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  1. alot more points to non vetren players, a player who kills a lot and participate in fight gets 2400 and expense is 2200,what kind of points r these? there should be a limit for making money.
  2. Get More Gold for Less Cash

  3. Gunner Badge

    there is mentioned in the details that USING OUR MAIN CANON can upgrade this badge, i need to know that if we put the no 2 missile (due to its damage ) in the 1st missile's place to let us not to change the primary missile again again when we spawn, then firing from the replaced missile (which is set to our primary missile now ) ll also upgrade this badge?
  4. Get More Gold for Less Cash

    Excellent Modification...thx
  5. i know very well about mods brother, tell me what is the benefit of hardly earned upgrades if we can not make good damage????????? thousands of credits or gold is used to upgrade weapons and ammo, but for what we are upgrading? to make the sway high and high? our restless efforts ( by playing this game for several hours to earn credits to upgrade weapons for good damage ) is always wasted because of this strange kind of development which never allows the players to hit the enemy in an effective way, lot of sway and even we put the burst into an enemy's body ( when we fire b4 an enemy fires on us ) he always easily kill us without making a head shot...i do nt know this is a cheat or worst game development byt whatever it is, it should be fixed by RETO MOTO. i can make its double or triple score if there is 100% accuracy provided in this game, like Rising Storm. i made best of all kills there. then enjoy yr bullets going here and there instead f hitting targets, its strange type of playing game.
  6. yea all the other games including several times award wining call of duty series , sniper elite series and many more are shirt and you are genius mind worst thoughts you ve. the more captures and kills the more points u ll get, its 100% true, many others gets the same i get, one more thing, do nt spawn in yr bike or vehicle, it ll reduce yr expense and increase the earning, try to make head shots ( i make a few sometimes ) it ll help also. when u kill infantry with a tank's m.g. there is very low cost and lot of earnings, try to obey orders of squad leader and make yr squad follow yrs, it ll increase yr rank and u ll get more credits per hour if u get a high rank.
  7. never seen this kind of accuracy in real ww2 weapons or in any game...just a shirt
  8. agreed..give him a warning too reto cuz he is telling u a truth
  9. 100 agreed..very true, reto has a mind which no developer owns
  10. lol good joke 1st of all ask others to stop making useless bla bla , if u ve eyes i ve just answered.
  11. what do u mean by ruski? what do u mean by green pea? and yea these crying babies took the russia in ww2 and russia needed usa and uk to take its respect back. world knows who is crying baby who needed two mamas to pick it her arms.
  12. sure why not...just keep capturing and killing enemies, try to fight for the points where enemy is attacking, kill for defending or capturing...this ll make the progress.
  13. GTX 1080 for H&G

    ok thx...plz tell me one more thing...if i like or i up-vote, which thing increases yr reputation here?
  14. GTX 1080 for H&G

    thx brother...1080 ti is much better than 1080?
  15. GTX 1080 for H&G

    i m going to upgrade my pc, can anybody tell me that ll GTX 1080 ll work fine with H&G or not.