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  1. iAmTheModeratingCow

    PPD or PPSH? (DMG)

    If you wish to continue this conversation, please do so through PMs or in the Historical Chatter section. The QnA section is primarily for in-game questions and their appropriate responses; not for historical debates.
  2. iAmTheModeratingCow

    Wtf is wrong with the armor today ?

    Let's get back on topic please.
  3. iAmTheModeratingCow

    Hi I want to report a cheater

    Please report any player suspected of hacking / cheating to support at https://support.heroesandgenerals.com/ Publicly accusing specific players of cheating is not allowed on the forums.
  4. iAmTheModeratingCow

    Well done / WTF?

    Locked to prevent further flaming.
  5. iAmTheModeratingCow

    Balance war!

    Please stay on topic folks.
  6. iAmTheModeratingCow

    Banned profile

    Discussion of bans is not permitted on the forums. Please be patient when waiting for a reply from support. /locked
  7. iAmTheModeratingCow

    GG US

    Closed for being nonconstructive / flaming.
  8. iAmTheModeratingCow


    Please read Reto's Offical Statement About Cheaters to gain some insight. /locked
  9. iAmTheModeratingCow

    Cheater reporting

    The in-game report function does work... Per Reto's Statement about Cheaters and Scammers: /Locked
  10. iAmTheModeratingCow

    USA's neglected secret power - weaponized noobola.

    Encouraging trolling behavior. Topic locked.
  11. iAmTheModeratingCow

    Why is SU all of a sudden winning?

    Too much trolling, baiting, and flaming. Locked.
  12. iAmTheModeratingCow

    Fight SU again!

    Too much trolling, flaming, and baiting. Locked.
  13. iAmTheModeratingCow

    PPS best SMG in the game

    Bait thread. Locked.
  14. iAmTheModeratingCow

    Germany too OP the need nerf!!! Now,.

    Obvious troll thread is obvious. Locked.
  15. iAmTheModeratingCow

    Getting banned on every account i create!

    What Splixxen said. Thread locked.