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  1. RiskyRomero


    Depending on the platform you play on and the language your game is set on: While in the Action Game (Match), press ESC on your keyboard, click on INPUT in the options menu, after that, on the bottom of the menu, there should be a button called "Remap Keys", click it and it will show you all your current keybinds, feel free to change them if you want :))
  2. RiskyRomero

    Squad limit.

    I too, would love to have 6 weebs in a squad, and 3 for tanks (Though I'm sure they changed the tank squad for balance since it's an odd number )
  3. Obviously there is already the US, GE and SU theme in the menu, however how about adding an option for custom music? A folder can be created like "songs" or "music" inside the Heroes & Generals installation folder, where users can add their own music, and a new option towards the Music List, something along the lines of: "My Own Music" or something like that. I mean it works in World of Warships and other games, so why not. Most importantly, it'll be a good addition, since the queue times are quite long, depending on where you're from, or what time it is, so it will kill the boredom, and you definitely need to set the mode while playing the RTS, no one wants to play the RTS in silence or listen to the default music over and over again. (Or you could just open up YouTube in the browser, idk, your choice) If this is added, I can't wait to listen to weeb music while waiting for a game only to instantly lose as a German Player, and then having to listen to weeb music again, good choice.
  4. RiskyRomero

    ADS Sensitivity 1:1?

    I realized the Hipfire and ADS sensitivity isn't 1:1 ratio, i'd like to use AHK, however I don't know what's the exact dpi to use for ADS. I'm currently using 800 DPI. Is the ADS calculated with (HipFire_Sens / 2) or? Pardon my england
  5. RiskyRomero

    Fallen H&G Friends

    Never touching the game again
  6. RiskyRomero

    Be Happy in life

    I love those tentacles, especially the way the wrap around uwu
  7. RiskyRomero

    Be Happy in life

    Uninstall Heroes & Generals, remember to make sure you install an Anti-Virus, and then set it to always block Heroes & Generals from downloading! If you ever download it ever again, you'll be depressed for your entire life. F,Y,I, I started watching a good hentai series
  8. RiskyRomero

    Ping sniping. Asia turns us red.

    Lolllll Those Asians will receive a good beating from me for disappointing their families! XD
  9. RiskyRomero

    Ping sniping. Asia turns us red.

    Deal with it, there's always an Asian that's better than you. Not many war matches in Asia, this is the least we can do, deal with it :))
  10. RiskyRomero

    Chat IRC Error

    So I've been getting a chat IRC error: At times, it shows the error message which is IRC Error, and sometimes it's just a blank black chat. It has happened to me for more than a half a year now, sometimes it works, most of the time it doesn't. Is there a way to fix this? (Also don't ask the context behind my discord chat, it was just there. If you need the source of the anime, ask me)
  11. RiskyRomero


    It would be cool since the only way to do that is by contacting support. Hopefully they add it someday 😛
  12. RiskyRomero

    HnG Guide: #1- Guide on Grinding Money

    He means buying using credits as he added "25% Investment" for the credits you spent to purchase the Veteran Membership..
  13. RiskyRomero

    Account Password Change

    It's time to post myself into an adoption center and hope for a better family
  14. I'm posting this here because there's literally no sub-forum to post this to. I'd like to suggest an email verification for you to change your password for your account, so some troll family members don't decide to check my weeb account and change the password which leads to me being locked out. Again, I'm sorry for posting this in this sub-forum where it doesn't belong, just like me. (I belong in the trash)
  15. RiskyRomero

    Stuck at loading plugin ...

    I need help for my friend... My friend's game is stuck at "Loading Plugin ...", he has tried reinstalling for more than 3 times. Any way to fix this? https://imgur.com/9NNxw5x