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  1. Anti-tank soldiers balanceament

    L0rdV1ct0r I already played with you already a while ago is a good player plays very well of tank!
  2. Anti-tank soldiers balanceament

    Yesterday I spent the afternoon playing and did not have a match if I want to with a tank giving SP of HE in the player points that stop playing for that reason I'm sorry but this one does not glue of all the matches all the matches had 1 at rambo that leaves the base and chasing him to the end of the map and even in the respawn, tank is broken? this does not glue me with a panzerfaust I mess up many evil tanks that are camp respawn and then that comes the factor of having a respawn change and making a system kind of like the airplanes the vehicles come from a area that no one can fire or get there , in my opinion I have more friends stopping playing because of AT Rambo than by Spam of HE after all what you spend to disrupt a tank 15100 in a h3 that sticks 2 and ends with his grace while the tanker pays 120k off all tanks a base of 400 k of credits and then who will be the most angry? The tanker or a soldier who paid 15100 in 1 h3 and who passes the whole match behind tanks, something else in vehicles can be very well if loading panzerfaust this does not justify tank complaint by attacking the point. I hope it does not get me wrong but sometimes it seems like you talk but never played tank there are things that look funny, tank is the reason many players stop playing? I really think you've never played tank and are trying to argue without even playing and see how much the AT ingame are broken. Do not get me wrong
  3. Anti-tank soldiers balanceament

    Well I have to agree with L0rdV1ct0r and disagree with you Sunleader I am going to record a video and I will show how many tanks you see playing HE in infantry and how many AT we see in the game bora to make a bet? if you win I'll stay in mine and I'll leave it all there if I win you will agree that AT is broken yes and no tanks because tank is a tank and not an ordinary infantry and they are not broken.
  4. Anti-tank soldiers balanceament

    RedFoxFour I am newbie in the forum and I recognize this I do not want fights because of suggestions and etc as I myself said it might be that they disagree with me on some things but this is the right of you each with your opinions, I do not know to whom he referred to troll I am not here to troll anyone if it is something related to the Sunleader there are you with him I did not come here to train with anyone I will make it clear and not be stupid with anyone after all you have the right to disagree or accept if I missed something Forgive me, but this is no reason to fall into childishness and want to appear, I'm not saying that you did it, I'm just commenting.
  5. Anti-tank soldiers balanceament

    An enemy tank will only give HE Spam when the team does not have tanks to fight or the tankistas do not give or when they have nothing to worry about I do not remember well but it seems that in World War II it had a cannon that killed the whole crew the tank was just enough to hit the target and in my point of view would not be a bad thing as much as would risk killing if you destroy a cannon of these at the target point would be something disputed and balanced and matches with tanks would only call if it had a certain number of tanks 2 or at max 3 per game bringing the balance to the 2 sides it may be that disagree with me but it is my opinion and I respect yours. I did not understand what you mean Did I just thank Sunleader for educating something wrong with that?
  6. Anti-tank soldiers balanceament

    Good for me is closed was very good to discuss and understand some things with you Sunleader I thank you for your respect and a good game!
  7. Anti-tank soldiers balanceament

    What the Little Doggy suggested seems to be something cool that would break the siege of the two sides of the coin because if it already has Anti Air cannons from every nation because no cannons like the Soviet 45mm or larger I must admit that I do not know much but would be a good idea .
  8. Anti-tank soldiers balanceament

    I had seen a video for a long time that explained about this I just made a mistake and corrected myself in relation to Zimmerit and it was not 5 min is to see a mistake that leaves for childishness and ignorance to try to appear is not a friend? Very good idea friend would be nice to have this in the game
  9. Anti-tank soldiers balanceament

