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  1. HeilTimmeh

    Corner Compass

    There already is a compass... sort of. You can tell the direction you're facing by looking at your arrow on the map.
  2. To the balance of Infantry scopes vs recon: I dont know where some of you get the idea that infantry BA rifles can OHK, because they can't (unless for headshots, but all guns do that). Also, the 8x scopes actually have less sway, and better reticles than the 4x, meaning they are still worth getting the recon class for. To the topic in general: I think the main issue here is really that players have different ideas of what range they want combat to take place. I understand there are many players who come from games such as CS:GO, or CoD, who want the whole battle to be streamlined within a 50m area of the capture points, so everybody rushes in with smg's and iron sighted rifles, having fast paced close quarters shootouts. Now while close quarters is a necessary part of the battles (and probably the most important), in some scenarios battles are decided by which team can most effectively keep the enemy at a distance. This is where the players who come from more large scale open world shooters (usually the milsim type) thrive, because they enjoy the long range gun fights, that infantry scopes make possible. I for one, enjoy HnG over many other games, because it allows for battles to be fought effectively at ranges of 100-200m, and the specialised snipers, the Recon, have their dominance at ranges of 200-400m and beyond even. That is what I suspect the first type of players don't understand about Recon class, because for them, no battle ever takes place beyond 100m. In my opinion, (and I'm guessing this might be the reasons behind the pro-scope community), infantry scopes bridge the gap between iron sighted rifles, and long range (200m+) Recon rifles. The infantry can be specialised with a scope to fight at 100-200m (which to me is medium-long range), while being at a disadvantage at less than 50m (close range). OR the infantry can stick to iron sights on rifles, and be specialised to 50-100m (medium-close range). To the suggested fixes: I wouldnt mind: 1. More sway on rifles, as long as logically an 8x scope sways twice as much as a 4x scope. That said, all weapons should then have sway, even if it matters very little on close range weapons most of the time. Also the sway then needs to be balanced between weapons (which I suspect could cause much more drama in the future). 2. Sacrificing an extra equipment point for using a scope, although 2 would be too much. And... 3. I am very much for bringing back iron sight zoom.
  3. HeilTimmeh

    A.A. Gun's Damage

    Damage vs... Recon planes is good. Medium planes is slightly low, but acceptable. Heavy planes is far too low. Paratrooper planes is good.
  4. Badge issue. Better reticle + twice to four times the zoom + better camo = better sniper than infantry. Snipers will mostly miss their first shot, allowing you to determine the general direction and seek cover. If they dont, you will most likely see a kill cam, because from my experience only about 10-20% of snipers actually use camo badge. Then you take binocs and search for him from either a different position, or while an unaware teammate is in the open, distracting him. Then, when you locate him, you either: - Avoid his field of fire and move on - Go on a flanking manuever - Engage him with your own scoped rifle Now imagine only recons have scopes... Infantry will have no chance to defend themselves at range against the already superior sniper class. Then everyone who wants a scope will just play recon, putting more strain on the already limited resources. So to fix that, they will need to add more Recon spawns to staged matches, and more Recon ATs need to be deployed. Once that happens, it will be exactly the same as now, except that players will complain more about the Recon class camping too much. And once more, for emphasis: "People who complain about scopes, are either upset about the players who use them, or they do not know how to use them or fight against them correctly. "
  5. Correct. If every infantryman is a sniper, Recon are still at least twice as useful as infantry. If anything, that is a camoflage badge issue. If you are sitting in a bush with camoflauged badge, you could still be tracked down by observation with binoculars and killed just the same. So again, this is an issue of players not knowing how to deal with scoped enemies, rather than the scopes themselves.
  6. HeilTimmeh

