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  1. there are really a lot of confusing aspects about the entire Update and it's Ironic because the Germans probably have some of the worst Armor layouts of their tanks in the entire war. This isn't so significant when they have what I would consider to be some of the best armaments, the factions that really get hit hard are the ones that rely on sloped armour for their tanks to be effective which is pretty much the entire soviet and American lineup, It can make a flanking tank like a Luchs (pz2L) extremely dangerous. I don't know if anyone really wholly understands what armor 2.0 is, should be, or will be. Even the should be isn't as simple as most think.
  2. I'm fairly certain that this simply comes down to the armor degradation which is very high at 50% imo, and since the panthers side armor is nothing special, just about 40mm anything that can penn 20mm of armour can theoretically kill a panther from the side. I'm not sure wheter a 30cal can really go through 20mm armour that seems fairly high but with a 50cal I suppose that is possible realistically.
  3. This is a super vague statement because a 20mm gun can definitely Penn a 45mm armour plate at 90° with luck even a Ptrd might, If said 45 mm is angled at 45 mm then it essentially becomes twice as effective and in that case a 20mm gun can not go through.
  4. ah you misunderstood me, but I did not explain myself well either. The matches are limited to around 20v20 players by the netcode so 30v 30 really isn't possible unfortunatley. My thought was that we would internally limit it to 15 germans and 5 italians or the other way around. the Idea of an Italian only being allowed to use Italian tickets is also good I just don't know how complicated that would be but it Is worth thinking about I don't think this would be a good basis since Italians need to fight on both fronts and germans as well in the beginning to an extent, and a dark German uniform simply won't work well in a desert, the same goes for vehicles and that is probably the biggest issue. There needs to be a system where the game recognizes the vehicle, where the battle is taking place and what skin it should spawn the vehicle in with. I think that will probably take alot more effort than it seems from the beginning.
  5. Unfortunately I have no more news on that topic so I'm guessing they are still at it? @HobosAndGerbils I'm not sure on the specifics but the game is based very solidly on the Rts so it's not something that can just be thrown away. Regarding FPS changes they actually make in my point of view a large difference because it Dictates the length of matches the advantages of defenders over attackers etc. There are plenty of FPS changes that can make the lives of Rts players better. Regarding the balancing of specialists I don't think we will ever get past the No Specialists limits, and there have been other Ideas of simply only joining war matches as infantry etc. Making specialist only matches seems too difficult atm to be worth it which is unfortunate. The Way I understand it for war at least is that the Matchmaker is there to mainly fill the battles and you can assign different priorities for it, so the matchmaker could try and fill more encounters than battles, Players the queue on a town get higher priority than players with At's in the town etc etc and all of those changes obviously have an influence in how long it takes for a player to get a match etc.
  6. Maybe I worded it badly the point is that the devs have a choice of making "progress" so to say only in the Rts or for the entire game, and they are currently choosing to focus on the entire game where some improvements will also improve the war. Indirectly most of the new systems were intended to help war a lot. The concept with Armour 2.0 was to make lower tier tanks better in war so that newer players can help the team and to a degree I suppose this worked since I have seen enough players that consider the Panzer 4 and 3 to be better than the panther now, which is an entire topic of it's own. Most mods and Hades are very aware of what issues plague the war but they aren't that simple to solve either. With the matchmaker for instance, that currently heavily favors the underpopulated factions, but It is also fairly difficult to create a match maker where the Germans can get into the matches they want because that may mean that Germany with the larger Veteran player base goes on war win after war win, aside from the fact that none of these changes are guaranteed to succeed. We all know that the War fund economy in the game is sub par at best retreat functions as well, or the issues with paratroopers. Reto could try and go about fixing those issues but wehter that would actually make the game that much better is questionable. On the other hand more content for the entire game is a safer gamble at the moment.
  7. Well here is my thoughts to it all for now, I haven't read through everything but enough to get the Gist. Plans like these are really at least a few years in the future because there is so much to do, Currently Reto is still simply working on the eastern front because at the moment we only have eastern skirmish maps. Which is really a shame because the eastern front was very unique and the way battles play out there of course is very different. Second, to merging in factions I don't think it makes sense to join the Soviets and the US for now simply because they actually already have the faction size to somewhat hold a front and it is a good checks and balances in a more Ideal scenario, If axis nations focus too much on one side then the other will slowly overtake them. The next two factions that really do make sense in my eyes are the British and the Italians. Both have some challenges in their lineups but once they grow to a adequate size then they can battle in the Mediterranean and Northern africa. Before both nations gro to an adequate size they should simply be put in the same matches as the US and Germany. So an Italian soldier can level in a German match and a British or Commonwealth Soldier in a US match. Since we have the bot match getting good equipment shouldn't take that much time anyways. Though with all that Said the biggest question is how you do borders, for Commonwealth/US it's quite simple since the US can spawn in north Africa and the Commonwealth can spawn in Great Britain and possibly Cairo. For Italy it's more complicated can they freely move in Axis territory or not, once Italy has a certain size are matches single Nation so Italy vs US or Italy vs Commonwealth, or is it Italy + Germany vs US plus Commonwealth. And what is the Ratio 50/50 or 25/75. Sure it might be cool to have some Italian Infantry supported by a German Panzer detachment or Italian Recon/ armoured car detachments aiding German Infantry. The Closing Issue is still uniforms. In at least the African and Mediterranean Theater how will the game decide when to use which Uniforms, and will we have two or even three Uniform tabs? (Tropic, Winter, Europe) these systems would take quite some time and it probably only makes sense to release Britain and Italy together so they can grow at a similar speed.