    I still think that dealing with tank is a double-edged sword by the fact of stressing on both sides of the coin but being sincere with you in all matches that I went with my colleague were few HE Spamm that I saw what happened was AT in the respawn AT of the the other side of the map AT until the end of the map if you have a heavy tank not much to do already tried to stay near the infantry is not a matter of not listening to the AT the question is to escape the AT you understand? And not if you have a good team work more than 3 H3 or even 4 would give to destroy a tank as said is a double-edged sword as also if you have a good infantry giving cover to the tank would also be good but you know very well that this does not happen and if it happens few times I just left a match here I was close to respawn with 4 infantrymen to my right the enemy came fast in my blind spot and I was thinking that I would be safe with my infantry Right, poor thing of me hahaha it was only two H3 and FIUUUUUUUUUUUU, land mines have several types so it's not a novelty but the main fact is to destroy the tank mat and leave it still.
  10. Anti-tank soldiers balanceament

    Really thank you for correcting me, the Americans did tests after the war with Zimmerit had forgotten this detail.
  11. Anti-tank soldiers balanceament

    Friend I understand your opinion but if it were based on reality a landmine would not explode a tank and yes it would break its wake at the magnetic H3 would not stick in some American and German tanks because of Zimmerit a bazooka would not hit a tank 100% depending on the local shot and you know very well that this infantry system does not work on heroes & generals a tank is not immortal understand your point of view but he is not also an infantryman who takes 2 shots and dies because that's what he is currently doing easier to have a soldier to be killed, just turn around in it to put 2 H3 and go laughing, to stop a tank was more than a soldier firing with bazooka and pray for penetrate the armor, which I suggested is a nerf in some AT as I said and a little reduced chance to penetrate a tank depending on the place fired I am not here to criticize something of the kind I even understand but the fact of bazookas and h 3 flee far beyond being stressful and unbalanced sometimes you are in a frantic fight against another tank and comes a soldier puts 2 H3 and whistles, I am not in favor of any buff related to AT plus this is one of the reasons several people stop playing Heroes & generals which is a nice game but it leaves a lot to be desired in this request, people who complain about HE from tank I'm sorry to disappoint you but direct game heroes & generals and what else I see is not HE of tanks but AT Rambos all over the map.
  12. Anti-tank soldiers balanceament

    I respect your opinion after all many agree with me and few happily disagree that it is the case of another post of mine that almost all that commented were in my favor being one against that by the way did that practice spawn camping with at or passed the whole game chasing after tanks with h3 or bazzoka as the other colleagues commented there in the post I am happy that they will implement the armor 2.0 now just wait, I only hope it solves the problem because I know several colleagues who stopped playing and got to scold in the chat due to AT rambos and I see a lot of random player complaining in the chat.
  13. The suggestion they gave about class creation seems plausible, another suggestion he had given was to lessen the damage in such a way that: Light tank: 2 bombs (using 25% damage badge) 3 normal pumps Medium tank 3 bombs (using 25% damage badge) 4 normal pumps Heavy tank 4 bombs (using 25% damage badge) 5 normal pumps Bombs here would be the magnetic ones, of gluing and those that are thrown (when they hit). The land mines leave as it is, after all are even strong. In this way, the ATs would always have to be doubled, which would cause a loss in the infantry to take points, as they would have to focus on the tanks. It would demand a greater amount of infantry AT walking in pairs, without being alone ... Bazzoka would have a reasonable chance of penetration removing this 100% chance of penetration which is unbalanced because we are talking about shielding Reduction of bazzokas damage in different armor because currently bazzoka deals more damage than a 122mm cannon change the respawn point preventing enemy players from entering the respawn point because that is what happens unfortunately with AT Rambos ingame he expects you to appear and blows you up with 2 shots of bazzoka, tank is made to impose fear and respect and what unfortunately we can see is that he is easier to be killed than an ordinary infantryman please Reto put it down that it's sad a lot of people complaining and you guys not giving ball and losing players. I see some players complaining about spam of HE of tank but under these conditions it would not be difficult to destroy a tank even with reduced damage of the bazzoka and to improve the system a little to release these items because it is very easy to obtain a h3 or a bazzoka increase the price of these weapons thus causing players to use Panzerfaust more.