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  1. Pokerherz

    What a Shame

    what happened to the long range battles? i though the LMG meta was horrible but this MP meta is even worse. Unlimited sprint, very fast movement with a jeep thats why everyone can just do a full circle over the map and park behind the tanks. APC spamm is even worse, i gave up hunting those long time ago, it does not reward you in any way while doing it. PPSH lazer gun with 1000 rpm? camping spawns got even worse. Hip firing is real
  2. Pokerherz

    AVS36 (Fix asap,please)

    my captured AVS works very good and is cheap as hell. no mods no pain . with mods i would go triger only or maybe triger and spring .
  3. the zoom in speed is way to slow and it looks clunky as hell compered to m1903. ( with and without scope). since the meta changed to rambo close range fight this should be a possible buff wich would not hurt no?
  4. Pokerherz


    would like a horse instead of a bike
  5. Pokerherz


    i captured the avs on my german side huehuehue
  6. Pokerherz

    War Match Starting -- Auto Crash First Time?

    yea mine worked for like 2 days and also started crashing my pc, the only solution i found so far to play this game is to restart windows and open the game to play it. closing it and reopening leads again to crashing my pc.
  7. Pokerherz


    its gonna get nerfed its a overal gun right now, you can mod it fast or with bullets no reason to take something else instead
  8. Pokerherz

    War Match Starting -- Auto Crash First Time?

    yea so i installed the luncher from the main side and game works now, steam version is broken atm
  9. Pokerherz

    War Match Starting -- Auto Crash First Time?

    push also if i try to repair my game it allways says 10000 files are broken and need to be reinstalled but doing it is not solving the problem. It allways shows 10000 files corrupred
  10. Pokerherz

    War Match Starting -- Auto Crash First Time?

    for me and my fiend it started after the last update, random crashes first but after a while everytime we start the game and match is joined sounds bugs out and we get a bluescreen!! after the pc restarts i also have random internet disconnections every 2 hours or so. after i restart the pc everything works fine but i do not wanna lunch the game because of this problem!! i tryed to update my drivers and repair game. did not work. i reinstalled the game. did not work. i reinstalled my windows because of it. and still the same problem. other games work fine its only heros and generals. after 2000+ hours gameplay its the first time for me that this game is some how broken for me.
  11. Pokerherz

    How do you destroy tanks as a new player

    i leveled a new char just so he can destroy tanks if realy needed. i started with grenades until i unlocked mines. placed mines in bushes and on points, since light tanks like to go on poins now to capture it, unlocked throw nades. Used mines and throw nades, unlocked Hafthohladung. Now i have them all and i have silver badge so i stoped leveling. Took me only 2 days. Not speaking of war gameplay here just assault Usa is easyer minesu ntil you unlock bazooka. Make sure to shoot in the butt
  12. Pokerherz

    Stg Bullets+ scope problem

    Hi, been back to the game after a while and i like the changes so far but why does the stg has such big recoil now with bullets and scope? The damage increase isnt that big and the only purpose to use the bullets is to penetrate the heavy badge perk. Atleast give us other bullets or a heavy spring for this weapon then. Thx
  13. I dont know if this is a bug or maybe lag but sometimes i drop dead from 1 bullet from a guy who shoots me with an mp. And no its not a headshot i looked everytime. Its just 1 bullet hits me and i drop dead. It happend to me often last time. Any idea what it might be?
  14. There is no counter to planes are you kidding me the AA/Trucks sucks, heavy planes are immortal and flying bombing everything with a 20 meter radius. Starter planes die like flys, other planes fly around and droping he shells on everyone making 2-5 k points each match. In war its even worse, 4 pilots / 4 planes all match long nobody can kill it. good game
  15. wasted 88k on aa truck, they 3 shot your truck befor you can even land 5 hits on them. dont buy this. there is no counter to plains right now