  8. Well this again has to do with war population, only around 10% of players play war so alt accounts only affect 10% of players, not all battles are clan/alt battles either. That is why it will be lower in priority, it's unfortunate but that is just the way it is for now. Well war is simply not focused, like you well know all the issues are amplified in war and many people don't play war at the moment. Currently Reto would rather work on the game as a whole rather than focusing on war since plainly the profits you get from war will not be as high as from staged players who might grab gold for a sale etc. I don't have any numbers or concrete info but Until reto has the space to polish over War it doesn't make sense to put too many hours in it.
  9. dat.duck


    I mean for all I know it might have also just been out of interest, see what the players do if you hang that kind of carrot in front. In the end most people don't have the time which is fair and it wasn't really a competition Non EU/RU players could take part in but it's free stuff regardless. I know that they want to do something similar to this again so I'm curious what they have planned for that.
  10. Well I tabbed through war battles on the soviet german side and there was 5 active full battles so around 200 players at 9 in the morning for me (In Berlin) if the same holds true for the US German front then early in the morning there are about tops 400 to maybe 500 players in war. Which underlines that this game isn't doing too bad player wise. And it's fair to criticize Communication but as geschlittert said there is only so much Hades really can do with the time he has, while mediating Ideas to the HQ. In any case the game isn't going anywhere in the next 7 months and I doubt it will close down after the close of this year either. If the game was financially ok for a few years with a much larger staff it for sure will be doing fine now given similar activity.
  11. I don't know about sinking, and I can just comment on what I know to my knowledge. 1. Tickets are slower than they were yes but 4 months is absurd for most, 4 weeks is about average and there is prioritisation amongst tickets, some will take longer than others. 2. If the game is quitting it's going to be a very slow chase and it isn't now, the game has been at this level playerwise for the last few years, and the localisations for Asia brought in significant players, with this game being as fractured as it is platform wise it's not a simple check steam charts to see how many play the game, On Average war represents 10% of the active player population that leaves the game with 20 000 unique players at a given moment in Europe. And lastly though the updates don't get tweaked enough which leads them to end up being bad the communication hasn't frozen or been decreasing, most mods and staff don't like directly interacting on the forums because it's inneficient and rarely constructive and takes too much time/effort to be very meaningful. Hades is handling things a bit differently than he used to on the moderator/ community management to development/ feedback level and this is a change that isn't observable to most players. Also with the Discord server being launched that has taken up alot of effort/time and it is also a better way of interacting with newer players. The forums won't ever be neglected, and we will always have a heavy focus, but the monopoly of feedback has been very clearly broken.
  12. Even if that button would exist it may take too long to get things rolling for it to really be worth it. The best thing I could think of is that community motivated changes are listed as such in changelings.
  13. I think that the first option may be possible, but the rest seem like they would require alot of effort especially regarding the thought that any time that Reto spends on the forums is time they spend not working. And if they read the forums in their free time well, that's essentially working after hours unpaid, and most people wouldn't do that so readily. Mainly that is the reason moderators exist, we read alot of stuff during the day or so and then we summarize it each month and the give it to Hades and then Hades gives it to Reto and the Reto looks how it can fit into the work flow, that already takes quite a bit of effort to organize and you loose alot of detail at each step. Sometimes Hades can come back and ask for feedback on a certain Idea, and he does quite regularly and then we can bring in pros and cons, but it actually takes quite some time from deciding on an issue till when it gets worked on till when it is released since most issues require cooperation of multiple areas of game development and both have to be free to do so with nothing more important for either. A but wordy but I hope this makes sense.
  14. No maybe you misunderstood, I think that a reason reto chose the mg13 over the zb26 is because the British used the Bren, the Bren is a licensed copy of the zb26, and the Bren was more prevalent for the British than the zb26 was for the Germans
  15. It would perform much worse than the BAR and Johnny it has a rpm of 500 which is low compared to what other weapons can acchieve. And no by this logic the Bren shouldn't be added now since it is reserved for the Commonwealth. The game tries to sell a experience/feeling not realism, sticking somewhat closer to realism may sure be helpful alot of the time, but in this case it makes the nation's currently more distinct, while also offering in gameplay standards a more competitive option, or one that more can be done with. Hopefully we will have weapons like the zb26 and then you can use those but that may be a part of a separate faction or whatever.