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  1. Reto.Blitz

    Help test performance optimizations on prototype

    Are you referring to the normal (Live) game servers or the test on Prototype? You can help out by providing the log files described in the original post. You can also compare Live and Prototype servers by adding "render.show_fps_graph = 1" in your client.ini file in your install directory. Sincerely, Reto.Blitz
  2. Reto.Blitz

    cant load a battle at lvl 1 german infantry

    @wigglytoe97, what error pops up?
  3. Reto.Blitz

    Changelog 1.11 'Skirmish at Khutor'

    We're working on a hotfix for the startup problem. The issue seems specific to Windows 7 versions.
  4. Reto.Blitz

    BattlEye checking problem

    We're working on a hotfix. The issue seems specific to Windows 7 versions.
  5. Hi, We did a bunch of work on destructables (glass) earlier this year, which has been on hold due everywhere being busy. The way things are headed this will be released together with the new russian map We've fixed a number of long-standing issues and have made other things nicer as well. From my changelog: - Bullets now always penetrate destructables provided they do enough damage. E.g. bullets are never blocked by glass. - Bullets now always deal MaxArmorDamage to destructables, which makes the amount of shots for breakage deterministic. - Destructable debris are now pushed by shots and explosions. Limited to 4 shots and 4 explosions per 50 milliseconds. Big bombs look great. - Tweak rotation forces on debris to look better. This affects both the new russian map and the old maps. Reto.Redbjarne have been tweaking the hitpoints of every single piece glass in the game I'm really looking forward to feedback on this when it comes out. I spent a lot of time on it Regards, Reto.Blitz
  6. Reto.Blitz

    Fair Play– Update 1.10.2 is here

    BattlEye does the same checks every time you join a Battle. If you can enter a Battle there should be no problems with BattlEye. If you have some anti-virus program installed it could slow down the Battle startup. Being low on memory could also slow down startup. If you have further issues you should contact Support: Regards, Reto.Blitz
  7. Reto.Blitz

    Fair Play– Update 1.10.2 is here

    Hi, I made the BattlEye integration in Heroes & Generals. I understand that you can be concerned about a new middleware, so let's run the numbers and look at how much time BattlEye takes per frame on worst case average. Inside the game there are two places where we run BattlEye, which could block the execution of the game. There is a BattlEye update every frame and a BattlEye packet update about every second. The packet update is by far the most expensive, so let's just assume the worst case and pretend we have to process a packet every frame. We should also assume that the game runs poorly, so let's assume the game runs at 20 fps. Based on our in-game timers we measure the BattlEye packet update to take about 0.1 milliseconds on average, but let's assume the worst case and pretend it takes 0.5 milliseconds. We can now calculate how big a percentage the worst case BattlEye update is out of the whole frame. At 20 frames per second a single game frame lasts 1/20fps = 0.05s = 50 milliseconds. So the BattlEye packet update out of the whole frame is 0.5 milliseconds / 50 milliseconds = 0.01 = 1 percent. So the worst case average is that BattlEye takes 1 percent of the frame time, which is not a cause for concern. Regards, Reto.Blitz
  8. it seems to me that the problem is the untrained pilots and not getting points for kamikaze itself. Maybe some plane practice maps would help instead?