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  1. bloodremar

    kingtiger cannon/barrel damage

    Dude why do you bother tank combat is RIP long time ago. Its German Bias game let the GE fanboys have fun driving their cats and expensive winter cammo so they can play staged matches
  2. bloodremar

    flamethrower is a terrible weapon and could use a buff

    Can you upgrade the models and put a fuel tank on the back of the soldier ?
  3. bloodremar

    Pistol gap fix for US and SU:

    There is only one true US tier 3 pistol: High Standard HDM Will be a nice combination with United Defense M42: So I can finally play real OSS agent.
  4. Please Reto turn recon squads to ground attack squads: Lets face it Recon Planes are joke they are waste of resource and time. They are the worst Squad... So lets rework them and turn them into Ground attack Squads and add 3 new planes. Junkers Ju 87: Ilyushin Il-2: SBD Dauntless A-24 Banshee: and while we are on the topic of planes add to US P 39 Airacobra: All this planes will be nice addition to the game. And for the people that gonna cry why US gets new Fighter Plane its simple US has one less tank, the worst recon vehicles the worst tier 1 ,2 Fighters ... and no Figther with autocannon while GE and SU has autocannons. I don't know why US needs to be punished. This will fix the Air Force and make US more appealing faction.
  5. bloodremar

    Meth is dangerous

    Not as Dangerous as Canadians: After losing half of my company ,we rushed them and they had the nerve to throw up their hands and cry,"Kamerad". All the ''Kamerad'' they got was a foot of cold steel...while I blew their brains out with my revolver... R.C. Germain The Real Chad.
  6. bloodremar

    Faction balancing

    The problem starts with Faction concept GE has its best toys while US has less equipment and vehicles. SU is a bit better now but reto can add special para weapon to make them even better. There is also UK missing.
  7. bloodremar

    SU and US - How's the game experience for you?

    Don't give him false hopes there is no staged to learn German players treat staged like war mode since all the cat lovers play staged just enter a staged match and half the German Team is King Tigers with anti tank grenades' I have no Idea how this people even make money .... I hope reto make anti tank grenades' even more expensive and King Tigers so this wehraboos will have to find themselves a real job not live on there mothers paycheck and actually support reto with cash so they can play their expensive stuff
  8. bloodremar

    SU and US - How's the game experience for you?

    Really useless you can land on roofs and snipe people how useless is this ? If you know how to mode it its amazing weapon. Well because of the stupid ribbon I had to farm my for a long time the M36 Yes. The Hellcat is a joke 2 hits from heavy tank if you go in a fight with a Panther you will lose even Panzer IV can take you down if you don't ambush it.The Hellcat is good tank against Tier 1 Heavy tanks and Medium tanks ,but T 34-85 or Panther can easily destroy you. The Hellcat is not what used to be... US heavy tanks are Joke Pershing is glass cannon. The Jumbo is OK for Tier 1 heavy tank. Have you tried Thompson ? If you think MP40 is bad try Thompson.... Wish US had United Defense M42. USSR got only their SMGs their LMGs are underpowered compared to GE or US. Its a good weapon but its not best. Just go in ranged fight against STG and you will know its not best. In close range same thing PPSh 41 is better its like a blaster. If you are new buy PPSh 41 and just capture points and the Christmas skin is amazing. Weapons have Tier those that say Gold are the best weapons. m1m2 was much better in the past. Now its also a good weapon. GE has many good weapons all their LMGs are amazing the STG is amazing. The problem with GE is that they don't have capture weapons. But you can use MG 42 or Flamethrowers to capture points or the MP40. You have options. But STG is main weapon its really good in every situation simply in close combat SU has the advantage. But there is captured weapons you can always buy PPSh 41 . Simply I hate captured weapons so I simply use my flamethrower guy to clear buildings.
  9. bloodremar

    SU and US - How's the game experience for you?

    Reto balanced the infantry almost. They need to add 2 new SMGs to GE and US and Pistols to SU and US. And the infantry will be balanced. On the Special classes there is 0 balance in favor of GE... When you look at the classes: Germany has the best paratrooper weapon FG 42 is the best para weapon in the game thanks to its scope. SU has no special para weapons'. US is OK. Germany has the best Recon. Puma is the best recon vehicle in the game and semi automatic rifles can equip x 4.0 scope. SU is close but US is just a joke... Germany has the best tanks yes their light tanks suck but their Medium and Heavy tanks are best. King Tiger is the most played tank. All the staged cat lovers play it in staged all day long stomping on lower tier vehicles. King Tiger is the best tank at the moment. The Hellcat is a joke against heavy tanks. The only place where Germany doesn't have the advantage is in the air. The German fighters are amazing and really good. BF is much better then the Warhawk, P 51 is the best air to air plane but its really close in performance to the Focke-Wulf. If you compare it to Pershing vs King Tiger there is no comparison. King Tiger is much much better then the Pershing. The P 51 is just slightly better then the Focke-Wulf but has no Air to Ground capabilities no autocannon. LA-7 is close in performance to Focke-Wulf. Will be nice if US can receive Airacobra to balance the special classes a bit. In the Heavy Fighter category US has the advantage and SU has the worst plane. Overall Germany has the best special classes. Even the pilot class where GE was supposed to have their weakness there is no weakness to be found. The Game is really in German Favor hope SU can receive a specials para weapon. At this moment play GE is the best faction if you don't like GE play SU. US at the moment is the worst faction for special classes. If you play Infantry the game is much more balanced. SU has the best SMG's and if you are a new player pick SU and get SMG its really cheap and easy to unlock. IF you wanna play US best option is to buy LMG ribbon up to rank 5 by using enemy LMG weapons or buy the ribbon with money and buy the Johnson. Simply reto favors GE there is even moderators in this forum that protect GE all the time... I'm not gonna post his name but I have made a nice statistic on this person activity.... defending the Nazis is not a nice choice in life...Nazis=Losers!
  10. bloodremar

    Why i will not play US faction anymore

    Just play SU. Wish reto can add DPM to SU paras and one more pistol so SU can overthrow GE as the most populated faction and be done with those Wehraboo losers for good
  11. bloodremar

    Recon and Pilot Concept Fix

    That's the problem with this community full of trolls,,, So let the game not improve not introduce nothing new and just die ? Nice plan....
  12. bloodremar

    Recon and Pilot Concept Fix

    only if you play Germany
  13. bloodremar

    Recon and Pilot Concept Fix

    Now but back in the days they had 1. And its not the same GE has 4 US 3 SU 3.
  14. bloodremar

    Recon and Pilot Concept Fix

    Ge has more team work ..... My GOD GE is like greedy sharks stomping plebs in staged you go to war you got stomped 2 3 times by clans and you run back to staged thats GE in a nutshell. Thats just baseball. Since reto added 2 lmgs to Su and SU cars can have LMG SU has more players then US. IF you add 1 para weapon and 1 pistol to SU there will be even more people playing SU and will have more players closer to GE. Sadly Each faction doesn't have its own benefits at the moment. You have 1 master faction that has everything...