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    Help test the Krepost Encounter map on prototype - round 2

    I'm loving this new map. I've been playing this game for years and I'm always excited for a new update. Thanks so much for the many years of hard work and love put into this game. Issues: There seem to be too many bots. A few of us were talking about how it keep dropping our FPS. I usually get 100+ FPS every match on the normal game, but on this map I get roughly 40. It also is affected by the map itself. I don't really know why, but I understand you guys are fixing things. It could be all the textures and the work-in-progress buildings and tress, as well as roads. Other than performance issues, some of the windows don't let you shoot through them. It's a bit weird, but understandable on a new map. Keep up the good work! <3
  2. Matchmaking for Mill - Encounter How many people does it take to start a match? We generally have around 10-20 people in Matchmaking for the Encounter match, yet a battle won't start? Is there any way we could have the matches start with only 4 people? Or could you at least add bots or something so we can test the map that you're trying to get feedback on? Problems so far... So, there will obviously be problems on a new map. And I've been waiting since 2013 for a second Encounter map. 1st. Half of the time you can't see how many people are on the point. It usually tells you how many allies are on, but many times it won't tell you how many enemies there are. If this is a problem, please fix it. 2nd. There are certain areas in the map that are a bit buggy. Sometimes it's a heavy FPS drop when leaving spawn, sometimes your vehicle will get stuck on nothingness. 3rd. Sometimes vehicles spawn on top of or inside of each other, resulting in "suicide" for both players. It'd be great if that was fixed, but the worst part is how easy it is to spawn camp. 4th. The building need to be more open, it's incredibly difficult to hold the cap in one small area of the town(grenades), or to hold one of the streets(enemy AA APCs, LMG gunners, Snipers.) 5th. The Police Station. This can either be the greatest part of the map or the biggest liability. Seeing as you can be sniper from either spawn by those inside. And it's incredibly difficult to launch a decent assault as long as both staircases are covered. However, the liability is that it is easy for people to spam anti-personel mines or frag grenades. That or to leave APCs lying around, which every once in a while someone will leave the APC and will be glitched inside a wall. All in all, this has been a great experience. I've been testing weapons that I haven't touched in my 5 years of playing this game. Although I wish they would bring back the old Mountain Town map and improve it. Then we could have another map come out. Thanks so much for all of the fun and the relaxation.