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  1. Should the STG be buffed?

    Pleb german that cant use best german gun is pleb
  2. Best HnG Players?

    macros dont count
  3. Overly Rude Cupcakes Antagonizing Monkeys

    No1 cares..... except maybe @flakpanzer
  4. Taking Staged Warrior To The Next Level

    i vote no to summoning for a vote
  5. GaiusBaltar won the game

    Sekrit makros in hends of bulsheviks cnfrmd
  6. what's the best tank clan for U.S?

    That actually sounds pretty dope. I never play anymore but I would consider coming back to take part in this!
  7. GaiusBaltar won the game

    Look whether or not you voted for him he is still your president. I wanted bernie too
  8. [FUBAR] Is looking for players

    Is Gs Mom there
  9. Returning player lookin for clan.

    Owns its Hdawg here, you can find all of us on the above mentioned Axis Federation TS.
  10. Friends anthology: does this grill like me?

    Invade Poland and present her with Danzig as a gift, works every time
  11. I prefer the term spawn control
  12. AdrianVictus twitch channel

    Me 262 stream soon.tm