games in 8 they have more superiority in vehicles, in one we are tied and in one we have more superiority. That's not a game, well, maybe it is but for Germany. loving disgust, it's frustrating to play against 4 planes when you're alone... or like the game I just played, 5 tanks against one. I repeat, that's not playing, that's inequality.
  13. Xyons

    Getting the Johnson?

    I'd tell you the only reason I'd consider trying the jonshon would be if you had a veteran's pass. If you have it, put it on reloading and beefy. Be patient and put in the hours. For me, it is by far the most difficult weapon to use because of its small and hampered sight, its reloading, its recoil and its poor accuracy at medium distances.
  14. Xyons

    M1 carbine RPM and other changes

    Now it's just as accurate as before and less effective up close. It's even more so I think it's spraying more.
  15. I've been in the game for over 600 hours, I have a slightly wide perspective on how the game is going but I really feel that the company that develops the game cares very little about the game and they want to make money. Most good players either quit or go to Germany to win. The few of us who stayed in the US at least had the guns, but not that anymore. The m1/m2 goes down like that without more than 200 bullets per minute. The Johnson, a gun that's a boat to use (for me the most in the game), gets more spray and is lowered by 40 rpm. To the m1919, the reason, maybe the only one that has not sent the game to hell, they put more spray, dispersion, and on top of that a reload that gives time to have a coffee while... I could go on... But if you add to this the fact that Germany now has weapons with more rpm like the stg44 or the mg34, better weapons like this 25-bullet rifle that has NO recoil, tanks that are destroyed with twice as many attacks as yours...well, it pisses you off. AND A LOT OF IT. But it doesn't end there. From 4-5 games I usually play a day, in 3 minimum we are below in number, right now a game 18 vs 12, so for 15 minutes. But that's the usual.