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  1. Well Yes Air to Air is good but how you gonna stop my Tiger 2 with it You cant capture points with P-51s you cant destroy armor with it so after you wipe out Luftwaffe you are -1 boot on the ground and you just fly and do nothing with it. That's why planes without auto canons are useless in H & G. Not that Auto canons are super useful but at least you can destroy some ground targets bigger then foot infantry. And not to mention before you get to P-51 you need to play 2 very terrible fighter planes. UK faction is the best gift US can receive I'm even willing to pay real money for it.
  2. Exactly listening to German players that don't want nothing new to the game we are in this situation. To be honest no one in the US wants M36-B1 Because it wont resolve nothing...I would prefer new interesting US weapons like : United Defense M42: Or High Standard HDM: Or commando units like OSS, Brandenburgers and Spetsnaz. Maybe new maps but there is nothing ... nothing.... while there is many other WW 2 games now that offer much more. Best option will be a sub faction that will change the game drastically and change the balance: But now the majority of the community left in H & G is wehraboos that want to use only GE equipment and play nothing else and adding somthing fun or new to the other 2 underpopulated factions is a big No No for those sad little anime nazi lovers... and when you look at other ww 2 games that have much more diversity you are asking yourself why do I even bother with this GE bias game. Its really funny how US has weaker planes, weaker tanks ,weaker recon vehicles and weaker scopes then the GE + less equipment and vehicles... SU also can use a bit of better equipment and vehicles here and there. This M36-B1 its not a US faction fixer for sure its just a new toy to blind the US players but still US will have all its disadvantages and this M36-B1 will not resolve nothing.
  3. bloodremar

    The new weather

    hah Just love forum trolls like that go back to farming noobs in staged
  4. British Empire is the most wanted faction to be introduced in H & G and the best way to add the British Empire is to be US Premium ally faction that you can buy with real money. Don't get fooled Commonwealth forces are not some sub faction they can stand on their own even without US. H & G is a game that made factions very poorly so I made the British Empire Blueprint to be equal to the German Faction and at the same time to feel that they are US faction Ally that's why they gonna use US equipment and US made vehicles. I wanted the British empire to feel like you are playing the entire commonwealth forces not just Britain. What British Empire will bring to the game: 1. Capitalism and money to Reto.motto for 19,95$ you will be able to experience the western allies in their full strength. 2,Will Fix the Broken US faction 3, Will Fix the faction population balance. 4.Will Bring Iconic World War 2 vehicles and Equipment. 5.You will finally have British Empire that will bring much more historic accuracy to the game. Lets start with Pros and Cons that British commonwealth forces have: Advantages: +Strong Recon Experience equal to the German Recon +Strong Paratrooper weapon variety +Really Strong Air Force Disadvantages: - Bad Light Tanks (UK have even worse light tanks then GE and also they have only 3 light tanks just like US) - Tier 2 tank destroyer is opposed to the US Hellcat its armored but has slow speed. You can't have aggressive tank gameplay like US. - Heavy tanks bad mobility they have the slowest heavy tanks in game. Lets start with the Recon: Lets face it US recon is the worst recon in the game. The UK recon is much better: Lee-Enfield is amazing Bolt Action Rifle has double mag size that makes it the best bolt action rifle in the game. M 3 Scout Car is a vehicle equal to the German starting recon armored car and its US made. The Staghound T17E2 will give you the same experience like Sd.KFz. 222 with more armor but less firepower. It fits nicely for tier 2 armored car. Staghound MK III is equal to the Puma and BA - 11. British Recon is a solid choice. Canadian Paratrooper: Why Canadian paratrooper ? Well its simple It can us the Johnson I didn't wanted to bring 30 round LMG to the Paratrooper balance. Also I wanted to have 1 Canadian and 1 Australian special class,: Australian Pilot RAAF: Australian Pilot can bring the much Iconic British Aircrafts and played part in the European theatre of war and will use the United States Planes. They are the perfect combination between US and UK Pilot: British Tanker: Canadian,Australian and British Infantry: The same way you pick faces with the other factions here the 3 type of faces will be British, Australian and Canadian face this also changes the flag on the soldier uniform. I think this is the best way we can introduce British Empire to H & G they will be like US faction on steroids They have all the equipment you can expect from a major Faction.
  5. bloodremar

    Why Soviets so OP

    What Soviets are OP ??? Good joke the most boring faction in the game.
  6. bloodremar

