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  1. DE5TR0YER

    High ping, only with H&G

    After some testing I've found that this only happens when I am a squad member or queuing on a friend's game. When queuing alone battles have normal ping ranging from 30 to 170. This still makes no sense considering we live nearby and are queuing in the exact same region. I'm hoping this little piece of information can help.
  2. DE5TR0YER

    High ping, only with H&G

    I'd rather not, since I have other members in my household that use the internet regularly and the last time I tried a VPN it slowed my internet dramatically. If you know a reliable safe and free VPN I can use I'll try it for the sake of it.
  3. DE5TR0YER

    High ping, only with H&G

    I understand, but my problem does seem to be a different one. I know for a fact that I am connected to a local server since I am in a game with my friends, who live in the same city as me, and they have 50-80 ping, the same as what I had until a week ago. I have no spikes in ping or stuttering at any point, just a flat constant 270 ping. I haven't seen the "Network is trying to catch up" message in months, including recently. It's just that everything I do in game is very delayed, like I have to predict the enemy movement further ahead than bullet travel time and estimate how to lead my shots by another 600ms, so everything I see on my client is behind the actual events on the server. It's surprisingly consistent, yet painful and punishing enough to not be worth playing.
  4. DE5TR0YER

    High ping, only with H&G

    I've been playing H&G for several years now and in the last week my ping in the game has been 3 times its usual, from 80 to now 270. I've spent hours on the internet trying to find solutions but haven't had any success. I have no internet problems with my browser or any other applications or games. I have no packet loss and my ping is consistent, no spiking. I know for a fact they are local servers since I have a few friends in my same city that I play with and their ping is at normal levels. I have made no change to cause this and am not using a VPN. I am playing from South Australia playing the Steam version of the game and using an ethernet connection. I have tried: Validating files. Every time I do 11466 files fail to validate and 2.42GB are redownloaded. Even if I validate the files immediately after they complete validation and take no other action beforehand. I still doubt this is the cause but somehow it wouldn't surprise me. Whether it is or not, there seems to be nothing I can do about this. Despite this the game launches and runs fine without issue other than ping. Reinstalling the game completely. Opening all firewalls and portforwarding. Restarting my PC and my router. Switching between ethernet ports on my router. After a bit of poking around I found that my PC has no WiFi capability so I cannot test that. Used command prompt to ping the H&G servers directly. I got an average of 28ms to the Sydney server location and a average of 176ms to the California server location. This makes me think the problem is with the game client itself. Running the game with only Steam open. I also checked my task manager and my network usage was minimal. Trying to install the standalone game. The problem is no different in the version downloaded directly from the H&G website. As far as I can find, I've run out of options aside from resetting my router or PC, which I unsurprisingly am particularly reluctant to do. Playing with a minimum of 255 ping on occasion is a pretty unbearable experience and nothing I've done so far has had any effect. I'm hoping someone in these forums has an idea or even better, someone who has had the same problem and been able to solve it. Searching through the forums myself I haven't been able to find relevant helpful information. I'd like to reiterate that this is not a problem in any other of my games or my browser, and pinging H&G servers directly from my PC reveals minimal latency. It appears to be a direct problem with the H&G game.
  5. DE5TR0YER

    The P-38

    "If it's so good, obviously everyone should get the same results!" Do you see the flaw in your logic? Also, I'm yet to see any other aircraft achieve the same score. Do you have an example of ANY other plane doing this?
  6. DE5TR0YER

    The P-38

    I'm resurrecting this thread now just to emphasise that nothing has changed. After all this time the issue is exactly the same, and if you do not believe me, just take a look at the provided screenshot. I have no issue with the pilot himself, but his stats on the scoreboard need no explanation. A 3 way battle with heavy fighters on all sides and the P-38 continues to display the scale of how "balanced" it is. Please do something about this.
  7. DE5TR0YER

    The P-38

    Hmm... Could this possibly mean something? I think we have a lead!
  8. DE5TR0YER

    The P-38

    Nice b8 m8.
  9. DE5TR0YER

    The P-38

    The P-38 Lightning is known by almost everyone in H&G to be hands-down the most overpowered aircraft in the game, yet nothing has been done about it. Several patches ago, the P-40 Warhawk was added to the game, along with the German and Russian heavy fighters. The P-38 was thus moved to heavy fighter classification. The P-38 continued to act much like it had before: as a fighter with manoeuvring ability closer to that of the normal fighters. Despite now being classed as a heavy fighter (as it should be) it is in no way an equal to other heavy fighters. It can out-turn both enemies it faces in the air, leading to these pilots quitting, or not even bothering to fly heavy fighters in the first place. The matches the P-38 is involved in become completely predictable and one-sided. The skies are cleared of any other aircraft, and all ground units are strafed and bombed mercilessly until the painful "game" ends. Every time the P-38 is brought up in conversation, everyone knows very well that is is overperforming heavily, including players who main America in game. In games played only today, I tried to play paratrooper. The paratrooper is of course vulnerable to everyone that can point a gun at the sky, and particularly any heavy fighter which can destroy the para-plane in several seconds. In multiple games, the sky was easily cleared of friendly fighters, and the para-plane was shot down each time it spawned before it even reached the map and could open the door. Of course, the two most obvious solutions are to either get in a fighter yourself, or play the game as another unit, such as infantry. Getting into a heavy fighter was not an option, as the enemy P-38s ripped it apart almost as easily as the defenceless para-plane. So, spawing on the ground is all that can be done. This is almost just as pointless, as multiple P-38s overhead would see to it very quickly that anyone not playing recon and spending their entire game in a fully enclosed building would be bombed and strafed to death until the match ended. This is cannot be called gameplay, for the victims or the pilots. Currently, the P-38 is doing this in every game it is not outnumbered 3 to 1. It is completely ruining the game and making it unironically unplayable. Something absolutely needs to be done about the state of the P-38 as it is. It is possible to nerf the aircraft to make it equal to the other heavy fighters (or buff the German and Russian heavy fighters), though this would then be unrealistic, as the P-38 was actually more manoeuvrable than the Pe-3 and the Me-410 in real life. Another class of aircraft could be added, though that would just be plain unreasonable to develop a few new aircraft just to fix a currently broken one. I am not good with ideas myself, so I can not tell you the solution, but something, anything, needs to be done. The P-38 is breaking the game completely, and everybody knows it, yet nothing has been done about it all this time. Isn't it about time to fix this?
  10. DE5TR0YER

    Cannot change soldier's

    They cannot help you if you do not try their reccomendation. If you try the standalone version, it can help them identify the problem. If the problem can be identified, a solution can be found, maybe even allowing you to play your steam version again. Try taking their expert advice and you might find the game is not as "broken" as you think. Simply put, just give it a shot and your steam version of the game could be fixed.
  11. DE5TR0YER

    Driver Badge rank 3 and 5?

    Most likely because the developers want a player to have a decent amount of experience in driving and earning the wrench, but don't want the mechanic bronze/silver/gold badges bunched up at the end, on top of other badges earned with the he ribbon.
  12. DE5TR0YER

    Exiting vehicle bug

    Sometimes, when attempting to exit a vehicle (using "E" key), the soldier starts the animation, the camera zooms to first person for a fraction of a second, and then returns to default view, the soldier still inside the vehicle. This has gotten me killed on many occasions and occurs once every few games. If I am still alive, I can exit the vehicle normally afterwards. This is not an issue with physical objects in the way or being in mid-air, as it can happen when I am stationary on open ground. As far as I know, it can happen in any vehicle, cars, planes and tanks. Friends of mine have also had this problem, so it is not an issue with just me.