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  1. Janston


    This has been discussed before Reto physically cant handle particle effects Same reason why no Trench Gun for US or GER Remember, this game is still on the foundation of a browser game hell some of the menus are still flash based
  2. Janston

    Scope Change

    Why couldn't we have scopes based upon either Roles or Weaponry rather than faction To give a faction a scope that could outrange the other and render in farther than the enemy weapon isn't balanced, nor does it even fit the principle with "Asymmetrical Balance" considering that most factions have weapons that still preform better than their faction's set role. Option 1 : Role Based Weaponry Set Infantry Weaponry to either 2.2 or 3.5 Scopes for all weapons, providing both a CQC orientated and if need be longer range option for medium ranges for Infantry, but still preventing across the map sniping, or giving more value to either Weapon choice, or Placement of self in regards to the shot. Recon Weaponry to Either its set point of 8x or bring back the 6x Scope which allows for the ability for easier close range emergency shots, but still giving them a massive advantage over Infantry Scopes and having a good amount of range to them. Option 2 : Weapon Based Ranged For AR & SA Weaponry (and LMG for FG) allow the 2.2 Scope to be attached, for BAs to have a greater niche role in the game, establish a 3.5 time scope allowing for longer range engagements, then for Recon allow for again either the 6x and 8x Scope above. In this case we establish the role of a scope for being a optic as tool to clear up the sight picture, and still give BA's the ability to have a established and desired role to equip on a character This would also alleviate the issue of out ranging/out rendering enemies based upon faction, as well as provide more equal footing based upon skill rather than equipment.
  3. This deserves to be its own post
  4. So Your saying that the gamemode that brings in the most money due to vet memberships and AT management because god knows you dont get enough in regular battles doesn't matter? Working on the game as a whole is working on War This game isn't a staged centric game, the whole point of staged is a build up to war and investment, your implying that the whole focus of the game is just staged. And those staged players your mentioning? Who in the love would invest as a staged player aside from vet membership??? Even then staged is more forgiving on running 1 badge vs 2 in it's design principle. So far the only thing we have been hearing is "everything is fine return to your store page" from the faces from Reto.Moto If you really expect for anyone in this playerbase to go to your new IP in the works if this is how you treat your current community that is a joke and a half If Reto really had any intent of keeping this game past this year they would be focusing more on the community and feedback/input cycles for PR at the very minimum This sale is a money grabbing scheme
  5. Janston

    Gold for Guns??

