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  1. But STG is obviously the worst gun in the game, its recoil is so low I was pulling down too hard and it can't 2hk!! US OP!! NERF!!
  2. WehraBob

    planes ruin this game now

    You’re not quite to the James-Bond-villain level of megalomania, but you could benefit from a bit of humility...
  3. -Spawncamping offers a unique satisfaction unlike anything else. Thanks for spawn 2.0, reto! -Spawncamping tanks before they can spawncamp you brings 100x the satisfaction that spawncamping infantry does. -Reto needs to clean all the ss/nazi names from germany. I get tired of reporting the same scrubs 30+ times over a week or two and seeing nothing done. It clearly violates the TOS. -Playstyle has a huge effect on your perception of different weapons. German players who hate STG and love Johnson play both like the old MG42. MG and STG had almost nothing in common, but MG and Johnson had a lot more in common. Hence the perception that the Johnson is much better than the stg. That and the perception that the grass is always greener on the other side.
  4. WehraBob

    Wall Hacking

    ahh I was waiting for u to jump on the whole haxxorz bandwagon again. You and paci are 10x more entertaining than the actual game.
  5. WehraBob

    The new planes in 1.08

    so... more cancer flying tanks but no gameplay improvements? gg reto
  6. WehraBob

    Wall Hacking

    Clearly you don't have much quality if all you do is boat and moan and refuse to accept that, as in everything, some people are more skilled than others.
  7. WehraBob

    Wall Hacking

    Oh please, put your money where your mouth is and download hacks and see how long you last.
  8. WehraBob

    US Pimp?

    needs pimp goggles
  9. WehraBob

    Biased Devs

    Calm your titties, some of the things you're wrong about. My mistake on p38, forgot to include that. Since when are US ladder/peephole sights better? Thats opinion. Pershing is the best heavy tank is biased. That the jumbo is better is biased, that thompson has no recoil is biased, not like mp40 has any more, E8 that has better roll is false, check redemon's tool, ge bike is opinion. US is better off in general but ge isnt screwed like you think.
  10. WehraBob

    Biased Devs

    2.2x makes just as many tree fairies lol, the 4x is such an advantage for ge. I run it on stg, it basically makes popping headshots about as easy as torso shots unscoped. Its great on g43, for me I like to run without the scout barrel and use the increased stability to go for headshots. 1-4 are valid and so are 8-9 but the rest is blatantly biased bs or opinion. We've also still got the 2nd best overall combo in the game, mg34+k98.
  11. WehraBob

    Haxxorz everywhere

    How's that? Clearly he's had some problems with his 42wla spinning out the way he's sitting.
  12. Whenever I seee one of your posts it reminds me of something you said a while back, that it's better to keep your mouth shut and have people take you for a moron, than to open it and remove all doubt... If only you followed your own logic... As for my main, he's still on vacation on SU, enjoying the avs autosniper. If you don't want to do my suggestion, what can you do to prove your point? Burden of proof lies on the accuser.
  13. WehraBob

    Haxxorz everywhere

    Nerf it nao!