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  1. themackerel

    Please rework the Bloodscreen effect

    Made the same post about 2 years ago probably other before too, sad to see that it still needs adressing. Though you also shouldn't forget about other clutter that can get in the way of your vision such as the objective marker. https://imgur.com/a/W0oQmsO Example: The objective marker is completely blocking the balcony. Funny thing is in the picture there is actually a guy with a DP-28 standing there. There should be an option to make objective markers quite a bit higher on the point. And I shall say it again for if someone hasn't noticed: It has to be an option you can toggle, like you can currently toggle between a few like always off/on and hidden while looking. Because there probably are some people who like to be blinded by them. I don't know who, but for them it should just be an option.
  2. themackerel

    Next round of balancing (november)

    I play quite a bit with a BA rifle especially non scoped and if you truly want them to get a buff you need to reduce the amount of sway while moving. The moment you move even a little bit your sights go everywhere. With all other weapons this does not matter that much since you can get a second shot very fast, but with the BA rifles that shot is the most important since most of the time if you miss it you're dead. The amount of sway the BA rifles get while moving makes it very unrealiable unless standing completely still. When standing still the weapon is fine, it does not need those buffs even. With the BA rifles you want your bullets to go through the middle of the screen. These recoil buffs you want to make won't do anything worth noting. The sway while standing still is already not noticable, it is purely when you move. Right now SA rifles are almost dead accurate even while moving, the BA should be a more precise weapon for it to be worth it to even use it over the SA rifles. If you hop in a game with a BA and even press any movement button while standing you can see how much the gun moves around. SA rifles do not have this problem. Also the respawn timers are ridiculous since it needs to be modded if you even want it to be competative, since if your going unmodded there is no reason to not use a SA rifle. Though I heard you were going to tackle the respawn timers sometime already. Basically: The recoil and sway they currently have are good that does not need to be buffed, what does need to be buffed is the sway while moving. (honestly can't say it enough)
  3. themackerel

    Flamethrowers (09 SEP 2020)

    The flames are able to do damage while on the ground, though in the stream it seemed quite a bit buggy. For instance Hades tried to kill himself with the flames (which is possible, but no teamkill), but it seemed like it only worked while the fire was on a wall and not on the ground. From my understanding the intention is that the flames should do damage.
  4. themackerel

    Flamethrowers (09 SEP 2020)

    To add on for the differences for the factions: The US flamethrower seems has a small delay inbetween firing the weapon. The GE flamethrower has a small delay inbetween firing the weapon. The SU flamethrower has quite a bit of delay inbetween firing the weapon. The US flamethrower reloads all the charges at once. The GE and SU flamethrowers reloads 1 by 1. (Like the nagant revolver) These were the most obvious differences.
  5. themackerel

    Next round of weapon rebalancing

    Great to hear about the damage buff, but could you tell how this affects all the smgs? Before you said Though from my understanding of looking at the in-game damage profile the thompson does more damage than the m3-grease gun. Why would the m3-grease gun not 3 hit kill? And the PPD has a base damage of around 25 it looks like even if you would buff it with 30% as you said in another post it would be around 33 damage which still makes it a 4hit kill unmodded. Is there a possibility that all the smgs would be 3 hit kill unmodded? Perhaps if the PPSH will then overperform with its high rate of fire, you could make it a 4 hit kill. I believe the ttk will still be quite significant and the PPD will feel more like a sidegrade instead of a downgrade. This way you have a choice between a 3 hit kill slow firing smg and a 4 hit fast firing smg. The PPSH would then be more forgiving if you miss your shots.
  6. themackerel

    Next round of weapon rebalancing

    Please at least make sure the tier 1 smgs also become 3hk or you'll make them even more obsolete than they currently are. (They aren't exactly ''obsolete'' right now, but you gotta see that they are way more situational than the higher tiers, thus aren't used that much. The ppd though is probably actually obsolete right now.)
  7. themackerel

