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  1. Carlos-Dzez_guy

    Best weapon after Update 1.2

    thompson do be boopin though
  2. Carlos-Dzez_guy

    German Loadout Thread

    Dude repair your weapons
  3. Carlos-Dzez_guy

    About snipers

    just wear heavy set gold, look at them and laugh. it works for me
  4. Carlos-Dzez_guy

    Proposal for screaming effects of the new flamethrower.

    I could only get so hard
  5. Carlos-Dzez_guy

    More Maps

    I think they should let the community people make the maps and the most voted get in, people will do it for free for the love of the game. Making it easy for them and fun for us.
  6. Carlos-Dzez_guy

    Rocket dodge

    well now you don't need to shave
  7. dang, that game look fun. I'd play that
  8. Carlos-Dzez_guy

    Time to have the talk.

    Exact reason why I am against it
  9. Carlos-Dzez_guy

    Story behind your Profile Pic

    its free real estate
  10. Carlos-Dzez_guy

    problem squad name

    because thats the glory of being able to name it anything you want.
  11. Carlos-Dzez_guy

    The Kar98k Sniper Rifle and the WW2 German Sniper ...

    this makes me want to play recon
  12. Carlos-Dzez_guy

    I'm off to single player games for a while, bye!

    why I always go to fallout when I rage quit
  13. Carlos-Dzez_guy

    This is amazing

    The war ended before the bullet hit him
  14. Carlos-Dzez_guy

    Stop tank spam! NOW!

    they need to do this for planes also