    its a deaththrones attempt to get funding they are shilling for money right now and the situation that they are in is due to their failure to communicate, involve the community on development cycles and cater not only the hypothetically new playerbase, but to the older playerbase as well, those who are invested in the game and have a reason to invest more.
  6. Ok but thats the point Its been at this level. You cant feasibly expect that war, and the game in general will improve if there isn't a steady player base to play it especially in this current state where at times it could take minutes on end to find a match or for those poor clans who queue on battles, literally half a hour to a full hour to get the match to start. The fact that "its been at this level" for the last few years is a bad thing, it means that on per average for every player who joins this game , one other player leaves and chances are the player that leaves is more invested and thus a more likely person to invest into the game via gold. Not to mention releases of different company's IPs and you cant feasibly expect that the playerbase will forever stay at this level, it means that if there isn't a constant "just good enough" fix then this game will rapidly decrease, which at this rate reto will get worse and worse with the releases. Plus not to mention do you really think that a game that has been released on a EU/NA IP is gonna be magically saved in the Asia Market?? The Asia Market is MMORPG, MOBA based market, you cant expect this game to do well either in sales or in player increases aside from a few incrementals. Ok so here is the two issues with this statement. The updates dont get tweaked enough could be solved in dedicated proto testing with direct involvement and feedback, those proto servers are literally free beta testing, not to mention the fact that by including the community into the updates process and tweaking you not only satisfy our need for information on the development of this already botched game but also get input and get out of the "Reto listens to silent majority or stats" meme. Communication has frozen and has decreased, the amount of info we last saw or any form of output is the posts right after the layoffs in which they told everyone to calm down, we haven't heard a single thing since then, aside from channellogs. You cant expect us to sit in a burning room saying this is fine and actually invest our money as consumers if you dont even take the common courtesy of including us in the development to fix this game! Even if its "in-efficient and rarely constructive" the fact that you could signals that your at least attempting, most of the community views Reto.Moto Studios as a money grabbing scheme if not a poor development group who cant listen to their own community, hell do you really think any company thinks that community discussion is efficient or constructive? No! But they do it because its good public relations to keep them in the loop. Right now we are sitting in the dark and for all we know by the end of this year the servers will be down and Reto will "try" to release their new IP but we dont even know what that IP is. @dat.duck This is what I mean about the fact that communication is important, if you want a playerbase funding money into this IP you need to tell them what is happening, who is working on what, what is the timeline and not some vague "in development" set deadlines and set influencers in the community giving feedback from all 3 factions. Reto.Moto as a whole and I suspect RB primarily are leaving us in the dark, and expecting us to give the company and game money, and I can wholeheartedly say that it wont be happening.
  7. So with this new LMG gold sale being implemented I foresee two things 1) Soon the bipods will be released, so if you do want to shell out money to reto for gold this would be a time for it 2) The fact that a gold only sale, and not a general sale is occurring means that reto must be literally hemorrhaging for funds. They have to my knowledge not implemented a gold based only sale for items that could be bought with credits This is probably a sign of death thrones for the server and game if they are at the point of not only cutting their staff but now implementing repetitive sales, and now gold only sales into the game. So far I can only see 3 routes 1) The Sale Fails to meet the amount needed so Reto decides to implement forced gold standards in order to boost purchases of gold, either by furthering the need for vet membership in one way or another, making certain things in game gold only, or finding a way to direct and "force" gold purchases onto the playerbase 2) The Sale Fails to meet the amount needed so Reto does nothing, and tries in a month or so with another sale (perhaps a gold only one again) and so on and so forth until the situation is bad enough to do further cuts or shut down entirely and begin to work/release a pre-build of their new ip 3) The Sale Fails to meet the amount needed, so Reto decides to "magically" form a central bloc of influences within the community and those with extensive knowledge of multiple or their main faction, and forms a inside group to work with the CEO to implement new content or to focus resources on where the community generally wants it the most, this along with extensive PR management and clarity/trans parity at the minimum patches a bandage on the already failing sales/playerbase trend seen in the past few years. Needless to say option 3 is never gonna happen with the Trustee Model we have been seeing from Reto Leadership. So the sale is a bad omen gents, lets see where the clock hits 12
  8. Janston

    M1919A4 Vs M1919A6 Screenshots

    eh Bipods will functionally be useless since the counter is to outrange them 3.5 and 4x scopes shouldnt have too much of a issue to counter since no such thing as suppression 2.2 maybe but then ur in range for the most part
  9. Janston

    M1 Carbine builds/ M1A1 Carbine builds

    Full Mod (Full ROF Ammo Barrel) You need everything as possible on the carbines in order for it to even have a chance
  10. The issue with this solution is the principle of rank/experience. While we can limit amount of specializations what happens when there are 3 low ranked starter mg tankers taking up the limited slots? Even If the queue system for slots in game were re implemented then wont Inf switching to tankers be not only robbing those who queued as those specialist roles (even if they are low ranked) but also make it so that you have infantry waiting on the deploy screen to play as those special roles? Alot of asterisks is what im trying to point out with putting hard caps. A better solution is to make tanks essentially easier to immobilize and useless and make AT less dangerous in killing but rather make it to maime. (Also make it cheaper) What does this mean? Instead of AT outright killing a tank make it so that AT can destroy both the Gun and MG turrets. That way with good shot and mine placement the thing just becomes a disarmed bunker and the tanker is forced to confront the infantry head on. For infantry the downside is that they have to dedicate killing tanks either getting more AT with a friend or box or by waiting for the tanker to be forced to hop to repair which both has downsides.
  11. Janston

    Come, sit, let's talk

    Buff m2 carbine
  12. Janston

    Americans LMGs OP

    Get rekt nerds You took the M2 away from us You get the shaft with the 1919 You want 1919 need? Fine give us back our rightful end game gun Till then get rekt Not like reto will do anything anyway as usual
  13. Janston

    Come, sit, let's talk

    Rework M2 Carbine or BTFO
  14. Janston

    Americans LMGs OP

    Get rekt nerd 1919 spam Till reto makes m2 carbine great again