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  1. Nomissimon10

    M1/M2 assault rifle just got real

    M2 is good, but so is AVS and STG. And polls even say STG is the best one (631 replies). So I don't understand why you guys feel like you need to attack M2 All the guns have their own usage area. And now you can even buy it and mod it just like you want it. Your personal preferences does not apply to every person. https://gyazo.com/df7a06bf02ff1fd1acf747ea7b0d0b7b
  2. Nomissimon10

    M1/M2 assault rifle just got real

    You are delusional if you think I use a macro to control the M1/M2. Maybe if you spent the same amount of time playing the game improving your "skills" rather than rant about other people that have skills you would be just as good. Just a tip
  3. Nomissimon10

    Requirements Username

    Does anyone happend to know what the requirements of a H&G username are? (Max-length, Min-length, capital letters etc.) And if H&G is case sensitive.
  4. Nomissimon10

    Citynames for programmers or related

    Luckily I managed to read through and convert their battlefields file using python. Otherwise it would have taken ages
  5. Nomissimon10

    Citynames for programmers or related

    Reto does not have a public City name list. So I made a full list. This could be useful to people that want access to the city names for apps, websites or other stuff related to H&G. The file containing the city names can be downloaded from this Google Docs link City names are divided by new line.
  6. Nomissimon10

    Chinese players on US

    In that case they must have returned pretty recently, havent seen any other active group on US other than the group in question on this thread
  7. Nomissimon10

    Chinese players on US

    DD Korea does not play any more. US really only has this one Asian clan playing
  8. Nomissimon10

    Could it be AMD ?

    I have AMD, no glitches
  9. Please no, shotguns are game breakers. (In a bad way)
  10. Nomissimon10

    Brigade North

    @Reto.Hadesplease close this
  11. Nomissimon10

    server login issue

    Servers are down apparently
  12. My thought on how to improve H&G AT. * And add an overview on how much your AT has spent that current war and how much it has earned you back. * And boost AT earnings.(By x1,5) Cause right now I am constantly loosing warfunds from investing. Last war I lost 5K warfunds and this war I lost 3K warfunds. This demotivate me from investing in war and makes it harder to be able to afford the upgrades when you get that far.
  13. Nomissimon10

    add navy

    Would be great if made in a good way. However, I don't see this happening any time in the future as Reto have enough problems or development to deal with.
  14. Nomissimon10

    Reto, what about squadlinking?

    Not the vehicle handling, but the map layers that interferes with vehicles.