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  1. ValorousTF

    Changelog 1.13.1 NEW ANTI TANK WEAPONS

    I'm honestly not that sure about the new capital move... I can see the potential for it being both good and bad, it's hard to say but if one thing is sure, this could easily flip the geographical RTS meta on it's head.
  2. ValorousTF

    1.13.1 UPDATE - New Anti Tank Weapons!

    So the logical decision is to change the RTS yes? I'm not sure what your point is lol.
  3. ValorousTF

    1.13.1 UPDATE - New Anti Tank Weapons!

    Seriously, what was the need to add all of these new weapons? The time and effort spent on adding these new weapons could have been spent on fixing the RTS to make the game actually fun and playable, but instead you guys added 3 gimped weapons to solve an issue that literally could have been fixed by sitting down for 10 minutes and changing the HP of tanks and damage of AT weapons. But hey, I guess now we've got the joy of watching plebs run around trying to kill tanks with their potato-launching hand-cannons...
  4. When you play with the expectation that the other team are using macros then yeah, you're gonna think that everybody is macroing but that's anything but true. Macroing really isn't as common as everybody makes it out to be, if you think that people dying with their guns on semi auto are macroing then you're just being paranoid; the fact is that very few people use macros and it isn't big enough of an issue for RETO to prioritise considering everything else that needs working on in the game.
  5. ValorousTF


    It's a pretty simple idea: If a major objective is being contested/captured when a game is about to end, the game will not end until the point is no longer being contested/captured. (If the attacking team captures then the game continues with the overtime mechanic that's already in the game) There's nothing more infuriating than trying your hardest to win a game and then finally make it in to the game-winning capture only for the game to end because not enough people got inside of it fast enough for it to start being captured in the attackers favour. Oh, and it would create some pretty intense carnage in one of those last all-or-nothing second rushes 😛
  6. ValorousTF

    Back to Soviet faction again.

    Use deadeye gold and you'll see what we're talking about That's because the M1919 is overpowered, not because the DP is bad...
  7. Does anybody know what determines whether you gain anything from your AT's in combat? I've noticed that even after winning some games and when my AT's have been used, they don't gain any exp and I don't gain any credits/WF or anything either; i'm not sure how it's supposed to work since it feels like it's just random whether I get rewarded or not.
  8. ValorousTF

    Are Mines Useable Anymore?

    I think that it just depends where you put the mines and how many you use, I believe that the best way is to put mines on the left and right and back sides of the tank since there are pretty much no useful internals in the front of the most tanks. I don't know how many mines it takes per tank though, you'll just have to experiment with that I guess.
  9. ValorousTF

    Dirty Gameplay

    Sure, it's unfair for people to be able to abuse a mechanic so easily but if you're expecting sportsmanship and fair play on a video game -especially h&g- then you're just as stupid as the losers that abuse the mechanic in the first place. Anyway; this wouldn't be a problem if RETO took the time to fix the RTS, which seems to be the most significant demand right now.
  10. ValorousTF

    Are Mines Useable Anymore?

    After Armour 2.0, mines are pretty much the best way of killing tanks now. Placing a few mines on either side of a tank will usually kill it; considering that tanks are absurdly powerful now, pretty much no anti-tank is 'effective' anymore but anti tank mines seem to be the way to go at the moment. Someone do correct me if I am wrong, thanks.
  11. ValorousTF

    Back to Soviet faction again.

    I've been doing the exact same thing man, the DP & AVS are a really nice break from the frustration of trying to make the STG work. It's a shame that nobody in the faction speaks English though...
  12. One easy fix might to stop running H&G with your hacks running in the background, hope this helps.
  13. ValorousTF

    Need More Realism

    There's already a nuclear bomb in the game and it's called the M1919. Conveniently enough only the US can use it too 😛
  14. Why did this rubbish get bumped... lol