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  1. For some reason I can't use teamspeak my push to talk while i'm in game, it happens both in game and in the launcher. I've tried switching my push to talk key from alt to loads of other stuff but nothing has worked.
  2. ValorousTF

    More mods for the STG and M1/M2?

    I don't think you know what modify actually means... I said that I wanted a low ROF STG build, which in and of itself implies that I don't like the current ROF that it has and I want to mod it to be lower, also the STG is far from being one of the most stable guns in the game, especially when the modded ammo is taken into consideration.
  3. ValorousTF

    More mods for the STG and M1/M2?

    Eh, it's worth trying to get a response from RETO I guess.
  4. Right now the STG and M1/M2 don't have much variety in how the gun can be modded, which to me is very disappointing because i'd like to run a low ROF and higher stability build for the STG but I can't, since there are no ROF-lowering mods for it such as a heavy spring. The STG has 1 bullet mod, 2 sight mods, 1 trigger mod, 1 spring mod and 1 barrel mod. The M1/M2 has 1 bullet mod, 2 sight mods, 1 trigger mod, 2 spring mods and 1 barrel mod. I don't know what the reason is for them having a lack of mods, but I feel like adding the mods would be pretty easy and make a lot of players happier without messing with balance. @Reto.Circinus @Reto.Hades @Reto.Millan @Reto.Robotron3000 @Reto.Snail @Reto.RedBjarne @Reto.Varish
  5. ValorousTF

    How did they see you to get that kill?

    I knew that there were things out there that could modify your game to be much clearer and easier to see, but I didn't know that it could be done to this extent... But hey I guess it isn't a problem because it's working as intended right?
  6. ValorousTF

    The clan vs random problem.

    It cuts me deep knowing that one person on the internet doesn't assign a single attribute to my name anymore Not every clan actually does want to play clan vs clan, back in the day before most of them left there were a lot of Chinese and Russian clans that told us they don't want to play against us because they want to play against Europeans on Chinese/Russian servers so they can get easy kills and have fun instead of having to play against stacked clans that could challenge them. Avoidance moved in a long time ago when clans stopped playing war for the sake of winning, at least in GE that is; The majority of GE clans only play the game to have whatever fun they can muster because it simply isn't fun trying to win but losing every single time. As much as I would like to agree, I don't think that there is a particularly competitive mindset in any clans nowadays, like I said above: It's all for fun now, only SU clans have the luxury of both fun and winning at the same time, it's because of this that GE and US clans only ever mess about which I can't blame. Right now there isn't anything new to learn, the meta has already been established a long time ago and most vets know all there is to know when it comes to FPS and RTS, I think it's a matter of both the want to have new content to learn about and new players to teach meta to. I completely agree with both of these statements, but RETO don't seem to have vet retention in mind with "mission critical" having been on the horizon for about a year now and I just can't see the potential for any veterans to return without a miracle of some sorts.
  7. ValorousTF

    The clan vs random problem.

    Clans can't actively hunt other clans because they play in specific regions of the map where their AT's are so they can have more of an impact on the map, clans can't effectively play against clans without their AT's being nearby so if a GE clan is fighting in France against the US, they're not gonna be able to send their AT's across the entire map to Romania to fight an SU clan. There aren't enough clans left playing to effectively cover the entire front-line, and the few clans that are still around don't have the manpower required to micromanage even small sections of the front, don't expect us to prioritise games that we're not gonna enjoy just so everyone else has the luxury of not being stomped as hard as they would normally get stomped.
  8. ValorousTF

    So what's up with War anyhow?

    I wouldn't know because all of my troops are in the east.
  9. ValorousTF

    So what's up with War anyhow?

    It is this war.
  10. ValorousTF

    So what's up with War anyhow?

    We would need to move every AT from France and Denmark and put them on the SU border, so while yes we could potentially resist SU AR waves, we would just immediately be softcapped by US in France and Denmark. That's because US has a natural defence advantage that GE doesn't have; GE doesn't have any natural defences or chokepoints from Denmark into the GE mainland around Berlin, the US and SU have huge chokepoints between Scandinavia and their homelands so that they don't need to worry about being pushed from there, but as GE we have the entire width of Denmark that we have to defend while also fighting the Soviets in the far east an Don't forget that it's just as easy for US to push GE/SU from Denmark for the exact same reason above, assuming that they take Scandinavia like they occasionally did in the past. Good luck with that, SU usually just AR's the chokepoints between Berlin and Warsaw.
  11. ValorousTF

    So what's up with War anyhow?

    I never said that SU and US didn't fight lol. Either way, if US gets kicked out of Scandinavia then they never push against it ever again, the same goes for SU if they lose Scandinavia; It's too easy to just win and then forget about ever pushing through the chokepoints into either UK or Russia, so instead they just push Denmark into GE as always.
  12. ValorousTF

    So what's up with War anyhow?

    I'd be sarcastic if I kept getting kicked out of Scandinavia every war too.
  13. ValorousTF

    So what's up with War anyhow?

    NEWSFLASH: GE has to fight a two front war constantly so some clans fight one front and other clans fight the other, we're not gonna just focus the other faction because you don't like us beating you.
  14. ValorousTF

    The clan vs random problem.

    Clans don't want to fight other clans any more than you do, more often than not the match will be decided by which regional clan has the advantage because of the server location or whoever abuses planes the hardest. And as for the idea of a dedicated clan vs clan mode, this game is hardly even close to being ready for genuine competition, not just because of how flawed the game is itself but because there are simply no more populated/active clans left in the game since none of them care enough to play anymore.
  15. ValorousTF

    Nothing Wrong with Game : Change my Mind

    Yes there is a roadmap now and yes that is beneficial for future updates but that does not address what I said entirely. The road map was made (or publicised) a few months ago earlier this year, but as far as I can see there is nothing even mentioning design on a large scale before 2018; I don't know if this is just RETO not making their design visible or there simply being none. I also think it's worth mentioning that while the roadmap certainly is nice to have, it doesn't describe all that much about what the new content is intended to do or why it is being added, justifying why you are creating the new content would definitely help the community understand more of how the developers want to change H&G.