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  1. RiskyRomero

    What to use to record the game?

    I wouldn't recommend going with Open Broadcast Studio (OBS) since it does suck up your CPU, the best I could recommend is Bandicam (If you don't mind watermarks, there is a way to remove it which is by purchasing a License), if you're not a fan of paid services, your best choice is OBS~!
  2. RiskyRomero

    In-Game Console

    Ahh thank you, I assume it got removed XD, thanks a lot for your help!
  3. RiskyRomero

    In-Game Console

    Thank you! For some weird reason mine changed from the [`] to the [\] key, so that helped me a lot! By chance do you know if the "gui.disable 1" still works? I tried it out but it doesn't exist
  4. RiskyRomero

    In-Game Console

    Not sure if this qualifies as a bug but I might as well try... after the latest update, console stopped working completely for me. Was the availability to use console removed from public-use, or is it a bug? Maybe I'm just blind and I'm missing something ... It used to work for me, I still have the following in my client.ini:
  5. RiskyRomero

    Winning using the M1 Carbine

    Let's maybe take this into consideration ... did you even aim your gun? And if so, did you maybe take time to ensure your bullet was going to hit, or were you just spraying and praying? You're also using a scope, which I've used many times and it exceeded many times above 10,000 per match. I assume you were using the M2 instead of the M1, therefore the fire rate is pretty quick, which would result in you firing inaccurately and firing more than you'd want to. If you add up this three factors(inaccuracy + fire rate + modifications), it makes a lot of sense on how your repair cost had moved all the way up. Also are you sure you did not spawn any vehicles for the entire match while maintaining 38 kills? I assume you were most likely run and gun while spawning on other's APC Vehicles/Defending which would result in deaths, without knowing how many deaths you have, it's hard to know the root of the problem.
  6. RiskyRomero

    Equipment Depot

    Then I believe you're a legacy player from that, also no worries! Have a good day~! Oniiiiii-chan~! :3 Glad to helped you out~~^^
  7. RiskyRomero

    Low Quality Recording?

    I didn't exactly experience such a thing in OBS before, but I found 2 threads that may be of help to you that revolves around other people who experience the same thing as you and offers a few solutions to your issue. Thread 1: https://obsproject.com/forum/threads/bad-quality-recording-please-help.80345/ Thread 2: https://obsproject.com/forum/threads/recording-bad-quality.32765/
  8. RiskyRomero

    Equipment Depot

    1. Unfortunately this is not possible, you're able to transfer weapons/vehicles that are purchasable to your other soldiers for their specific class. For example, if you have a Plane for your Infantry (If you're a Legacy Player), you can only pass it down to your Pilot. So hopefully this explains your first situation. 2. I assume you're talking about weapons you've bought in a pack that receive special modifications, in this case, it will be transferred to your other soldier as well, you may be able to use it (only for the weapon you're transferring with). I'd also like to add a point here, please remember that your weapon upgrades will be transferred with the specific weapon. The only factor to this is, you are required to unlock the specialty ribbon for you to be able to equip it.
  9. RiskyRomero

    CAF Clan Anniversary Highlights :3

    I can't tell how I feel about that because all of it is true XD
  10. We had a chance to play together with players from our Teamspeak, Facebook and Discord Group combined, so we did it as part of our 10th Anniversary! This video is made by my friend LYW_0561, so credit goes to him for this video!
  11. RiskyRomero

    Is M10 a good tank ?

    It really depends if you're an experienced tanker and can capably use the M10 effectively, but if you're not, I'd still recommend getting the M10 as a tank to help you gather experience and credits to purchase higher tier tanks such as the Hellcat, etc.
  12. RiskyRomero

    Update can not access the game for help

    Please read this: https://heroesandgenerals.com/2019/02/urgent-action-required-now/ Try to see if this helps.
  13. Well.. Pretty sure the tank rushing points part of the game still exists. I love it when the Tanks explode load after load of HE and MG fire into my body, it felt so good!
  14. Well, I have to agree, I've seen 12 apcs all combined together in a corner due to someone in the German team who keeps spamming APCs. I guess your best chance of reporting is by creating a support ticket: https://support.heroesandgenerals.com/
  15. RiskyRomero

    Which one is better?

    Imo both weapons have their own good points, MG42 beast in Close Combat (By close combat, I mean REAL CLOSE), whilst the M1919 is best suited for Mid Range due to it's lesser recoil. So I guess they're both good in their own ways, but my favourite would be the M1919.