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  1. Cannot figure out why I'm sucking so terribly

    I have pretty extensive experience with competitive shooters as well, and this is not an uncommon thing for skilled players to say; H&G is a game where you might as well throw all of your skill out of the window since the gunplay mechanics are pretty appalling and generally luck-based. But of course there is a pretty simple remedy for this: If you want to make sure that your aim is as stable and consistent as possible, then you're going to have to soft aim instead of hard aim; What I mean by this is that instead of flicking to your targets and aiming all over the place, you need to aim slowly, carefully and aim your cross-hair where you expect the enemy to be. The reason why flicking is so bad in H&G is because turning your aim causes the weapon to sway and makes the gun less accurate and stable, this happens with all weapons regardless of whether you are aiming down sights or not. Obviously your performance will also be affected by stuff like how you play, what guns you use and what resources are in the battle; But none of us have seen you play so we can't help you out much there Hope I helped!
  2. Devils Brigade & HAX make Anti-comitern pact.

    My life would be meaningless without mcbl's stream
  3. Devils Brigade & HAX make Anti-comitern pact.

    I don't know if he farted into his mic at 0:31 or what...
  4. Is Heroes and Generals dying?

    I made a thread about this some time ago with all statistics regarding active player-ship of H&G on steam and explained what all of it meant.
  5. Why did you pick your current faction?

    Nice sarcastic necro....
  6. US Schooled GE on how to RTS

    There are like no US clans that still play this game anymore; And I still don't get what's with the randoms thing everyone talks about... GE weapons are generally pretty underwhelming, and again with the player skill thing.. Well you can speak for yourself then because as far as I am concerned there are plenty of skilled clans in the GE community. Since you clearly haven't been on the teamspeak before; Why not come and take a look at what clans we have to offer? There are still plenty of competent weapons such as the AVS, DP28 & SVT; But i'd agree that RETO neglecting the SMG series of SU is stupid and unfair. Like I said about the player thing; Doesn't really make sense. As for the skilled clans, there are certainly some very competent clans such as WRN, but it will take a lot of effort from such a clan to win a war singlehandedly.
  7. Help us shape the future of the Dev Streams

    Hey look, a thread asking for something that i've already made a thread about; I'll just write a short version here and leave the link to the thread somewhere at the bottom since it's pretty old. Are the Q&A streams bad? In short, yes; There are a lot of better ways to answer questions that the community has, i'll offer some suggestions later. But first.. Why are they bad? They are extremely long and I don't know many people who are going to want to sit through a repetitive hour long video. The time that they are streamed at is quite inconvenient since a lot of people are still at work/school since it's a Wednesday. There seems to be pretty much no planning or preparation before doing the streams which makes the answers convoluted and messy. There seems to be very poor vetting or prioritisation of questions so silly and insignificant questions get asked, most of the time before the significant questions. So, all of this just begs the question... What can be done to fix this? To be honest, I think that the Q&A should just be discontinued and replaced with something different; something shorter, detailed and planned. My reasoning for this is that the Q&A streams don't contribute nearly enough detail to be worth their time, and to be honest I think that it would be a wise decision on the part of the developers to try out an alternative. Speaking of an alternative... What alternative should be used? There are a lot of different alternatives to Q&A streams, but I think that i've got a worthy idea of my own; Of course there are many different alternatives that may be better or worse than my suggestion, but I believe that it would do well. I might add some more later, it depends. Pre-Recorded Q&A's. What is it? Instead of doing the Q&A live, pre-record the Q&A and upload it to YouTube or post it on the forums. What are the benefits of this? It would completely remove the issue of poor preparation & planning which we have with current Q&A streams and would as a result allow the developers to be much more direct and detailed in their answers while also potentially reducing time spent otherwise stuttering. What are the drawbacks of this? It may take more time and effort to create assuming that it is detailed & edited. Is the time spent worth it? Assuming that thought & planning has been put into the format, editing and answers then it should be very effective at its purpose. Thanks for reading; Have a nice day!
  8. DP28 or AVS?

    It's an SA
  9. DP28 or AVS?

    I want to grind up my infantry assault to get an AVS, but if I have to use the SVT for another game i'm going to shoot myself in the head... Would it be better to buy the DP28 to farm credits and just settle with it now before worrying about grinding up to get the AVS?
  10. Factory Map Revision (Adding 2 new attacklines)

    What?? Is this speculation or do we know 100% certainly know that he is no longer with RETO? Either way, it's a shame; It felt like he had a lot of potential as a map-maker. [*]
  11. Ability to pause Vet membership.

    +1 This would be an absolute godsend since I have a lot of exams coming up and don't want to waste my credits or vet; that being said it would probably take a bit of stress off of RETO since they are so busy on "mission critical"
  12. Factions

    But the thing is; They are random, and that's where they got their name from: Random people who just play the game however they want to. Preference and bias from what..? It's kind of funny the way you worded it actually, because from what I see, you are implying that there is some kind of conspiracy by RETO to make one faction better than the others so the skilled players choose that faction and bad players pick the others. And to be honest there isn't any proof of this kind of mechanic being implemented in the game so as far as I am concerned, this is just tin-foil-hatted talk. I don't think that you can really draw this kind of conclusion based off of some kind of "bias" conspiracy theory considering that the theory only works in the unlikely scenario that RETO decided to make one faction more attractive to randoms than the other two, which would be interesting to hear you explain.
  13. STG Mods --- I know there are several threads like this ---

    The STG is a pretty awful gun and there are like no mods for it; you're probably better off using a different gun. But for the sake of discussion, I would probably mod it for max ROF and nothing else, use that with tight GRIP and you might just be able to stand up against an AVS or JMG.