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  1. Airplane50

    Steam And Standalone

    Just to clarify, I always play during noon/evenings when there are more than 8000 people online. I also always use the standalone.
  2. Airplane50

    Steam And Standalone

    @LeroyKim No, the player base is still the same. The difference in queuing time is due to the time that you play. For example, more people play at noon than in the morning, so playing during noon, 6 PM, or 9PM are the best times to have a fast queuing time. For the standalone, it does usually get a better ping (yellow.) It due to the fact that the steam client has to go through steam then to the H&G server, which takes a longer route.
  3. I never defend. What’s the point of defending if no reward? So I always have squad attack, never defend. RetoLogic TM
  4. Is the new map faster? More FPS??????
  5. Airplane50

    Anime in H&G

  6. Airplane50

    competitor from the past

    Heroes and Generals->Snipers and Generals->Snipers and Queues.
  7. Airplane50

    competitor from the past

    Snipers & Generals
  8. Airplane50

    How is it possible

    Its time to close this topic. It’s a troll now.
  9. Airplane50

    How is it possible

    Play with clan, then your win rate will be 100%. Before we have this talk all over again, there are no hackers in this game. Even if there are, they don’t get past silver matchmaking before banned. German weapons ARE NOT BIASED! The best weapons in the game BELONG TO THE US, CLOSELY FOLLOWED BY THE GERMANS. Only Russians have the right to complain. Now that it is clear, we can close this topic.
  10. According to my statistics, SU is made up of: ~34.5% Russians ~65.5% Alternate accounts
  11. Dang you probably don’t have work/play 8 hours a day?
  12. @Aust1n46 Amazing advice. If I had to advise you on setting controls in WT, it would be this. BTW, be prepared for a massive grind. As far as I know, it took me 3 years to grind all jets in all nations, not including Japan, Italy, and France. Tanks are even longer. I quit the grind at tier 3. Grinding to tier 3 with one tank nation took me 2 months.
  13. I read your biography. It said you’re German. You’re such a bad player because...
  14. @Aust1n46 All I hear is a baby German newb who always gets rekt by the average American soldier, who is using unmodded Garand, and this guy using STG44.