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  1. Sh3lly

    steam error

    Hello. I have situation that after 3-4 days of normal playing steam drops me a error : " missing file hngsteamlauncher.exe " and it happens very often. Every time i must to uninstall all game and download it again is there a other way to fix it?
  2. Main : Germany Mic : Yes Lang : English TS3/Discord about 600-700hrs every type of soldier Looking for big good clan at least 15/20 members
  3. Sh3lly

    i cant buy gold

    I had 2000 gold on my accont. I got lag and i know how? but i bought pack with G43 and mods to it (camo,ammo,scope itd) can i get refund of my gold and delete that weapon?
  4. I played a match on a fighter in which I had a 3k result I earned 20/30 thousands when I left the battle, the servers crashed again when I started to log on the ribs from this battle I got but no money anymore #RetoLogic
  5. Sh3lly

    Heroes and generals loading......

    but how to repair it?
  6. Sh3lly

    Heroes and generals loading......

    I recently have a problem with the game namely after searching the game and its loading throws me into the lobby and I only have the link to re-click when I do it the same as before or is there a company to fix it?
  7. Sh3lly

    PSC Payment

    I want buy gold. But there's not PAYSAFECARD payment method. How can i buy gold with PAY SAFE CARD ?