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  1. ohmmykung

    What’s the best way of getting credits?

    Steal weapon Steal car Steal pretty much everything that don't harm your teammate and go for caps
  2. Will they get fixed with the new physic system reto introduced?
  3. For me it's the Oakleaf because pink is fabulous.
  4. ohmmykung

    Rather easy money? This is how I do it!

    Well, for me modded SA is too expensive, so I use stock mg42, stock pistol and med-kit. It's cheap and still quite effective. Also I always go for caps and steal well modded guns from the ground if I come across one.
  5. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1TO3th5nfLrhqx-HQDA8cGxD4zoarQT7nHozZUhgSTYA/edit#gid=0 This is quite old ,but most of the prices aren't changed.
  6. ohmmykung

    Remembering six-string

    I had a great time with your clan. RIP
  7. I'm currently playing without vet. Should I save up to buy it for extra badge slot or just playing with my preferred badge anyway?
  8. ohmmykung

    Grinding Pistol ribbon

    I could buy TT now as I unlock it before the update. Should I buy a pocket pistol or a TT for grinding?
  9. Steam version of mine also had an issue with the game back then, it said administration needed everytime I launched the game. Even after I had used run with administration. So I had to use standalone client for months before it came back to normal.
  10. ohmmykung

    AVS vs PPS vs PPSH vs DP-28

    Or for extra suffer route, buy a ppd and grind for fast reload gold.
  11. ohmmykung

    Pilots still too much exp

    Nerfing wouldn't make the game more balance or fun, instead buffing AA capability of the ground would be better for countering planes.
  12. I would love to see new interesting tanks added to the game. According to the summit, Jackson TD is possibly going to be added to the game, will this create Heavy tank destroyer role?
  13. ohmmykung

    So the MP40...

    Unless they use "TTK machine" or have better RNG luck than you.
  14. ohmmykung

    US AA disorienting.

    For switching view, yea sure. But leaving the gun, not really.
  15. ohmmykung

    Best way to get camouflage badge for paratrooper?

    play staged and cap empty lane or drop on nearly capped point by teammate in small capzone maps like skirmish.