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  1. Janston

    Come, sit, let's talk

    Rework M2 Carbine or BTFO
  2. Janston

    Americans LMGs OP

    Get rekt nerd 1919 spam Till reto makes m2 carbine great again
  3. Alright Bois Since most of these threads are dead I here present to you my proposal Its gonna be a shitshow though so get ready to debate. I vote to Rework the Carbine Family of Guns for US. The M1/M2 Carbine, from its current state should have the relative stats listed below Lower the Max ROF from 1001 to 880, and the Tier 1 ROF from 880 to 740-770 Increase Base Damage from 25/26 to 28-30, beginning to drop off at around 50-60m, and lowest Damage being 20 for anything past 80m. (or you could you know, replicate the M1 / M1A1 Damage Strats Ammo Type Damage Should be Increased to around 30-33, BUT drops off at 40m sharply and reaching base damage of 21-23 at 50m. Decrease Weapon Sway Standing and Decrease Weapon Kick to levels in which the Sights remain visible when firing, (This is of course relative, however since reto DOESNT RELEASE STATS, I cant be accurate with half of this shirt anyway.) Weapon Spread past 45-55m should increase drastically but while below 45m should remain relatively on point with the sights. The M1 Carbine Lower Ammo Count from 30 to 15 Increase Damage Drop off to amount listed above, (Disregard the Damage however, the damage is actually pretty reasonable). Weapon Spread should remain the same up to 60m then gradually increase Introduce the M1 Carbine to Infantry, and Remove for Para. Unlock would be 3 or 5 for Infantry Assault The M1A1 Carbine Same Points as M1 Carbine for 1 2 and 3. M1A1 Carbine kept as Para only weapon, as well as a Tanker Weapon. Now thats a spicy Rework but hey whats the con for US I have a craaaazy idea guys lets remove Johnson from infantry! Now before you lynch me like the dog i am I would like to present to you the realization of which most of us vets know Johnson was given to US INF cause M2 got BTFO NERD nerf'd with MG42 If we get the above rework and the M2 actually preforms like a end game gun No need for Johnson to be on INF and it can return to Para again. Crazy idea right? Now, I dont want to leave our poor, suffering coworkers who are equally getting reto.logic'd into the fuccin nether cause why release actual content with community feedback and support and testing when u can release more cosmetics and sales so people buy into the game. Lets give them some toys too. Mosin–Nagant M1944 Carbine as a Carbine Introduction for Soviets : Introduce it for Para's and the incentive is the ability to get a weapon ranging in damage from 65 at tier 1 to 85 at tier 2. Dont want a para OHK but since its a bolt we might as well give it some punching power. And introduce it for 4-5 EQ. Slots. Now this is gonna make a shitstorm but here lets try it Gewehr 98/40 as a GER Carbine Weapon, I know its a Hungarian Adaptation, but for the most part GER didn't create much Carbines. Following the Same principle for the above items. Now here comes a real shitstorm. I propose, we introduce to GER the Suomi KP/-31 I'm just gonna leave that there. and for the Soviets I propose we introduce one of two things. Lend Lease M50 Reising (and give that to US as well) or add in the RPD as a Tier 12 LMG. Just some thoughts, not as if Reto is looking at this thread and taking feedback anywho. What are yall opinions, waiting for the inevitable shitstorm.
  4. Janston

    [4UM GAME] Am i known on the forums?

    Yeet Buff M2 nerds
  5. Janston

    Please fix the M1919 LMG

    Keep saying this M2 Carbine Max ROF 880 Tier 1 at 750 Tier 0 at 660 Stock should be at the current dmg ammo first tier of dmg and begin to drop off at 75m but not with aids control Damage ammo should then be about 3 to 5 points higher damage from the previous tier 1 level... At least until about 40 to 50m which it drops down to 20dmg drastically over 5 to 10m. It would then act like a carbine and not a overglorified smg
  6. Janston

