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  1. TnT_Emeralds

    ☠The Last Battalion☠

  2. TnT_Emeralds

    ☠The Last Battalion☠

    Age: 22 Country: United States Reason For Joining: I'm seeking a clan with communication and teamwork. Time-Zone: EST Ingame UN: TnT_Emeralds Discord UN: Командир Коди#0001 Mic?: Yep Do you Have Assault Teams?: Yes If so how many and what are they: 8 infantry, working on more
  3. TnT_Emeralds

    REDRUM Recruitment

  4. TnT_Emeralds

    Still Germanys Best Pilot

  5. TnT_Emeralds

    Still Germanys Best Pilot

    P-38 is still the best https://gyazo.com/8ed89d113b2909f3bdede32f0dd3b331