    Badge Evaluations

    I'd like to know that if these changes would be made, are the weapons that rely on them going to be changed as well? If so in the same update or months later?
  8. themackerel

    Big Wishlist for H&G

    This looks like a pretty promising rebalance, going in depth with everything. The only things i'd like to see different are about some of the badges. For instance combining the three thief badges is good, but they would also need a nerf in terms of their capture speed. A single badge that gives you the ability to steal every vehicle in the game in about 2 seconds is way too strong, seeing how important apc's are and how usefull stolen tanks can be. Also the first blood badge, if going with the balancing you propose could now also have a silver and gold variant. Lastly the free fall badge, rather than seeing paratroopers needing a badge to actualy drop i'd rather see that the current free fall badge is fully integrated within the paratrooper (so that you won't have to use a badge to choose whenever to deploy your parachute). But at the same time create a badge (or change the free fall badge) to give an increase in mobility while airborne. Equipping the badge would mean you can move more freely while free falling or while parachuting. This could also be done with a bronze, silver and gold badge.
  9. themackerel

    self loading rifles

    Problem is that players who play this game for the first time lack such information. Something that could easily be told in a tutorial or official starter guide that would pop up on screen the first time you play (this one seems like the cheapest option and could even written by Hades, but would give new players such a better overview of the game. Maybe even make some youtube video's explaining the game, but I digress.) I am however all for making the scout 2 an early unlock or make sure they all 2hk against no heavy set. New players and characters shouldn't have to fight with inferior weapons, it just gives away this ''pay to win'' mentality quite some people seem to have. Just make sure they have competitive weapons from the get go. Hell they basically are the meta weapon when modded correctly. Not so long ago they said they wan't new players having a better time, but they still lack the most crucial things for making the experience of a new player better.
  10. themackerel

    Titanium Bulletproof Aircraft

    The biggest problem is how different recon planes are versus the other planes. They are so slow and easy to hit you can easily kill them with AT-rifles, but that is a different topic. I'd change all the AA to the 37mm variant of all factions. Those in the tier 3 category. Right now the SU and US shred recon planes due to the bullet velocity and rof, but don't to that much against normal fighters. Also make give the AA damage multipliers against different aircraft. Giving recon planes 0.5 or something. And increase the speed of recon planes all together.
  11. themackerel

    self loading rifles

    Let me get this straight. You are saying the meta weapon of the game is irrelevant and uncompetetive? It's true that unmodded the semi auto class is pretty bad, but once you slap that scout 2 and full rpm on them you almost have the fastest ttk. (I think 2hk no heavy set m1919 beats it.) I give you that new players do have the short of the stick since they start with an unmodded rifle, but saying all semi auto rifles are irrelevant and uncompetitive? Don't make me laugh.
  12. themackerel

    Titanium Bulletproof Aircraft

    The problem with this idea is that - In war: Planes can be send in while the battle is active, thus if you put recon planes when the battle begins and 2 minutes into the match (when the AA already spawned) you put in heavy fighters. You than either have recon AA against heavy fighters or heavy AA against recon. In staged: Some battles have more than 1 type of plane resource. Which AA should be chosen? The strongest one, that has the ability to shred the weaker planes. Or the weakest one that can't even scratch the stronger planes. Not to mention Reto is going to implement ''dynamic staged matches'' which will make it have the same problem as war. Both problems are similar, only that the one in war can easily be abused by a player.
  13. themackerel

    Update 1.17.1 - Minor Release

    Well all weapons have a distinct sound so that they can be recogni- oh wait.....
  14. themackerel

    Kubelwagen - "New" Ambush DB Skin/Camo

    I thought the same thing about the Ambush DB when I saw it in the menu. It looks way better in-game though.
  15. themackerel

    Make MELEE 1hk

    Not only that, but the shovel should also not slow you down. The difference between them should be either a fast hitting knife with small range or a slow hitting shovel with ''long'' range. The sole reason I also equip a knife instead of a shovel is to not lose out on stamina.