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  1. GTOInfinity


    or just use your mouse with macro
  2. GTOInfinity


  3. GTOInfinity


    Change Heavyset *SILVER* from tier 8 to tier 6 (To help new players or whatever)
  4. GTOInfinity

    This game is dying, so...

    show me the way people just want a dinamic game, just sit and play. To be able for this you must expend time to get a chance against old players
  5. GTOInfinity

    This game is dying, so...

    So making this for new accounts is better?
  6. GTOInfinity

    This game is dying, so...

    Dude, what do you mean with Clan? Above level 10 new players can't play war. The matchmaker is broken because in some battles in war i find new players. And this FREE stuff is just a litte experience to feel like an old player. All theese stuff will be forever in the new soldier, the only thing that have to be buy again is the veteran membership (You can buy with the credits).
  7. GTOInfinity

    This game is dying, so...

    Headshot for all classes... Sorry hahaha. For recon, one shot up chest to kill.
  8. GTOInfinity

    This game is dying, so...

    Give to new players the option to use: - FREE Semi auto *OR* the first Sub Machine Guns (MP34, Grease Gun or PPD-40) in game - FREE First Aid Kit - FREE Car - FREE Week of Veteran Membership Just theese little things will give a chance to new fellas against the old players I'll say that just for fun, because i now you'll be crying... - Make the damage of Heavy Set GOLD global, for all players (like everyone is equipped, making just the modifications an "advantage") - One Hit Kill only avaliable for RECON class (Head Shot or Chest) I want to make this game great again and i want your opinion Please, give me more suggestions and don't think closed
  9. GTOInfinity

    Ping from Brazil.

    capaz, é pq não tem mais br jogando
  10. GTOInfinity

    Changing deploy time of AT guns

    Same deploy for tanks and at guns, for the respective power of each other Exemple: Same time for Bazooka and Heavy Tank Same time for No.74 and Light Tank
  11. GTOInfinity

    Binoculars and spot commands

    We need more information between players on combat... Like "tank spotet", "need medic", "enemy apc" for all team players, not only for your squad Little changes that will help to a dinamic gameplay Bonus: and what about tanks with smoke bullets?
  12. GTOInfinity

    hackers, a lot of them

    i agree with you, but is a difference between control recoil and just freeze the shots at you
  13. GTOInfinity

    hackers, a lot of them

    yeap, this game is full of them maybe macros... i don't know, but they exist
  14. GTOInfinity

    Can you do a list server?

    200 MS atleast stabil? Did you read what you wrote?
  15. just to find good matches without 200 ms