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  1. dat.duck

    New player experience in HnG

    well rather than changing the UI so much i would put whoever is on UI work to build a encyclopedia that explains that. also it does say when you look at a ribbon that you can boost it.
  2. Well that is because it takes a bit of time to switch priorities, because Hades can't just go and say the community wants this let's drop what we are working on.
  3. dat.duck

    Eagle Eyes Binoculars Badge

    Still a good idea noted
  4. dat.duck

    New player experience in HnG

    Here are the examples of the Tannenberg UI You can delve further but I think it is pretty clean an similar to the original h&g UI if I'm not mistaken?
  5. dat.duck

    Combat Badges

    Agreed will note it down.
  6. dat.duck

    i tried SU again

    I would if I had more free time maybe but war wise I'm a GE player really. But I still want this game to be balanced and if early SU gameplay is as bad as it was for me today then it is no suprise why players don't stick around. GE has pretty good grind Imo since the mp34 is very competitive and the mp40 is probably better than the stg in encounters. And SU Vs GE is mostly balanced weapon wise. Just the ppd is bad, the ppsh is meh, the Avs needs a very situationally aware player. So for SU the lineups are good but less forgiving. And in CQC high tier US equipment is king. You have to outplay them, out aim, which is very possible but in cqc I think the US is at an Advantage
  7. dat.duck

    New player experience in HnG

    I read through this and can agree on some points. But I think I may make my own thread once I have figured out all the issues. In regard to the UI I have made some posts. Tannenberg is getting a very very clean UI and hud in a style H&G should emulate imo. And if the UI guy needs work an in game wiki /encyclopedia is probably not a bad idea. In regards to grinding. Boosters obviously help alot so we should give new players a way to earn those (battle trophies, tasks?) And I'm close to grinding a new AVS toon in I would say about 12hrs of infantry gameplay total. Granted a new player may not have the credits that quick or get there that quick. But weapon progression is quite good in my experience. (Except bolt actions I don't know why they are not default 2hk)
  8. I think a withdraw function is the best option while I hope to get away from AR eventually. The RTS works fine with long AR periods the 6hrs we have now and the only reason isolated encirclement a are so common is A: a restarted retreat function B: the lack of an ability to withdraw. My best suggestion is for you clan players is to give this type of feedback in your support tickets if you loose at's due to bugged battles etc where a withdraw function would have saved them.
  9. dat.duck

    i tried SU again

    @OddBall06 I actually did the same, for bored playing ge after I got my FRG pzb Guy done and went to grind an avs and my main Issue was playing against the US on krepost. I don't know exactly why but the Soviets loose alot of matches. Around 75% of the ones I played. (I live in Berlin played from about 14:00 to 20:00 with breaks to cook and do other stuff. I don't play 6 hrs a day. Granted some matches the Germans pulled out alot of mp40s and then it's a real issue, stgs were much rarer in my experience. But the faction that was hardest to play against so far was the US. Against GE it was mostly even but against US the encounters I played were mainly losses. Maybe just because m1919s and carbines are at least as common as stg and much better for encounters I don't know this is the experience of only one day. I really want to see if Hades can ask staff for a win loss delta of the Soviets in staged because it's not OK ATM and if they really do loose a significant amount of battles I would further push for buffs primarily for the ppd, ppsh, and dp28 of which I already have a few in mind. From my longstanding playtime as GE the t-20 is really effective enough as a vehicle if you want it for mg control. I think the vehicle progression is just slow but primarily the map design. With good map design we shouldn't need vehicles.
  10. I don't exactly know wether flares would be practical because the game A. Doesn't provide the gameplay to require flares B. Flares are intensive, unfortunately this game is old, and small and badly optimized. The primary uses of flares I can think of are for Illumination of targets. Signaling of an attack on a defensive line (hey we are getting attacked help) And marking targets for bombers or air strikes. Only the last option of marking for air strikes would make sense in game since we have objective markers to mark attacks. I can include it but I don't know if this will ever come to be developed further than an idea.
  11. dat.duck

    Feedback for Dat.Duck

    that's why I included the caveat that you get points when the enemy captures a point as well, maybe on the assumption that you tried to defend it. Then both teams regardless of how well they are doing would always have the same points. also a good Idea, I just think that it could be abused on some maps, imagine a tanker on a capture point HE spamming while he is defended by infantry, that would be an attackers nightmare, and they would have the added benefit of spawning better stuff quicker. A Map design Issue if I am being honest but still a valid one.
  12. dat.duck

    Feedback for Dat.Duck

    I think i've looked over it before but yeah I would like more support classes. They are right about MM though which makes me think that only being able to join a match as a rifleman may be good. An Idea that just came to mind is that Specialists should be deployed using Captures. so you have a currency, captures that goes up by one tick if you capture a point, or the enemies capture a point. (to keep it somewhat ballanced between teams) These Capture Point Credits can then be used to spawn in specialists. This would make them rarer I believe and the prices could be tweaked. Support Infantry costs 1 Capture Point Credit. Tanks cost 2, planes cost 3. this would automatically make the game more capture point oriented. You could obviously switch it around with Time spent defending or time spent attacking etc etc.
  13. dat.duck

    Feedback for Dat.Duck

    I don't think that is possible because of dynamite lover but I agree
  14. dat.duck

    Feedback for Dat.Duck

    no I understand that by extending that train of thought you might as well say that all tanks are rarer than infantry and should take a minimum of two people to kill which would be fine if tanks were limited I guess. Even so I still think reducing explosives to a scaling like med kits is better, for one eq you can get one grenade for 2 eq you can get a bundle of 3. and then vastly increase the significance of one grenade or h3 or but i don't like the 2eq 4 nades story atm that just leads to spamm.
  15. dat.duck

    Feedback for Dat.Duck

    well you only have H3's etc a stack so that would really require badges that non veteran players usualy put into heavy set. Personally I would rather have AT that takes fairly long to deploy but does alot of damage and reduce the stack size by alot. also for grenades it would be good if the default is two, imo