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  1. LtFalcon

    Veteran Explaination.

    I'll just clarify the math behind it in case there's still any confusion. The base earnings from the battle would have been 7300 credits, but the War battle bonus adds 25% (1825) on to that making the number shown on the battle report 9125. Veteran bonus does not stack with the War bonus, so instead of getting a 25% increase and then a second 25% increase on top of that value, you actually receive two 25% bonuses (1825 for War and an extra 1825 for Vet) of the base earnings from the battle, making the actual total 10950. In short: The veteran credit bonus only applies to your actual earnings from the battle (before any other adjustments), and in this instance the credit value which was shown on the battle report had already had a separate bonus applied to it.
  2. LtFalcon

    Ticket wait time

    Unfortunately the support department has been understaffed for some time which has resulted in quite a large build up of tickets without the manpower needed to get through them all. The good news is that additional help has now been brought in to get to resolving these tickets, but it will still take some time to clear the existing backlog. Tickets which have been waiting the longest will obviously be the first to be looked at so it will hopefully not be too long before they are able to get to yours, although you are likely to still be waiting a little bit longer.
  3. LtFalcon

    Profile backgrounds

    This is unfortunately not an option that is available to be changed by regular forum users (non-moderators/Reto staff members). If I remember correctly, the reasoning for this is because of all the additional data storage space that would be required in order to support custom full sized background images for a large number forum users, which would be unfeasible for the small benefit that it brings (or something to that effect).
  4. LtFalcon

    How has RETO changed history?

    This thread is, quite frankly, ridiculous. An opening like that is far from an appropriate way to start a constructive thread and wild accusations of Russophobia and fascism because you don't like the balancing of weapons in the game will not be tolerated. If you have problems with the way that certain weapons and vehicles are balanced that's perfectly fine and you're free to create a constructive thread about that, but making out your dislike for the weapon balance as some form of discrimination against a group of people is simply not acceptable. Closed.
  5. LtFalcon

    Same Team Player Griefing

    You can report players on your team for griefing by using the in game reporting function (clicking their name on the scoreboard and selecting the "report" option) or by submitting a player report ticket at Please note that you will have to first log in to the support site with your H&G account for the player reporting options to become available.
  6. There is no formal time frame for guides to be approved but they do get approved as/when a moderator gets around to checking over it and making sure it's okay to be posted, this may only take a couple of hours or it could potentially be days if no one checks it for whatever reason. You've created a very helpful and well written guide, which you've clearly put a lot of effort into, so I've gone ahead and approved it for you now.
  7. LtFalcon

    the location you are trying to play from has been blocked due the cheating

    Contact support about your issue. As discussing bans is not permitted on the forum the topic will be closed.
  8. LtFalcon

    Stop the cheating

    While I am a moderator and do work with members of Reto in many community facing aspects, I am not employed by Reto Moto and do not work for them. However, as a moderator I am one of the people who assists Reto to manage their forum, which is why I used the term "we". The fact of the matter is yes, there are certainly cheaters in the game, that much is near impossible to prevent and it would be ignorant to claim that they do not exist. They are, however, certainly not rampant in the game and are definitely not in every battle. It would be equally as ignorant to make the claim that cheaters do exist within every war battle that takes place. Simply dismissing anyone who says otherwise is not going to help you convince anyone of anything. At this point it's up to you whether you chose to believe me or not, but I have said all that needs to be said for now and can say nothing more to change your mind.
  9. LtFalcon

    Stop the cheating

    As we are managing a public forum here we have a certain level of responsibility to protect the users of this forum. More often than no, these "cheats" are either scams (attempting to steal personal information, money, etc.) or contain malicious software that can harm the user's computer or cause many other problems for them. When these videos are posted on the forum, some readers are naive enough to believe that they will actually work and will attempt to download them, when all that will actually happen is their account will be perma banned and/or they put themselves/their computer at risk. Now we can't stop people from searching for this on their own, but we can stop it happening on our forum. For the reasons stated above, it would be absolutely irresponsible for us to facilitate the sharing of these "cheats" and allow forum users to be put at risk when it is very easily preventable. No, I do not work for Reto and I am not a developer, but I am the person who will give you an answer. Sharing these videos does not present any useful facts and serves only to put people at risk. Reto is fully aware that cheats do exist and has never denied this. They have also constantly worked to effectively combat them, and any genuine cheats that you can find so easily on YouTube have almost certainly already been dealt with and are detectable by the anti-cheat system.
  10. LtFalcon

    Stop the cheating

    Reto has a zero tolerance policy for cheating, so anyone who is found to be cheating will always be permanently banned. If these people, whoever they may be, were not permanently banned, then they have not been found to be using cheats/hacks. Please do not post these on the forum as doing so only spreads them to more people. These "cheats" are often scams or contain malicious software, which is not something that we want to put forum users at risk of. Even if hose three "hacks" worked in the first place, they are detectable by the anti-cheat and any users of them have/will be permanently banned from he game.
  11. If you can find a public cheat this easily Reto are almost certainly already aware of it, but thanks anyway for your concern and taking the time to bring it to Reto's attention. Please also do not post these on the forum, as that only spreads them to more people (and these "hacks" are often scams or contain malware which is not something we want any of the more naive forum users to be put at risk of). If you do believe you have found one that Reto are not aware of (e.g. private cheat) please report it directly in a support ticket.
  12. LtFalcon


    The Terms of Service aka the rules of the game. Driving around in circles to farm ribbon XP while not actively taking part in the battle is a violation of these rules, and players who are found to be doing this risk their account being banned.
  13. LtFalcon

    About edit the localsettings.ini

    Editing the localsettings.ini file is allowed and will not result in you being banned.
  14. LtFalcon

    Farming XP is a reportable offense?

    If you're on an active capture point then you're obviously not AFK, so there is no issue here. Admittedly, that badge is not designed with tankers in mind, however, it is still possible to earn the badge by playing within the rules of the game and not risking a ban. In this sense AFK can be seen to have the same meaning as inactive. The player does not have to be physically away from their keyboard in order to be considered AFK. Taking a short break from the FPS game to move assault teams around is fine, but spending the entire battle not doing anything is considered as being AFK.
  15. LtFalcon

    Farming XP is a reportable offense?

    The official description is for this rule as stated in the Rules of Engagement is: "Stats-padding, a.k.a. farming, by means of exploiting actions that give you experience or rewards without actually participating in the action. You are expected to play as a team, and play to win the game!" This includes activities such as driving around in circles at the edge of the map, sitting on an ammo crate away from the action and continuously firing off a weapon at the ground, or repeatedly damaging then repairing a vehicle to earn XP. This is something that players can be banned for, depending on the severity of their actions. So spawcamping, for example, is not considered farming as it involves actively participating in the action and playing the game to win. As long as you are playing the game normally and not doing something to gain XP without actually contributing in some way to helping to win the battle you are not breaking this rule.