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  1. Brother! My suggestion is that crosier ( the aim ) should be 100% accurate without aiming down the sight,it should fire exactly on the target even the target is rapidly moving right and left in other other words 100% hip fire accuracy with the help of crosier, and the crosier should not become vanished when a player try to aim the target who is rapidly changing his position. it ll help the players to rapidly fire on an enemy even they are moving or running. in fact when a player tries to aim on an enemy who is running zig zag towards him the corsair becomes vanished again and again so its almost impossible to fire on the target and this thing kills our confidence on our weapons that they can let us enjoy the battle by hitting the enemy, so if there is no accuracy or no aim ( like the crosier becomes vanished ) what kind of fight we ll enjoy? stg and every weapon except mp40 goes upwards and loose its accuracy when a burst is fired. the Accuracy should be 100% to let the player take advantage of firing on an enemy otherwise it is useless to fire or fight. i do nt understand your dancing queen, i just know the dancing scopes of H&G rifles who never let us aim properly and are very strange because those scopes behave in a way which has never been seen in any other award wining or good game.
  2. if u r answering to me ( as nothing is quoted ) i ld like to say that i did not read those posts which ve already been written , plz inform me that the devs ve promised to fix what?
  3. its just your own abnormal thoughts which has no concern with reality, and now about shame, i ve made more than 350 posts to turn this game into a good direction, if i am still insisting to resolve the problems like "network is trying to catch up" which is giving me a constant mental torture by disturbing me right in the mid of the game, it is quite normal and i am justified, and shame should be felt by the developers who have been asked to resolve the issues but they ve nt taken any proper action and shame should be felt by the non sense supporters of the developers like you who supports them illogically,and who never let them make the game better by providing them wrong feed back ( as reto depends on feed back and voting ) My current thread is a proof, i asked Reto to remove this permanent error " network is trying to catch up " which is extremely damaging the H&G fame and repo, and you started a propaganda against me, what does this prove? Developers should know that i am a bad tasted good for health medicine and you are sugar coated poison for them.
  4. Stop this never ending " network is trying to catch up" error which is just because of your worst server issues. you ve been destroying our games and joy since a long time, when ever i m enjoying the game your worst system starts showing this error, when ll you get some wisdom and learn about gaming? spend some money and hire professionals for your servers or u ll loose your players for ever and your name reto ll be considered as a symbol of bad development, then what ll you do with your passion of developing which is really very bad.
  5. tanks can be blown with two cheap mines, what the hell ve you made??? ve you ever thought about this? tank is there just to be destroyed, a soldier can destroy a tank with just two grenades, in this game tanks are just a sheep which can be killed by a common soldier very easily. make tanks powerful those should be destroyed by only tanks and at least 5 rounds of bazookaz.
  6. except mp 40 ( which has minimal damage all the guns of are not designed to provide a steady aim, bull shirt cone system is just a garbage and provide frustration to the players. proved a crosier by which a player can aim and fire 100% accurately like call of duty and other award wining games. remove this useless shirt from your game which does not allow us to aim properly. i do nt care about your appointed or non appointed senseless supporters i m just trying to open your eyes about the game.
  7. a player is stuck when standing near tree, he can not prone on different places on the roofs even he can prone on the same roof if he lay down in a vertical angle, senseless development.
  8. paratrooper planes keep flying uselessly here and there instead of flying over the capture points, reto wants the players to be shot thats why the plane fly near the points and then turn and keep flying instead of dropping paratroopers, what a reality huh. in which air force plane fly over the enemy area here and there even in the corners of the map to kill itself and the paratroopers, get some knowledge reto and show some sense in any respect in this game. just because of your useless dirty development players do not play as paratroopers very often and paratrooper games are not available almost all the time.
  9. Friendly fire should not be allowed in this game, even vehicle killing and killing with any sort of weapon should not be active this game, for example ANTI PERSONAL mines can not be used in the game in the doors because your own team mates become killed very often with it, and there is no quick and effective way to inform them about those grenades and many of them are engaged and can nt read your warning chat about grenades. when drop a bomb on the point where enemy is capturing your own team mate get killed who is hidden from your sight, because if you go so close to the target to check the no of your team mates and enemy in the point you can get killed by the tank. your own team mates kill you mistakenly very often when they are driving jeeps very fast on the hills to avoid enemy fire, so all of this is very disgusting. so stop this function. secondly if you are killed by your team ( even there is no fault of you ) the deaths are counted in the score, is there and place to hide and attack on the enemy to avoid jeeps? no the rocks and the roof tops are highly visible, so if a sniper use bushes he is very often killed by his own team. so stop adding team kills in the score as it is extremely unfair, why team's action is mentioned as our fault?
  10. no doubt, but ld you plz provide a percentage of all battles which you ve played for so long? i play this game for 40 to 70 hours regularly then i take rest and do finish my essential work and then again play it, i can surely say that long battles are rare, it depends on the situation ,only sometimes it happens, the battles are ended if one team capture and defend the points for few minutes, and battles start from the end very often, battles should be started from the beginning or their should be choice to choose a running battle or a battle from start. i waited 45 to 50 minutes for the battle to start. battle starts when it is about to be finished. i m asking reto to make this battle system better,he should reduce the launch time and provide the proper game timing.
  11. no brother i love russia as germany, but i ve mentioned what i ve been experiencing since last 15 days, there is very often cheating from russian side in last 15 days and i ve been providing proofs to reto by generating tickets including proofs and all the details against hackers.
  12. This is the genuine and effective way to talk, you seem a well mannered person, thx for reacting , bother pegger the matter is that on this thread some people become burning on flames because i say the right thing, my anger is very natural against them, many of the forum members say the right thing but few black sheeps ever react like a real bull shirt, because there is not any logic in their comments and they want to every complainer out of the forum, i do nt know they r appointed by reto to get the genuine people with genuine complaints out of this forum or they do nt want anybody to make thread like them in number or they are here to ruin RETO'S business by voting and quoting against the game's betterment. ah rubbish like a smelly garbage reaction and really shirt supporters
  13. why you are in a hell fire and burning on timber? look at the answer which i ve given to the person who's quotation is mentioned by you, if you are not enemy of reto thread system and this game you should ve some brain to learn about the facts. i ve provided proofs and if thread system is very active why you ve a great pain in your belly ?
  14. Forum is made to make threads, you mean that making a thread very often should be banned, in other words you do not want to let this forum very active? if you ve brain you should think that what kind of crazy reaction u ve shown. crazy man look at my posts, there is a huge difference in dates ( in my recent threads and my previous threads ) and i ve provided proofs about what i ve written in my thread, the problem has become very frequent and it is from russian side so i wrote what i ve experienced, Reto system is not based on children they can check it, why you and your supporters are on fire, this this thing indicates that you do nt want this thread alive -snip- did nt you read my thread? but i ve experienced hell amount of cheaters from russian side, i ve provided proofs.
  15. Ever Problematic H&G

    if you are not blind then you might've seen the 1st video which is about infantry, and recon has does what infantry can not in many cases and if infantry achieve the recon's target it needs several sacrifices of lives. in my case the both videos contains gold badges not only recon. useless thoughts of you HA! what does it mean?