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  1. [FUBAR] Is looking for players

    Is Gs Mom there
  2. Returning player lookin for clan.

    Owns its Hdawg here, you can find all of us on the above mentioned Axis Federation TS.
  3. Friends anthology: does this grill like me?

    Invade Poland and present her with Danzig as a gift, works every time
  4. I prefer the term spawn control
  5. AdrianVictus twitch channel

    Me 262 stream soon.tm
  6. STG Mods --- I know there are several threads like this ---

    Trigger and scope nuff said
  7. Soviets play and they play good?

    NA timezone dead nuff said
  8. Operation Wiesel

    IM a god damnd gentleman and a scholar
  9. Operation Wiesel

    Sounds just like something an infiltrator would say
  10. I keep seeing STG Lazer guns!

  11. How to squat like Soviet

    HERE is the joke and here is your head
  12. How to squat like Soviet

    In his discord he marketed it as him "destroying those ORCAM cheaters"