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  1. Raven-Reaper

    Repair cost

    I find it very hard not to make money and I'm pretty terrible, suggestions would be - Don't AP mine/nade/ or anti tank so much Use a gun thats not modded to the max with a crazy rpm Other than that I can't think how you can't make money, maybe mention what you are using and what you are playing tanker/pilot etc?
  2. Raven-Reaper

    Which faction is overpowered?

    I'm not biased I use all three factions Germany is my first and main faction.
  3. Raven-Reaper

    I am sick of "Squad" system

    Press Q when your squad leader
  4. Raven-Reaper

    I am sick of "Squad" system

    Honestly I have issues with this game but squad is so far down the list its not even an issue, possibly due to playing inf mostly
  5. Raven-Reaper

    Suicide Kills

    As a terrible pilot with zero skill and finding it impossible to get better due to being killed with ease as I attempt to learn to fly how else can I get kills and release frustration?
  6. Raven-Reaper

    Requirements for war victory XP

    I believe you have to be attached to a war which your faction wins, and have ATs attached to that character
  7. Raven-Reaper

    Town = Piece of Garbage (Broken)

    I would argue E line is worse...........
  8. Raven-Reaper

    i don't receive money

    You receive the money at the end of every match as part of your payment for that match
  9. Raven-Reaper

    Can you use multiple soldiers in game

    Only if your squad has the correct aux seats setup, you can always switch between difference infantry if you have joined as that but for tankers pilots etc your squad has to have them as available aux seats and they must be available resources on the map
  10. Raven-Reaper

    STEAM problem H&G

    I had exact same issue and fix was stand alone
  11. Raven-Reaper

    Pilot Training Map and Instructor Feature

    Definitely needed, I'm terrible at flying and every time I try to improve I get stomped
  12. Raven-Reaper

    third medal ?

    Why stop at 3 ?
  13. Raven-Reaper

    Recon Plane None left just for me

    You may be on the wrong line trying to use an aux seat?