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  1. Read the whole thread in proper context dude. I'm not trying to troll. I responded to a stupid quote with one of my own. Stop acting like you are a forum police or something. I have no ill will against you or your opinons. Your posts always seem so anger fuelled. Its not healthy dude. Its a video game...not life. Move on or adapt to the existing mechanics. Or just stick to tanking in PS or HLL. You do pretty good in those games. Do you really need the aggravation of H&G anymore?
  2. pegger

    Please Remove Headshots

    BOOM! Headshot! I think most of the remaining players know deep down that Reto doesn't know how to fix it. Therefore I suggest that players just carry on, ignore the glaring problems, and try to be happy to still have the game to play. Being angry about the mechanics of the game is pointless in my opinion.
  3. pegger

    Please Remove Headshots

    I want that so that people stop being so concerned about what part of their imaginary soldier got hit by an imaginary bullet when a mouse button is pressed. If you dig deep into the complaints stemming from computed headshots, you will probably just find a deposit of salt from players who think they are better than they are, and who feel they shouldn't be click-pew-pew killed by "randoms". The reality is that no matter what trajectory/cone/recoil mechanic is put in place, every player get exactly the same results, and these so hated "random headshots" will continue to happen...because well, that is the whole basis of random, isn't it? Thanks for your interest in my point of view. Nothing will ever end hax accusations. You are not new to the FPS genre are you?
  4. Seems like you are making irrelevant comments to make yourself seem relevant in an irrelevant forum about an irrelevant game. Sometimes a little salt makes things taste better...nom nom nom!
  5. Stop taking this game so seriously, and you will find yourself less angry about it all the time.
  6. pegger

    rts chat /help or /?

    Alt-f4 works everytime. Best rts command available imho.
  7. pegger

    Please Remove Headshots

    Remove the "headshot" notification and scoreboard stats, and carry on. Ignorance is bliss.
  8. pegger


    Get an anti tank rifle. Hide near AA gun until plane has its back to you. Put as many AA rounds into the back of the plane as possible. Get off the AA gun as the plane turns to engage you. Run for cover out of blast radius. As the plane fixates on the now empty AA gun, put as many anti tank rifle rounds into the plane. If he's not now dead, then he is at least sorely needing to land for repairs. Take the moment to repair the AA gun with your wrench, or blow up the AA gun to get a new one spawned, and make tracks for a new AA gun placement. Lather, rinse, repeat...
  9. pegger

    Please Remove Headshots

    Would one of you fools that is so mad about your elite skillz being negated by random pleb headshots, please explain to me how your elite skillz have not adapted to make use of this so called "lucky headshot BS" to beat the randoms at their own game? This community has its head so far up its a55, that it should be impossible to get headshots at all.
  10. Got frustrated with the game a few months ago. Took a nice break from gaming. Today, I updated to current game version and launched into a match. First match I get is 99.9% over. I didn't even have time to pick a soldier and spawn. Well played Reto...well played. At least I got 4 free gold out of it. @Reto.Hades Please pass along a message to the dev team (not that they listen to you anyway). I'll be back in a few months to see if you have figured out how to make a match-maker that doesn't regularly try sodomize the players.
  11. pegger

    Money back for captured weapons

    Reto has already told us, many moons ago, that there is no cheating in this game. You have to trust what they say...🤣
  12. pegger

    Leavers and Uneven Teams

    You know why players leave so often now? Because they are queuing as infantry to find a match with specialist resources. When no planes, tanks, or snipers, they simply quit the match and re-queue. There are obviously lots of specialists queuing for matches, but for some reason the MatchMaker refuses to prioritize those specialist queues into the specialist only maps. When Reto can get their shirt together and make queuing less painful, there will be a reduction in the amount of matches starting with large numbers of players abandoning before the timer counts down...
  13. pegger

    potentiel 30 vs 30

    I would like to see consistent 18 v 18 or 20 v 20. Lately it's nothing but 5v5, or 7v12, or 12 v 18....
  14. pegger


    I did a search of the forums for similar issues reported by other players. The most common solution was to "git gud", however I'll let the experts weigh in here and we'll see if there has been a better solution developed more recently. 🤞
  15. It's quite a discovery, and Reto, I hope you can see the simple math attached to this idea. Instead of letting matches start with 5v5 or 8v8, or 18v12...make every match start with 18v18!! It's so revolutionary! You could instantly reduce the queue times by a factor of anywhere between 1.5 to 3.6 by simply making the battles 18v18. Give it a try. Let me know if my theory works out.