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  1. Georgian_Empire

    Oakleaf Panzerschreck with Green Pea or Oakleaf camo?

    Neither, get Field Grey 39 + Normandy camo for the Panzershrek
  2. Georgian_Empire

    Flamethrowers (09 SEP 2020)

    Everyone here gangsta until their FPS drops to -100
  3. Georgian_Empire

    State of the game

    MG42 goes brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
  4. Georgian_Empire

    Heavy set - Bolt Action Rifle Debatte

    It's not realistic for Reto because the only reason people use heavy set is to counter bush wankers,,,, no heavy set=less income for Reto
  5. Georgian_Empire

    Heavy set - Bolt Action Rifle Debatte

    Reto will never remove Heavy Set, it won't be smart for them to do so since players waste a lot of time and money on grinding the ribbon... (Hades said so himself). Which brings us to the following: Bolt action rifles are underused because of heavy set, it's simply almost useless unless you are an extremely good marksman (I'm talking about iron sights bolt action mostly). It's horrible, because this is a WW2 game and bolt actions are extremely important in a WW2 game, not in this game tho. I would like to see more iron sights bolts being used but why would players do that? It's a waste and before they get the 2nd round into the chamber they are already dead, because the player they tried to kill had heavy set.... This badge is quite problematic...
  6. Georgian_Empire

    1st Cav Division

    Who summoned me in here...? Hmmmmmm
  7. Georgian_Empire


    Imagine H&G servers in War mode with tanks+planes+flamethrowers all in the same match *insert very very big redbjarne face*
  8. Georgian_Empire

    Final new capital city vote

    Hades it's a bad idea don't do it. some clans have empty rooms and some clans have 50+ members... It wouldn't be fair at all might as well keep the Yes/No voting instead...
  9. Georgian_Empire

    Final new capital city vote

    As if the US vets didn't do anything and they are totally innocent? Yeah right.
  10. Georgian_Empire

    Final new capital city vote

    The RTS map really does need a rework, just throwing that into the air~
  11. Georgian_Empire

    Final new capital city vote

    I really do appreciate your effort to fix the RTS and asking the community for their opinion (voting wise), but the voting became too complicated for such a simple matter, all these Nos and Yes, next time make it simpler that way people won't be able to "cheat"? and everything will be much comfortable for everyone and I think for you as well since you have to take into account so much data in terms of voting, player identities (factions) etc... You won't have to deal with this kind of BS who voted what and why and who...
  12. Georgian_Empire

    Final new capital city vote

    I gonna need a translator for this one.... wat?
  13. Georgian_Empire

    Final new capital city vote

    Option 3 is the most interesting option of them all. Each faction will have a fresh and interactive campaign in RTS!