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  1. Jøhnson

    Post your new soldier (faces) creations

    thats a bit very wrong 1) try find any proof of a female volkssturmmann. then you have one, against an entire arabian legion. (flakhelpers were usually luftwaffe iirc and never supposed to see actual combat) 2) can you not give reto crappy ideas? exactly. why do they think the uniforms in their current messed up state, webbing and uniforms in all, are less of a problem than muh representation? reto is a slow company, and their time could have been used much better than redoing their messy sprite system to add kanye west. dont really think there was any demand, and if there was it was overshadowed by real feature requests. imagine if instead they put that work into real historical gear customisation instead of making up camo patterns 1 shade darker than the default and what abomination snow camo came out as.
  2. Jøhnson

    Wehrmacht Kanye West???

    The "minority" option for German infantry (each nation seems to have the unshaven default, old man and some minority) looks like Kanye West
  3. Jøhnson

    Prototype test: weapon sway

    yes. On proto I got a German captured PPSh and I never believed it was so good, never having used a stock one - Can't wait to use my USSR one with full RoF modded PPSh for historical accuracy
  4. Jøhnson

    Anything going to be done about the dead weight?

    people will cry imbalance unless we get japan or italy or finland or something. there isn't really another major axis nation which you can add to hng with all the appropriate counterparts without being at least 50% captured or prototype, like WT's china, italy, japan, france, sweden and so on... sure, they may have good early war tanks or late war aircraft which are historically accurate to be mass-used but none of them have all the major power set of infantry with AT, all small arms types, aircraft types, tank types, infantry vehicles... too radical a change for reto to be able to work out, their thinking helmets are gonna implode even mapping it out
  5. Jøhnson

    Which Vehicles are you going to capture?

    Jeep, Shermans, Stuarts (Mostly M3/A1s), 42WLAs, M3 Halftracks, M3 Lees, trucks (I think the CCKW would apply, mostly Studebackers I belive) and other British vehicles were Lend-Leased to the USSR alongside food, some resources and of course bazookas which were famously loosely reverse-engineered by the Germans into the Schreck from being captured on the Eastern Front. The USSR supplied some resources to the US in "reverse-Lend-Lease" but no vehicles. I don't think other small arms were given. I will make every effort to kill you if you capture anything historically inaccurate. I am not good at the game and you will probably be fine but just know that.
  6. Jøhnson


    they do exist but you need to pay gold to see them they basically just discuss stuff for a minute then get some guy to make it look nice and add it in the space of an hour, then we get bots
  7. ..what do you mean here? Not expensive enough, captured bazooka/ampumolets needed (with repairs paid by gold 2% off, bless reto for sales)
  8. Jøhnson

    UPDATE 1.17 - Cold Front

    if the infantry do that, then the infantry has bazookas with 9 credits left
  9. Jøhnson

    UPDATE 1.17 - Cold Front

    Germans had greatcoats which were in field grey as were the uniforms - They also had some limited use of white parkas/"smocks", as well as grey helmet covers with a lot of improvised white sheet covers kept to the helmet with an elastic band. The Germans were the only ones who irl camouflaged their helmets to such an extent in WW2 except the USMC Pacific frogskin covers/nets, and of course some chalked/whitewashed their helmets. Perhaps watch the 1993 Stalingrad movie for ideas - Actual specialised snow camouflage was rare due to logistics and cost. I remember once I explained to someone on Discord why they couldn't find a white 1943 cap, greatcoat, trousers and boots in some game which had 50,000 rushed and inaccurate variations of German uniforms... including white dyed wool. Finland had some nice snow suits which were somewhat copied by other European countries though on the Eastern Front. The US and USSR also had greatcoats, headscarves ("Toques"), gloves, whatever you may expect; I'm not sure about the US, but the USSR also made limited use of snow camouflage, and of course they had their Ushanka fur caps. Headscarves and gloves appearing on all characters during winter sessions would I'm sure be a welcome addition. To my knowledge vehicles of all nations would be chalked/whitewashed - Snow camouflage, *as long as there's a way to make it only apply on snow maps*, is a great idea, and I dunno why RETO would force us to use summer/autumn camouflages in winter except laziness. Snow was invented in 1932, way before the war started, it's not gone completely to the CoD WW2 level of inaccuracy. About the snowballs, nobody really uses them, it's just fun and it's Christmas in an arcade-style game. jus alow it mang As for accuracy, they added more plane skins which seem to be good enough as well as new jeep models. Go bash RETO on other stuff, except gold-only sales this update didn't really do anything terrible enough to complain about.
  10. Jøhnson

    CHANGELOG 1.17 - Cold Front

    guys who bought splitter mountain years ago: M y t i m e h a s c o m e.
  11. Jøhnson

    CHANGELOG 1.17 - Cold Front

    ..how snowball pls?
  12. Jøhnson

    Update 1.16.2 - Captured Weapons and More!

    oh hey poopdrip it's johnson whose character called johnson you killed with a gun called johnson
  13. Jøhnson

    Update 1.16.2 - Captured Weapons and More!

    They're working on it I heard, and the costs are just because a bot doesn't have full erbsen and an MG13 and 10 centuries of experience - Bots can't sprint, crouch, prone, think, use T1 weapons or communicate so a lower reward is justified. Just be more efficient with your fully modded MG42 which you bring to staged. They're trying to make less snipers
  14. Jøhnson

    Update 1.16.2 - Captured Weapons and More!

  15. Jøhnson

    Update 1.16.2 - Captured Weapons and More!

    Their aim isn't absolutely flawless, either shoot back or get out, I never got suppressed by a bot for more than a couple of seconds. Teamkilling them is a reduced cost of 5xp - Can you not afford 5xp, or just drive around them? I find that beeping at them seems to make them move, maybe this is a placebo but... Walking into them seems to work, unless they're trying to kill someone I've never had an AI in my way for over one second. Don't AP mines cost like 1000(C)? Why in RETO's name are you using them?! true I've seen then wander through walls in the middle of mid-range engagements and then jump me when I walk away confused They aren't full on players - Maybe extra XP could be reasonable, yeah, and a couple of XP for mobile deployments. But that isn't an active downside to the experience.