    Para plane makes unnecessary stop

    I think the AI controlled pathfinding is doing okay (although it could still be slightly improved). I'm just suggesting removing that one first waypoint from their behaviour and letting them start their routine immediately upon spawning. Depending on the map, this can cut a whole extra minute of flight time before you finally get to the first drop.
  7. From what I gather most of these complaints about scopes are based one of the following arguments: A. Scoped infantry rifles cause more camping: 1. This is really a complaint against players not capturing/holding objectives and not against scopes. Removing scopes would be unfair to players who use scopes to be effective in combat while moving from one objective to the next over large open terrain, or to provide support for those who are moving through such terrain without scoped weapons. 2. Using scopes from far away is promoted by increased xp for hits from a longer distance. 3. Snipers can always switch to Recon class and you will have just as much camping going on, with the same selection of scopes in circulation. B. Scopes are unfair at long range against players who don't have scopes 1. Yes, this is the idea behind specialised weapons. If you have a close range weapon, dont fight at long ranges. 2. Nobody is preventing you from buying a scope to protect yourself. C. 4x scopes are unfair vs 3x or 2x scopes German faction scopes are specialised for long range, but for medium-close range a 2x will actually work better. D. Infantry scopes take away the point of Recon class 1. A 4x scoped BA rifle with 2hk damage is not half as effective at long range as a 1hk 8x BA rifle. 2. Recon class is not only for sniping. They have unique vehicles and more effective camoflauge. To summarise: People who complain about scopes, are either upset about the players who use them, or they do not know how to use them or fight against them correctly.
  8. HeilTimmeh

    More Anti Aircraft Guns

    Yes, more AA guns, positioned more intelligently. Im sure there is some military regulation about how to properly position such weapons. As in, maximise field of fire and ground cover, instead of placing it up against buildings and in ditches where it can only cover a small portion of the sky (facepalm).
  9. HeilTimmeh

    Air Defense Badge

    I was a little salty to Reto in my last reply, so heres a few reasons why a badge might be better than a flat out buff. 1. A badge can give a slightly over-powered buff, but restrict it only to dedicated AA users. This would make AA more effective for those who use it a lot, and keep pilots happy when there are no specialised AA soldiers around. 2. A badge will inspire players who use it on one of their soldiers to spend more time in the AA guns (because they already have a badge equipped when planes show up). 3. Due to point 2, the AA guns will more likely be manned by players who are experienced at shooting down planes, providing the rest of the team with better AA cover. Also, let me state that I am not against increasing AA guns damage all-together, but not too much, because in the right hands AA guns are already a threat to all but the experienced pilots, although this heavily depends on the map. That said, there are many ways the game could improve on AA gameplay... from positioning the AA guns more cleverly (and numerously) on most maps, to providing more xp for kills, or adding more types of AA guns per faction. I just thought a badge might be an interesting way to specialise soldiers.
  10. Seeing as there is a big debate on removing or keeping auto-resolve, I wanted to suggest some fixes that might keep both parties satisfied. All these settings are only applied to battles with the minimum required number of units to be "fun". (In other words, blocking a battle with a single guard unit should still be autoresolved as is.) For all other battles: 1. Set matchmaking to first fill those battles that are closer to being auto-resolved. 2. Increase the timer (maybe 24h or so) 3. Every time an AT is added to the battle, and the auto-resolve timer is below 1h, it gets reset to 1h 4. Battles that are stacked almost equally, where the auto-resolve victory is determined by just a few ATs, should not be auto-resolved. 5. Allow double queueing:
  11. When a paratrooper plane enters the map, it seems it has to stop at a random point in range of the map center, before going on its drop routine. Why not send the plane straight for the first drop point?
  12. I prefer the simpler icons, in the original post. Less confusing. That said, adding both of them and a game option to chose between them would be perfect. Maybe Reto will make their own set of 3 or 4 different icons in about 12 months work time.
  13. Just no. The game would suck so bad without scopes. Each faction has guns that are best used in a different way. Yes German faction has best infantry scopes, but other factions have better close quarters weapons. Without zoom, you cannot use the guns at the ranges which battles can currently take place in this game. Removing infantry scopes would just give Recon a crazy advantage. If you want to have nice little CQB only battles, you should stick to CoD.
  14. 1. Lack of maps 2. RTS game balance 3. RTS game balance 4. RTS game balance 5. Not enough in game guides for newbies