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  1. abbaqa

    Capturing Apc

    is it so ??? but it was not the part of the game b4, even few days b4 someone captured my apc and i could not spawn in that, if you are sure that this feature has been added to this game then plz provide me the link of that announcement. thx
  2. if it is pretty common then reto should fix it as it is a worst thing of online gaming.
  3. abbaqa

    GTX 1080 for H&G

    not tiny requirements, it needs a good pc bro.
  4. abbaqa

    Capturing Apc

    but it kills the purpose of the apc, i was not able to launch in my own apc if i was killed, not even my team, so what is the purpose to pay credits for apc if it can not even launch me in the game? just because some player wants a bit xp by capturing it...its not can guard the apc if it is in danger like many players (99.9% )do in war battles, they do not capture apc because they know its importance. The owner of that apc plays the game too so he can move it to the safe place if necessary.
  5. abbaqa

    enable battleye gold

    Truth is always a truth, if you say that its a night in a day time it can not change the truth... if you ve not experienced cheats here it is another thing but do not think in this way that if you do not have this experience then other players and even RETO MOTO does not have an idea about the cheaters, battleye is the most expensive and world leading product, if RETO.MOTO has bought it for his game it proves that there are still several cheaters in this game, latency issues are other thing but there were teleport cheats in the game, ESP cheats are very common, but salute to mr.reto that he has a good system to resolve this problem, i think people who are against reto's decision about battleye are trolls for this game or they support cheating, what can be another reason of their pain which they are feeling for anti cheat supporters here ??? i do not understand any reason except this. its reto's business if he has launched anti cheat system and if anti cheat supporters have admired it why you are feeling a great problem? what is your concern with his this decision? and what is your concern with my happiness with his this decision?
  6. abbaqa

    enable battleye gold

    Do not think that you are the authority and most experienced player just because you could not examine hacks in H & G or oyu have played this game for 2000 hrs...i ve played this game about 3000 hrs and i ve noticed several cheaters in this game, there is no need to compare h & G with any other game that how many cheats they got, its strange that you are making opinions that other players just sit and do nothing except saying...nobody says without getting experience, its another thing that everybody has its own experience, and listen, if Reto admits and apply anything suggested by any player it is more than inventing a wheel , you better know that if you really ve played this game for so long that there are just few questions from 6 million players of this game which get opportunity to be answered by the reto, and if someone's mentioned thing is approved it is a wheel invention for this game...why not? game also needs wheels to run and good ideas specially admired and applied by a developer and owner of the game is admirable...Reto wants to wipe out all the cheats from this game and he is doing his best so whats wrong? and if someone gives him to do so then whats wrong? why are you tensed with his this decision ? or you ve a problem with me? because there is no prb with my idea and his workout...and what do u want me to read about reto? you said that i did not read that what he said? provide me link and tell me what he said? what r reto's own answers? i do not know what r they but he applied what i suggested months ago thats the thing...and listen..he has applied one more thing, i suggested on this forum to let the players put their guns in the bunker's window as it is normal for all the games, he has done this too, now if u ve problem with it i can not change your thoughts but i am happy with his these two decisions and yes good suggestions are the wheels of success if anybody can understand and act upon them as reto did, he is not a child or just a player who goes here and there to play games, he is a matured creative person who has a lot of experience in this field, so do not underestimate his decisions, and now about Time, which u ve asked for, anti cheat is a good thing, just like a medicine for a body, its strange if an person who is not a doctor says to the doctor ( like reto for his game as a developer ) that Y DID YOU GIVE A MEDICINE TO A PATIENT , LET THE TIME COME IT LL NOT WORK, you did the same...plz think b4 you say its not a healthy behavior.
  7. abbaqa

    enable battleye gold

    but BATTLEYE is there now if there is nothing in this game for hackers why reto has hired the most expensive and the best anti cheat system for this game? if i was wrong then why reto felt battleye's need for his game, he knows far better about the anti cheat needs for this more than anyone else brother, i suggested this battleye for this game on this forum and many people denies my suggestion but i was justified as reto felt the same for anti cheat tech for this game.
  8. abbaqa

    enable battleye gold

    YES you ve a good anti cheat system but there were hacks, i shot a full magazine on an enemy , he stood quietly untill my bullets were finished, then he raised his gun towards me and just killed me, right after that he left the game, people kills and there name does not appear in the killer list which is on the right uper corner of the game, this last hack is very common, i know it is rare but happens, now i m satisfied as mr.reto has taken a strict action against that type of hacking too, now players ll not think to apply cheats against cheats.....battleye is there now.
  9. alot more points to non vetren players, a player who kills a lot and participate in fight gets 2400 and expense is 2200,what kind of points r these? there should be a limit for making money.
  10. abbaqa

    Get More Gold for Less Cash

  11. abbaqa

    Gunner Badge

    there is mentioned in the details that USING OUR MAIN CANON can upgrade this badge, i need to know that if we put the no 2 missile (due to its damage ) in the 1st missile's place to let us not to change the primary missile again again when we spawn, then firing from the replaced missile (which is set to our primary missile now ) ll also upgrade this badge?
  12. abbaqa

    Get More Gold for Less Cash

    Excellent Modification...thx
  13. i know very well about mods brother, tell me what is the benefit of hardly earned upgrades if we can not make good damage????????? thousands of credits or gold is used to upgrade weapons and ammo, but for what we are upgrading? to make the sway high and high? our restless efforts ( by playing this game for several hours to earn credits to upgrade weapons for good damage ) is always wasted because of this strange kind of development which never allows the players to hit the enemy in an effective way, lot of sway and even we put the burst into an enemy's body ( when we fire b4 an enemy fires on us ) he always easily kill us without making a head shot...i do nt know this is a cheat or worst game development byt whatever it is, it should be fixed by RETO MOTO. i can make its double or triple score if there is 100% accuracy provided in this game, like Rising Storm. i made best of all kills there. then enjoy yr bullets going here and there instead f hitting targets, its strange type of playing game.
  14. yea all the other games including several times award wining call of duty series , sniper elite series and many more are shirt and you are genius mind worst thoughts you ve. the more captures and kills the more points u ll get, its 100% true, many others gets the same i get, one more thing, do nt spawn in yr bike or vehicle, it ll reduce yr expense and increase the earning, try to make head shots ( i make a few sometimes ) it ll help also. when u kill infantry with a tank's m.g. there is very low cost and lot of earnings, try to obey orders of squad leader and make yr squad follow yrs, it ll increase yr rank and u ll get more credits per hour if u get a high rank.
  15. never seen this kind of accuracy in real ww2 weapons or in any game...just a shirt