    The new weather

    I absolutely love the new WEATHER. German players always whine about everything bringing so many negative waves to this game.
  7. There is no point to reason when i'm simply stating the sad facts...you can't reason with reality you can only accept it and adapt to it or live a lie that majority of German players live until the other two faction hit the 0 population number.
  8. Well my friend there is now other games that H & G can look and see why they are doing better. Before there was not many games like H & G but now there is and H & G even now have the potential to be good game but they need to rework the faction balance and the vehicle combat system. US is the worst faction at the moment. They are the only faction that have the worst end game vehicle experience. The limiting the Heavy Armor will improve the things a bit. Sadly US recon is RIP.... worst vehicles ... US Medium Fighter has no autocannons and US heavy tanks are a joke. At least the heavy tanks issue will receive some upgrades when you wont have to fight 10 King Tigers every match. And I'm a biased shitposter because I played Germany for far too long ... full of alt right wehraboos overpopulated faction that will soon have no one to fight. Will be much more interesting game if reto rework US to US + UK faction. The recon problem will be resolved and the population problem also will be resolved.
  9. There is no point arguing with the German Community in this game... they ruin it and then blame reto. Only GE light tanks can destroy Heavy and Medium planes and that's a fact and yes from the Tier 4 light tanks Luchs got the smallest profile. The only other light tank good against planes is Panzer 2. I wish SU had T-50 and T-60 they are really interesting light tanks. Will be nice if reto replace T - 26 with T-60 it will be much better and more interesting light tank.
  10. Well its simple the taller you are the bigger profile you have. Every vehicle has infantry scale in game the closer the vehicle to the ground is the smaller profile it has. Sherman is a tank with big profile while t 34 is a tank with small profile.That's why USSR at the end of the war got better tank design then Germany. Look the body of T - 44 compared to the body of a Panther the T - 44 is much easier to hide only the turret is visible.
  11. How the love is bad ... Its small fast and can shoot airplanes out of the sky. It's super small profile makes it perfect to hunt even hellcats. Its really good ambush tank. Simply its bad against the other tier 4 light tanks but against infantry,airplanes and Tank Destroyers is really good. With this tank you can close range tank destroyers.
  12. bloodremar

    i love it how T2 US plane gets out-turned by Bi-Plane

    The problem is that H&G servers skip shots and you can feel this with US planes the most because they don't have auto canons. In theory they are suppose to be better but in practice they are not. If you use the Warhawk you will feel this the most. Not only you are much slower then the GE and SU planes but you don't have the same firepower so at this moment the plane is terrible... Better use the tier 1 P 35. Not only you are a smaller target but you have 2 type of main weapons that fair better if the server skip shots. As funny as it is at the moment the Warhawk is the worst fighter plane in the game.
  13. We have many nice things in H & G for Germany specially. While US lacks many fine toys... and FG 42 has nothing to do with this topic ... I don't get what FG 42 topic has to do with this topic... I have FG 42 on my para and on infantry. I have no problem of the weapon being added for German infantry since I have it. Second thing there is Tier 2 Ground Attack Aircrafts even if you put good tier 1 tier 2 will be better so Germany is losing nothing by having Stuka if you don't like it don't play it move to tier 2.
  14. So was T-28 ... Germany started with a lot of obsolete stuff WW 2. So this will reduce new players playing Germany more and this will lead them to the other two factions not bad if you ask me
  15. How do you imagine that the JU 87 would be in the game? It is a very iconic dive bomber, but stats-wise it is not much different from the HS 126 Recon plane. It is slightly slower but with better climb rate, has one extra forward machine gun, and it can carry four 50 kg bombs in addition to the main bomb. The Stuka has been requested for a long time, but I fear that people would be very disappointed with it's performance. Thank you for the reply. I make those posts just to keep the forum alive to bring some positivity. Simply some diversity from the typical nerf topics or the negative vibes topics. So I put some effort to improve this type of content that I post is more fan service to the game then realistically expecting you to add them . On the Topic of the JU 87. Well I know the performance will be bad but so the performance of T-28 is also mislabel. And the JU is at least iconic and Iconic WW 2 equipment and vehicles always bring players. Not all players play with the best equipment some of us play just for fun even when we know something is bad. So if its the first plane that you unlock after recon planes for Germany will be fine. Its something that will be used just to level up and move to Tier 2 Ground Attack Aircrafts. To be honest the same thing is with other vehicles like tanks Tier 4 light tanks are much better then tier 1 ,Tier 3 medium tanks are much better then tier 1 here is the same thing. It will be just part of the progress and fanservice to the people that wanna play it and trust me there will be people that will play it even if it sucks. I'm a person that would play japan even if they have only infantry with Arisaka rifles. There is simply many people that play for fun not to use the meta. If I played for the meta I would have quitted long time ago. Well it's not bad. Will be the cheapest tank buster in game. Trading one JU 87 G for a T 34 -85 or IS -2 is a good trade off even if you die. Will be cheap and interesting way to destroy a heavy tank and against infantry you can always use FW 190 F-8. Well yes the P-39Q is a nice option. I love it simply suggested A-36 Apache/Invader but P-39Q is also a very good option I love the Aircobra since US have not many autocannon options. The Tier 2 ground attack Aircrafts that have some air to air capacity like P-47 Thunderbolt and FW 190 F-8 that is good for boom and zoom. If it sneaks behind you I can kill you really fast but if you go in a dog fight you can outturn him. This will bring some boom and zoom style of air to air combat to the game.