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  1. Theory on why Axis loses.

    How many levels of trolling have we reached, i gotta start practising 6D chess just to keep up with this
  2. I always thought that they don't but i've never actually looked into it properly before..
  3. Low Sway Weapon for the Germans?

    To step around the vast amount of salt above... As long as you are crouching, standing still and have full stamina: your gun shouldn't sway that much, except for a few guns like the MG42 and PPSH. If you are still having problems with sway even if you follow this advice, then you are probably having problems with the recoil of the gun or your aim might just be a little off.
  4. Rage quit battles in war

    I don't blame people for alt abusing but I do look down upon it, the way I see it is that it's a way of avoiding already broken matchmaking mechanics so that people can play, but the way that they are used don't make the game created very fair.
  5. Rage quit battles in war

    I bloody well hope they don't try to implement a ban system, either way it would be stupid to target people who just want to play a fair and decent game opposed to targeting macro users, alt abusers and hackers.
  6. Rage quit battles in war

    Nobody wants to play an entire hour of a one line attack across a river with one bridge, against seal-clubbing clan stacks with planes & tanks. If RETO want to fix people from leaving matches then they are gonna have to fix a lot of other stuff before they reach that point.
  7. AT List

    Yet again another pointless update which solves some minor problems and replaces them with other minor problems. Way to go team...
  8. Low Sway Weapon for the Germans?

    Even with a good mod setup, the mp40 really just doesn't compare to the STG for medium range combat; I don't know how many times i've had to hit guys with nine or ten shots at range with an mp40 to kill them, the amount of time landing that many shots makes it easy for a mediocre player with a Johnson or AVS to see where you are and 3 shot you and still bandage up before you could have even finished. If you're trying to get a gun for a medium range build, then go for the STG, if you're looking for a versatile close to medium range build then feel free to run the mp40 with or without those mods, but just be prepared to face the difficulties that come with it.
  9. Low Sway Weapon for the Germans?

    It depends how you play, but the scoped G43 is a pretty versatile weapon and has manageable sway as long as you crouch/stand still and is effective at pretty much every range.
  10. Forum vets

    ngl i have no idea how you guys stuck around this long lmfao
  11. Cannot figure out why I'm sucking so terribly

    I have pretty extensive experience with competitive shooters as well, and this is not an uncommon thing for skilled players to say; H&G is a game where you might as well throw all of your skill out of the window since the gunplay mechanics are pretty appalling and generally luck-based. But of course there is a pretty simple remedy for this: If you want to make sure that your aim is as stable and consistent as possible, then you're going to have to soft aim instead of hard aim; What I mean by this is that instead of flicking to your targets and aiming all over the place, you need to aim slowly, carefully and aim your cross-hair where you expect the enemy to be. The reason why flicking is so bad in H&G is because turning your aim causes the weapon to sway and makes the gun less accurate and stable, this happens with all weapons regardless of whether you are aiming down sights or not. Obviously your performance will also be affected by stuff like how you play, what guns you use and what resources are in the battle; But none of us have seen you play so we can't help you out much there Hope I helped!
  12. Devils Brigade & HAX make Anti-comitern pact.

    My life would be meaningless without mcbl's stream
  13. Devils Brigade & HAX make Anti-comitern pact.

    I don't know if he farted into his mic at 0:31 or what...
  14. Is Heroes and Generals dying?

    I made a thread about this some time ago with all statistics regarding active player-ship of H&G on steam and explained what all of it meant.
  15. Why did you pick your current faction?

    Nice sarcastic necro....