    Please fix the M1919 LMG

    I have no doubts 1919 is god tier, its barely been touched since Alpha But keep in mind the other guns you mentioned are versatile. Thats the principle of the AR no? A end game gun that can preform at more than just one range and is more versitile than a SMG or a Bolt Action. SMGs are good for CQC Rifles at Mediums and Long. But ARs are meant to be a all rounder, and the STG and AVS is while the M2 cant range out past 40m with ammo and without ammo the damage is piss poor. M2 is for all intents and purposes a glorified SMG. That is only good at CQC which for a "end game gun" is pitiful at best. 1919 is a great weapon. And while I am in no disagreement in its power in comparison to other weapons its our crutch because we dont have that end game weapon. Thompson's damage is pitiful and its velocity is shirt. 1903 is a joke thanks to Scope differences. M1G is better but that 2.2 still places you at a disadvantage. Johnson is good but 20 rounds with the reload of a LMG and remember locked to ironsights and cant range like it used to with the increased cone fire. And this isnt mentioning the fact that all this great close range weaponry wont do you shirt if you cant walk out of your spawn towards the objective at towards close range versus a faction with medium range weaponry. If you want the 1919 nerfed and Johnson off inf fine. But you damn well buff the M2 Damage and Accuracy first and make it a CQC to Medium Range gun. Otherwise, 1919 stays as our replacement end game. M2 880 max Rof Higher DMG better cone fire and swat or GTFO
  7. Janston

    Please fix the M1919 LMG

    Make M2 a end game gun that can range out past 40m and has actual damage to its carbine round and sure, you can nerf 1919. Till then, get rekt nerd
  8. I would rather have a medium ROF but higher dmg M2 and wouldnt mind Johnson removal from one #M2buff4JohnsonRemoval
  9. Janston

    Reto you are right, I was wrong.

    The thing is The real reason why these noobs exsist is the tutorial training system with the AI Just make a new account and see. Its actually shittier. All it teaches them is that there are beings that move jaggedly so shoot them 3 times and win. No suggestion of playing the point, aiming or getting kills while in the cap zone. Your actually incentivized to stay in a bush outside of the point to rack up kills
  10. Janston

    Plane tips?

    True but TTK plane gameplay allowed for skill to shine through, even if you took a bad pass on your 6 or 4, your maneuverability was still intact and with some good piloting and re-maneuvering you could easily flip the table. Think flyingcow Eagle or any other pilot worth his salt and he could go 1 v 3 with good strats for flying (boom and zoom or low flight) and knowing how to maneuver Now? 1 bad pass there goes your rudder and wings and with that lovely smoke now you have 4 more bad passes to eat like a champ and then lose your elevator, other wing and if you haven't been downed already your engine. Piloting is not about who can fly better its about who can stay undetected and snatch a kill before being swarmed
  11. Janston

    Why are infantry being punished?

    Cause reto doesn't feedback.exe From MG42 to M2 to Vehicles to Planes to Armor to Squad to Clans to anything. The meta of reto is to listen to the silent majority, and to milk the playerbase further so they get their next paycheck. Armor was the greatest way to get money, costs alot of credits so noobs will be enticed for gold, plus badges, plus tank skins, plus expensive tank characters and all with a wonderful repair cost?? This entire update was essentially screeching "pls gib more money" at gunpoint of this game that used to have so much potential. Now we are stuck with Reto trying to make this Warthunder with all of the money grabbing, and i wouldn't be surprised if i see "Premium" tanks, or higher repair costs for AT. This update changed the meta from Infantry Based Combined Arms Combat, to Tank Based Combined Arms Combat. Either have a tank or you lose.
  12. Janston

    Plane tips?

    Dont fly. Simple as that. Every vet pilot will tell you its the numbers game at this point. The best plane is the plane that outnumbers the enemy, and if you go against GER or SU you will most probably go against a ratio of 1-2 or 1-3. Save your wallet and your mind the hassle, before it was just the learning curve of how to fly, but now its about luck in matches. I'm sorry dude, would've been nice.
  13. Pretty sure that Armor 2.0 was reto's plan to milk the playerbase by forcing them to invest into the game to maintain AT Weapons against tank spam.. Would explain why they haven't adjusted the AT Weapon Costs, why Tanks can still eat H3's Stickies, Wurfs and RPGs like its candy and why any semi respectable AT char has to have H3s and Bazooka or your essentially loved. Every battle is a negative with Tanks involved. Go AT? Rest in piss your wallet. Dont Go AT? have fun with tanks driving around your spawn HE'ing the living daylight out of you.
  14. Janston


    Pre Armor 2.0? It's alright not the best but it's good in a experienced hand. Post Armor 2.0? Cant outclimb the Bf109E4 like before so no more stall maneuvers, still turns like a brick who has joint issues and no feet, and fires slower. Thats not even considering 109E4 7 man pilots Bombs are not efficent against anything than infantry vehicles and infantry so no more tank busting >nice elevator would be a shame if one cannon round or one pass of infantry fire destroyed it. Ask @Eagleknife4321