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  1. RiskyRomero

    link to latest dev talk

    Unfortunately, I couldn't find it uploaded officially on the Heroesandgenerals YouTube Channel, so the only source I could find it from their twitch channel: Try watching from a web browser on your tablet.
  2. RiskyRomero

    How does Stage contribute to the war?

    Thank you~! I think this is a pretty good explanation to explain to a complete new player like me +1
  3. I like you, you're the first person in this game who realizes that the game is won by players instead of the developers and doesn't even request a nerf or buff for weapons
  4. Do you basically just join a random city in the war when matchmaking for staged? 🤔 How does it work? I'm so confusion
  5. Well at least Reto is giving our faction (Soviet) a chance to win the war with the DP-28 Buff :DD
  6. RiskyRomero

    music that comes to you from my tank tiger

    I'd like a global voice chat in this game just to blast this song while planting H3 on a tank
  7. RiskyRomero

    LoadLibrary "player.dll" failed.

    I'm confused as this only started happening to me suddenly about 10 minutes ago, I've tried restarting rejoining and also restarting the game but unfortunately the same issue arises each time. Error Box (Both LaunchServer & Battleye Launcher) :
  8. RiskyRomero

    Is anyone else getting mass ping spikes?

    I can't tell if mine is similar to your issue considering mine is 10x more
  9. Are you sure it's not just Reto doing an oopsie? Since a lot of people have the same issue
  10. Woahhh thanks for telling us this, I almost panicked thinking I got banned from chat (considering it's impossible to quit this game)
  11. RiskyRomero

    What better way to go than with a bang

    The fact that we managed to read the whole post from top to bottom amazes me, me love this ~
  12. RiskyRomero

    What better way to go than with a bang

    This is the most beautiful post I've ever seen
  13. RiskyRomero

    How to get those war torn SA skins?

    Win 20 war matches during the event (which is happening currently).
  14. RiskyRomero


    Honestly same, I can't wait to snipe pros with a British Garand on the Germs Side~
  15. RiskyRomero


    I can fully agree on this, as guilty as I feel, I used to shoot up hundreds of friendly mines when I was a new player, satisfying yet guilty just cause I thought it was an enemy mine