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  1. We are not most hated faction any longer

    right on dog brother
  2. We are not most hated faction any longer

    Clans at the top tend to have more noobs playing though.... like you
  3. Old Mountain town

  4. Looking for a clan

    you asked me to help you out wiith recruits remember
  5. We are not most hated faction any longer

    btw why do you think we are le trolls when ORCAM is pretty much the best NA clan out there?
  6. Should badges have negative effects?

    Meh AVS is actually pretty decent even without fast reload.
  7. PTRD's making comeback?

    If they make it modular then im perfectly fine with it. The problem is you can hit a plane on its landing gear and knock it out of the air. Same goes with the rear view mirrors on a jeep
  8. Looking for a clan

    @patton97 is with DB, a solid group of NA players looking for new recruits
  9. Rome

    tfw all of the balkans were soft capped and the few battles SU fought they lost horrendously
  10. Medium Fighter Ratings

    It's a new level of fencepost take note bois this is the future
  11. Devil's Brigade Recruiting!

    Recommend this clan for any US vets or new players looking for organization and good teamwork +1