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  1. anyone know how to get double zookas on 1 character???

    Ren, are you dual-wielding those?
  2. Turret/vehicle locks.... ?

  3. Anti-tank Infantry Class

    But I do think that this class should not just be AT but also AA. So infantry can counter tanks now, add the capability for this class to be able toe "effectively" counter planes same as it does tanks. And also don't want it to just be seen as a negative class by pilots and tankers, let it bring some kind of positives for friendly tankers and pilots?
  4. Tanks in danger of extinction!

    But back to topic. I don't think that tankers are necessarily in danger of extinction. Maybe it can feel that way if you play SU tankers as they do feel underrepresented. But can we all agree on the following simple statements: Infantry need to be able to kill tanks Tanks still need to be able to kill infantry In context of battles where there are no enemy tanks AT-rambos are in a fine as they are AT-rambos takes away some of the fun when engaged with other taanks
  5. Tanks in danger of extinction!

    Agree. When I see someone saying in chat "Tank at E3" or "someone get rid of tank at E3" I like it. This is because it brings cooperation and interaction between players. One of the main reasons designers add classes to their online games is for the fun that team-work brings. Even though players will largely reflect negatively towards this, it does add to the game without you ever realizing it does.
  6. Anti-tank Infantry Class

    Interesting ideas. I like how the tank is interactive and not just a FPS player asset with different UI textures and stats.
  7. Anti-tank Infantry Class

    No no, I won't laugh. It happens to everyone,.. I think. I am just feeling very relieved right now. I could not understand how someone could interpret what is said in such a way.
  8. Anti-tank Infantry Class

    Not sure how you get to this, don't think proposed to tweak the current infantry AT weapons to be weaker? This is what I am getting at, the class already "exists". People enjoy that gameplay and they make themselves such a class by creating an additional infantry and loading it with AT weapons. Lets just build on that. I Just,... Are you replying to someone else and just Quoted the wrong piece? This class should have the best vehicles, their perks should do things like make their vehices faster, better handling, super unlock speed. They are the vehicle gods, damn they should unlock the iron man suite at level 10 (this last part is a joke, please don't say how unbalanced it would be.....). Aslo don't think they should just have sidearms, give them smg, flamethrower, shotgun, etc. What are you taking about?! Over-healing is already in the game, you just pick it as a badge. Of course it is not future-proof, it is not supposed to be. It is just brainstorming ideas not only to try and contribute into adding more fun to the game but also to turn this topic that started somewhat negative into something more positive and constructive. Also, some of the items I mentioned like repairing armor are more in line for what they are busy with in the vehicle update. So do you have any constructive input, no ideas on how to make the AT role gameplay more fun and interesting?
  9. Tanks in danger of extinction!

    Come on dude just admit it. Come say it out load with me "I need to L2P". Just stop running into tank HE fire, be aware of the environment and you won't get killed be tanks, easy peasy. You don;t need to run to the forums and try the convince the whole world that tanks are OP and are giving you a hard time because you still haven't L2P. We really feel for you and hope you get better soon. Everyone agrees with you that infantry needs to be able to kill tanks. And we all can agree that it is contextually easy for tanks to kill AT rambos and for rambos to kill tanks. For me AT rambos would even be fine or even underpowered as they are now if it was only tank vs rambo, the problem is tank vs tank+rambo. So if you discuss this, do it in context of staged battles. Tankers playing in war matches will/should most of the time play the infantry seat unless there are other tanks or there are no inf seats available. But everyone also agrees that AT-rambos needs a small tweak, it is a given. Come on dude, can't you see that the earth is flat only in your mind?
  10. Anti-tank Infantry Class

    How can you possibly come to this conclusion, did you read the part where I mentioned that normal infantry should still have anti-tank capabilities? So there will still be AT-infantry, planes and other tanks to counter tanks. I though you would want to have another class that can kill tanks even better than the current AT-rambos?
  11. PARA matchs shouldn't happen without planes.

    But if you want planes to keep paras from playing, you might as well ask to remove paras from the game? It seems like the general idea is to counter a specific class with the same class. So if the paras are getting you down then jump on your own para char, f the planes are bothering you then jump on a plane, etc But can't you farm paras while they are hanging in the air if you predict where they will be jumping out?
  12. Anti tank mines/grenades

    Don't think raising the cost will help. At some point in progression you don't care about credits so much. Tanks are still good xp, so it's almost like exchanging credits for xp. But what AT weapons bother you the most, all of them, or some more than others?
  13. Tanks in danger of extinction!

    You really can't learn anything from this. It could be that the infantry dude just plays so many games that he got that amount of tank kills. Or maybe the tanker guys plays s many games that they got more kills than him. I don't get much time to play, I do mostly play tanker and on these leader boards I am surrounded by tankers, infantry and planes. But if an infantry player would play the same amount of games than a tanker he should get far less tank kills than the tanker because not all games would actually have tanks in them? But it would be interesting if Reto could show us an average tank kills only from battles with enemy tanks in the battle.
  14. Anti-tank Infantry Class

    I support this,.. well Reto already support this, and so does the community. RT-rambo already is a "thing" Just make it official. Lot of people already have an AT-rambo character, it is just an infantry customized to fit that role. Some thoughts: Normal infantry should still have some Anti-tank capability Make this new class also have some benefits towards friendly vehicles maybe faster repairs reloads ammo for planes & land vehicles (ye, maybe reduce tank ammo. Tanks rarely run out of ammo) maybe even add one extra armor point/health to vehicle when repairing, like a buff maybe even add armor points to infantry if they implement gear systems in future detect & remove mines (mine-sweeper!) mine-layer turbo 2000!! also anti-infantry mines that maybe gets the support xp bonus when placed near friendly vehicles Great anti-tank stuffs Great anti-plane stuffs And then some future stuff that everyone is always talking about like AA/AT gun placement, etc And yes, Engineer could be a fitting class name. Or maybe Demolition Man.
  15. Possibility to balance German tanks with Armor 2.0

    That is the plan with the new spawn system. You will have to spawn lower tier tanks and less frequently spawn higher tier tanks. However, the tanks need to be balanced better. This is regardless if you personally have god-like tanker skills or just entered your first tank battle ever. I think SU tanks are underpopulated and needs to be more attractive. I personally only played SU tanks to unlock them and then went back to US because for me they are just more fun. SU just feels boring compared to the other factions (except maybe the light tank). Maybe I also choose to play US tanks over GE because they are a little more of a challenge.