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  1. Mr.-Browning

    GE Faction is too strong

    *PTSD from pre Hallowes Update intensifies*
  2. Mr.-Browning

    Captured weapons (15 NOV 2019)

    ^ this. Even IF you had to grind to ribbon rank (insert Lvl) and cost a small fortune, all this would do is give players less incentive to play other factions as you would have the most ribbon experience & credits income on your main faction just like ATs in RTS.
  3. Mr.-Browning

    Captured weapons (15 NOV 2019)

    Were can you do this on the prototype server? I was just in there and did not see anything regarding captured weapons. If you are right, and Reto does do captured weapons than I'm out.
  4. Mr.-Browning

    New scopes T post + German #1 Bug?

    1. Ok good to know 2. I bought the T post for my SAs, on both factions (first 2 toons EVER, back in late 2016). Then not understanding how character inventory worked I bought BAs on them as well and got the German #1 when they went on sale. Ps. You don't need to be rude.
  5. Mr.-Browning

    New scopes T post + German #1 Bug?

    So I do not know if anyone has posted anything about this, but before the new update(1.16) I had bought both the T post and the german #1 scopes on both my main US & SU toons, but now I just have a single scope (infantry reticle) even though I bought both. Is this a bug or was this on purpose?
  6. Mr.-Browning

    Progresion Prototype server

    He be like: "You wat comrade?"
  7. Mr.-Browning

    AVS bayonet vs NRS knife

    AVS-36 bayonet has the best range of all melee weapons.
  8. Mr.-Browning

    Johnson Vs BAR?

    Try tap-firing the johnson in two round bursts using the light spring, sight and barrel of your chose, that is what I have been doing even before the nerf with ok-ish results.
  9. Mr.-Browning


    Oh the words that Old Man Smithers would be saying with how close you guys were flying at 1:00 to 1:25...... Good video, but even better flying my guy.
  10. Mr.-Browning

    M4A1 Loadout

    Fast reload if you are fairly aggressive + ads moist of the time, Pointer Quick Fire if you A+D strafe a lot. Other badges to consider are Heavy Set to stop OHK snipers and First Aid silver or gold as you can heal as fast as you can reload your gun. As for other stuff I would recommend grenades for clearing out hard to clear places like attics, wrench for vehicle support + melee, M2A3 AP mines if you HATE credits(at 781 credits a pop I don't recommend them but are fun to use on the prototype server) or H3s for AT if you have them as they are the best and cheapest AT grenades in game bar-none. It comes down to your toons playstyle and what you need him to do ie. CQC, A bit of everything, support.
  11. Mr.-Browning

    Notre Dame

    Then why are you here?.......🤔
  12. Mr.-Browning

    Notre Dame

    It is a very sad day for anyone who is sane, especially if you are a Christian, French or historian.
  13. Mr.-Browning

    PPSH-41 Advice

    cost of mods From what I know, precision affects both hip-fire & ADS. The barrel dosn't give that much for the additional cost ( +1m range for 1.76 creds & more recoil) As for the internals (springs), here is a summery of the two: Light bolt gives a bit more ROF, a hair bit less recoil & precision loss, at the cost of a hair bit of damage drop-off and more to maintain (3.39 credits per shot). light spring gives a bit less ROF, A hair bit more recoil & precision loss and is cheaper to maintain (2.14 credits per shot). So in summery if maintenance cost & DMG drop off is a thing for you then light spring; if not then light bolt. Misha is great for ADS within 15m (4 hit kill vs HSG), outside of that p-41 ammo is the way to go, but stock is ok as well. Ps. don't use leonov devil as its inferior to misha. Atway did a video about the combat badges; tight grip is a no go( 5:24 in video). Reds weapon CompTool (I think it is still good) weapon spreed-sheet by the devs
  14. Mr.-Browning

    Sneak Peek: M9A1 Bazooka

    Looks good so far. Guess its back to grinding AT again......
  15. Mr.-Browning

    New Krepost Encounter map test on prototype - round 3

    Where should i go to report bugs/crashes/random-reboots on the prototype server? As I am not able to play with random-reboots(can't even spawn).