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  1. now as game meta have change a lot and sometime you have to wait for sometime it will be cool if in that time we can spectate some team mates or it will be cool to have a replay system so we can save our coolest games and show them off to others
  2. Nazrul979


    That video is made by me and my channel but this fps drop due to plane occur even after applying those fixes
  3. Nazrul979


    I am playing this game for more then 1 year now and have 1000+ hours on steam record but recently i have noticed that when playing as infantry in a battle where there are no planes i get up to 80 fps most of the times but any game which have planes cause a massive drop of fps i get like 30 to 40 fps drop keeping in mind that i get good ping, it wasn't a thing earlier and it vary upon what kind of plane in the match recon planes doesn't cause that much drop of fps and most fps drop cause by heavy planes and 3 way battles are just unplayable with heavy planes in them and as pilot i don't get any fps drop doesn't matter which plane i am flying its just in the case of infantry and it not just for me but all my friends i play with and i am not talking about 1 or 2 guys i am a part of a discord server which have 100+ members and i play with different people in different time and all have same problem i think its a server related issue so i hope you guys will fix it soon
  4. Ya i was think to make a youtube channel to comment on replay sent by players and i found out there is no feature like that yet really like to have it, it will help content creators a lot
  5. Nazrul979


    ya asian player base is still quite alive and guys if you wanna join go to discord and take the link given up on top and join
  6. Nazrul979

    New Changes (2018)

    I agree to all points you put up and the game is getting worse everyday but as always reto dont give shirt about community
  7. Nazrul979


    ----------------------------------------------------------------[RF]RED FURY------------------------------------------------------ If you play for (soviet) only and from ASIA wanna join a clan or wanna hang out or just wanna chat come and join [RF] RED FURY DISCORD. WE NEED YOU Peoples of ASIA. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  8. ------------------------------------------------If you are a new content creator and wanna grow your channel or a new twitch streamer------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------join {KFC} play with others members------------------------------------------------------------ add your youtube gaming account or twitch account with discord account so everyone can see you streaming(edited) terms and conditions for the role of content creator 1 ) you have to live stream or make videos with{KFC} at least once a month depending upon when the big squad up is announced 2 ) put the title of the video or live stream mentioning {KFC} in it 3 )mention {KFC} in the video or in live stream at least once at the beginning or end 4 ) put KFC discord link in the description or in the live stream or video and tell people about it along with 3) 5 )you should have 100+ subs or 100+ followers if you like all that term and stuff join us and play with others members DM clan admin or leader and you will get the role and in return we will help you any way possible to grow your channel up
  9. Nazrul979

    Red Star Union is Here!

    In Game Name:Nazrul979Age:20Total Experience in FPS: 10yearsWhats 2 + 2?: 2+2 is zero for reto because they dont workWhy do you want to join this group? just to have fun and you should just put discord link public so peps can join this way you wont find much peps
  10. Nazrul979

    Soviet Combat Engineers

  11. Nazrul979

    Are the servers down ?

    Same for me and all my friends i was playing with
  12. Well who am i suppose to send my clan data(info) to add it to H&G clan wiki its stayed here to send data to Africandave but i dought he is active anymore i sent him the data quite a while ago and didnt got any replay so please anyone if know guide me the way
  13. Nazrul979

    Heroes and Generals Asia Discord Server.

  14. Nazrul979


    ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ {KFC} (Kill F*cking C*nts) is recruiting new player -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We are Discord base clan and we are active as well if you play for ussr(russia) only and wanna join a clan / wanna hang out / just wanna chat come and join {KFC} DISCORD we will be happy to have you Install Discord which is a free application and put in this link in and you will be a part of kfc language= Mostly English but we have translator bot so peoples dont know english can come and have conversation with the help of bot in chat geographic_region= Europe but we got people from around the world discord_password=N/A discord_details= (A Microphone Isn't Required but you should get one if you don't have one. but It Works If You Type In The Chat Of The Squad That You Are In!) I am looking forward to play with you so dont think and join ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------