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  1. SuperKillerManOfDeath

    Stuck at Anti-cheat enabled. Fetching your profile...

    Can you list what you have tried? This could very well be an issue with your firewall.
  2. What people here are arguing is that spawncamping is an issue that Reto must address and fix. This is not an issue with the game because if it was then myself and plenty of others would see it that way as well. I highly doubt that any top-tier player (orcam, cheeseburgers, trouble gang, etc) will find spawncamping to be an issue for themselves... Why? Because this is a matter of performance, top-tier players always manage to get out and blow up tanks ez pz (if they even get spawncamped), and so far it only seems that people with poorer performance are complaining that spawncamping is an issue. Git gud kids... spawncamping isn't a problem with the game, it is with yourselves.
  3. SuperKillerManOfDeath

    This game is dying, so...

    You fight the STG from a greater distance, or get the first hit on them. As for the mauser guy, if you have a grease gun then you stand no chance and should be in cover making your way to objectives. Think about it, not all guns are supposed to perform the same.
  4. SuperKillerManOfDeath

    Capturing town alone?

    Many people in this community can relate to your struggles, and the best solution is to join a clan or a group of some kind... find some people to play with
  5. Your situation is greatly exaggerated because it will always be possible for good players to make progress. Show proof of 5 KT's spawncamping to the point where no progress can possibly be made. Did you vote for Hillary and then Biden? Your argument tactics seem to match theirs.
  6. SuperKillerManOfDeath

    Best anti infantry?

    Have you tried turning your computer on and off again?
  7. SuperKillerManOfDeath

    stop expire veteran membership when you are offline

    Even better idea, stop expire veteran membership entirely!
  8. For ALL those tank spots you mentioned it is very possible and actually quite easy to get around... go long way around, and/or use water car. It's very possible and easy to kill these tankers if you are good enough at the game, only people who lack the skills in this game will blame these things on the game. If spawn-camping was an issue, then it would be an issue that affects EVERYONE at some point. Myself and plenty of others do NOT find spawn camping an issue, and as such spawn camping is not a problem with the game, but a subjective issue for individuals. Spawn-camping is only an issue for noobs who are too stupid to avoid getting spawn-camped, because if it was an issue, it would be an issue for me as well.
  9. SuperKillerManOfDeath


    Call of Duty and Battlefield kids will probably enjoy Enlisted, and so if you believe that Enlisted will rival BFV then it suggests that you are one of these kids (although your opinions on this forum already suggested this). Your "doomsday" will for the most part only take away the small portion of CoD/Battlefield kids who play poorly and mostly do nothing but complain here. Occasionally I jump into closed beta testing, and each time I find myself playing H&G within the hour because Enlisted has NOTHING on H&G other than graphics. Enlisted is like food that has a garbage aftertaste, and so you need to take a mint (H&G) afterwards.
  10. Do you play Call of Duty more than H&G? In case you didn't know, this game is about objectives and not so much about getting kills. More tankers = less focus on objectives... if you're getting spawn camped and lose an objective, you will be moved to another spawn point where you have an opportunity to get around the tanks, cap objectives, possibly even kill the tankers! Even in situations where I am being spawn camped by multiple tankers, I have ALWAYS been able to at least slip past to kill them or cap objectives. If you're telling me that 100% of the time you die trying to escape your spawn, then honestly imo you're probably a very poor player and deserve to get spawn camped until you inevitably lose. No good player will be unable to make progress despite spawncamping attempts. Getting spawn camped? Git gud.
  11. You clearly haven't read the previous messages.
  12. SuperKillerManOfDeath

    Nerf Sturmgewehr

    Seriously? If anything it needs a ROF BUFF, not a nerf... If you're not a seasoned player, it is very likely that 9 times out of 10 you will lose against M2 or AVS... The stg seems as if the worst features were taken out of the two other guns, and made as the stg... Have you used all three weapons before? If you did, then possibly you have noticed how underpowering the gun is in some hands... Either M2 Carbine and AVS need a MEGA NERF, or STG needs MEGA BUFF....
  13. SuperKillerManOfDeath

    M1 carbine, it's guff

    M2 Carbine just sprays bullets, so OK it is also better than M1 Carbine when they're in your face... but otherwise M1 Carbine just plays 50x better than every gun and is super OP needs SUPER nerf
  14. You're the only one being toxic... You admit your stats aren't good, and this only proves that the only reason why you are complaining about spawncamping is because you are not good enough at the game to prevent yourself from getting spawncamped. Enough said.